Famous Dex

Net Worth:  $2 million
Full Name: Famous Dex
Date of Birth: September 6, 1993
Age: 25
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Country of Origin: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Occupation: American Hip-Hop Rapper and Songwriter
Last Updated: 2018


Famous Dex

Welcome to Famous