Frank Edwards Net Worth 2018; Songs, Parents and Relationships


Now a household name in the gospel music industry and gradually placing an indelible mark as well, gospel crooner, popularly known as “Rich Boy”, Frank Edwards has become one of the most sought after artistes in the country and his influence has boosted his net worth most especially in 2018.

Frank Ugochukwu Edwards was born on the 22nd July 1989 in the south eastern state of Enugu Nigeria.

Born into a family of seven, young Frank began to exhibit extraordinary talents and love for music.

At a very tender age of seven, he picked up piano lessons from his father and at age 10, he started singing, first in his local church and then over time on different stages and platforms as his skills got better fine-tuned.

Now he plays and performs on the largest stages in the country.

Frank’s story cannot be completely told without including the major role Christ Embassy Church has played in his music career.

He became a born again Christian in his teenage years after joining Christ Embassy church also known as Believer’s LoveWorld.

A church founded by television evangelist Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, which set him on a journey to fame and relevance.

Ever since, Frank has become an integral part of the church music team, thanks to his dexterity in musical instruments.

He played instruments such as the guitar, keyboard, drums and this has given him a platform to perform alongside great gospel artistes.

The musician has performed alongside great gospel acts like Sinach, Samsong, and Ada Ehi.

Frank Edwards fondly refers to Pastor Chris as his as mentor and the reason is not far-fetched.

When he joined the church, he saw Pastor Chris sing and he got so inspired he decided to pursue a career in music forsaking his previous dreams of becoming a pilot.


Frank Edwards earlier this year in March took to his Instagram page to share an inspirational story of how he survived.

As a young boy, he sold “okpa” (a delicacy peculiar to the eastern part of Nigeria) for a period of about 10 years with his mother.

He stated through his post that the trying experience at the time made him familiar with business strategies.

Frank Edwards captured in a video
Frank Edwards captured in a video

All dealings with customers served as training for his future.

Frank through his post also revealed that his Mom made okpa daily and he had to sell it for her, he further explained that his eyes became permanently red due to the damage caused when he fanned the flames of his mother’s cooking because kerosene at that time was a luxury.

He later ended the post with an advice saying,

“What you are going through today is training, don’t look for easy way out. Go through it and come out tougher!!!

Though today I have permanent red eyes to the point when some people see me they ask, “Do you smoke?”

 I’m like God forbid!

Sometimes it hurts, most times I laugh because am like, “if only you know” but however, am a happy man.

I have enough pages in my book of testimony to encourage my children.

Go through it and add pages to your testimony book!

Your blessing is ready waiting, you are only being trained to handle it.”


Frank Edwards apparently has close ties with his parents as he one time stated on his Instagram account that he had two set of chairs in his living room specially designated for them and was out of bounds to anyone else.

Little is known about his dad except the crucial fact on the major role he played in setting his son on the right track.

Frank once commented that his Dad was the person who taught him how to play the keyboard.

Although he stated in an interview that his father is the church pianist and still a chorister till date.

His story about him selling “okpa” with his Mom during his early years shows that the two have quite a bond as he does not hesitate on different occasions to shower her with gifts, one of which was a car, a Mercedes Benz CLS on one of her birthdays.

According to him, his family loved music, he picked it up as a child and is now doing it professionally.


Frank Edwards at the moment is single and not yet married. Although there are rumors about him in different relationships.

Even though he has tried to more or less keep details of his relationship off the public eye, a star can only hide for so long.

Sometime ago, news had it that he was in a relationship with a girl named Chisom, a 19 year old at the time who was still in the university.

Rumor had it that they actually got engaged but eventually broke up due to unknown reasons.

When asked about coping with feminine pressure, he replied saying,

“One has to use the wisdom of God to avoid them politely when one senses suggestive attitudes.

But I must confess that it has been very challenging.”

He further went on to say that, marriage would save him from a lot of danger and pressure.

Recent online posts also showed a budding relationship between Frank Edwards and the daughter of Pastor Chris, Sharon Oyakhilome.

However, no statement has been made by either of them to confirm these reports. Although one of his latest Instagram posts read thus:

“Dear fellow bachelors of the federal republic of gospel music. I go soon leave una. God bless you as you continue that journey.”

Could this mean one of the most eligible bachelors in the industry is about to go off the market?

Well, we would have to wait and see!


Frank Edwards released his debut album in 2008 titled “The Definition” and his career kick-started from there.

Two years after, Frank Edwards released his second album titled “Angels on the Runway”. And in 2011, he released the third album, “Unlimited”.

Today, Frank Edwards has seven albums to his name and a host of other hot singles which are played across the nation and even beyond in different church denominations.

His album, “Frankincense” featured another popular and renowned gospel minister Nathaniel Bassey and also an international gospel artiste Micah Stampley.

Owing to these, the album topped the album charts toppling Beyoncé’s Lemonade album upon its release after a few hours.

He has also featured veteran music minister Don Moen. Edwards’ songs vary from worship medleys to rock and praise songs that are also sometimes spiced up with secular beats and rap.

What makes his songs the more loveable are that they are danceable and handy in parties for lovers of gospel music.


Frank Edwards has since become a renowned and consistent source of gospel tunes across Nigeria and the continent at large as he keeps dishing out really incredible singles and albums.

He is one of the hottest gospel rock artistes in Nigeria currently and has ever since he surfaced been scooping awards upon awards.

In 2009, he got his first nomination for the NEA Nigerian Entertainment Awards.

Frank Edwards with his headphones
Frank Edwards with his headphones

Then he got nominated as the Gospel artiste of the year in May 2011 in the sixth Nigerian Entertainment Awards (NEA).

He won West Africa Best Male Vocalist Award and Best Hit Single, “Superstar No. 1” at the LoveWorld awards in 2012.

He emerged the winner of the Nigerian Gospel Awards (Rock Artiste of The Year) in 2010.

Being at the peak of his career, Frank Edwards is inevitably set to bag many more awards as he keeps doing what he knows how to do best.


Frank Edwards is one of the richest gospel musicians in Nigeria today ranking high on different lists.

He’s a young man of many investments. Since 2008, Frank Edwards has sold over 5million copies of his songs across Nigeria.

He has an estimated net worth of about $600,000.

He’s the CEO of Rocktown Records, a topnotch gospel record label in Nigeria and generates his income from quite a number of primary sources.

Edwards is frequently booked almost every month of the year and we hear he takes nothing below 500 thousand naira to hold the mic and minister at a programme or concert.


This musician Frank Edwards can be seen to be a man of taste as he owns a fleet of exotic cars.

From the BMW X6 to a BMW 5 series (545 Ci), we observe he is a BMW lover.

He also owns a Chevrolet Camaro.

Frank Edwards among other things is a philanthropist as he is said to have given his drummer, Ezzy a Range Rover sometime in 2016.

In 2015, he had his car stolen but luckily for him, he miraculously got the car back.

On Instagram he shared how he was able to get his car back from the hands of the robbers.

“GOD PASS THEM!!! I had over half tank of fuel, my car was snatched last night @lekki 2nd roundabout before they could get to Ajah the fuel dried up!! Fuel that could last 4day dried up in less than an hour!!!!!!! Well d baby is back & taking a shower!! ##IFGODBEFORME”

He released on the 24th of December of that same year a single titled, “If God Be for Me”. A song truly depicting the miraculous testimony God wrought for him.

Frank Edwards also received a gift of a brand new BMW i8 sports car from Gospel music legend Don Moen in the United States where the duo were working on new songs together in 2016.


In an interview with Punch, the artiste said that gospel music is a ministry not an industry.

“I never planned for this; I had no idea it would be like this.

Some things would happen to some people and they would say it was a dream come true.

In my own case, I didn’t even have any dream. I just wanted to make music for people around me to listen to.

I just wanted to do what I loved and I was okay if it was just one person that would tell me my music touched his soul.

God decided to bless me and take my music all over the world, I am grateful for it.

Gospel music is a ministry not an industry.

If you’re a gospel minister, you have to know you’re in ministry. If you’re in it for money, you may be disappointed…”

Well, despite his claims of not going into music for money Frank Edwards has made quite a lot from his musical career.

Asides being a gospel singer, Frank Edwards is also a songwriter, worship leader, instrumentalist, producer, recording artiste and sound engineer.

He is the owner of the record label, Rocktown Records which is one of the most successful in the industry and has quite a number of artistes like Nkay, Gil Joe, Soltune, Divine, King BAS among others signed to it.

Frank makes his money from live performances in gospel shows, tours, sales on iTunes, endorsement deals and album sales.

Frank Edwards is one of the most influential youths in the country.

The Nigerian government has made him ambassadors of different offices including Nigerian Youth Ambassador, INEC Youth Ambassador amongst others.

One of his latest deals includes signing a contract with Yudala, a retail shopping mall. There are also speculations that he has a contract with Unity bank.

Frank Edwards no doubt is a trail blazer in the gospel music industry.

His story is a source of inspiration to many. What started as a joke turned has however, grown into a successful career.

He rose to fame by divine orchestration and his years of underground service in God’s house eventually paid off.

Today he has numerous hit songs that have flooded our churches and changed the face of Nigerian Gospel Music.

Frank Edwards is only a few years into his career and has already made such huge impact, with this we can truly say that for this young talented individual, the best is yet to come.



Frank Edwards remains atop shot in gospel music in Nigerian and Africa.

His collaboration with International Gospel artiste Don Moen is the genesis of greater happenings as the artiste isn’t taking his foot off the pedal.

For latest news on celebrity net worth and happenings, we are obligated to keep you up to date.





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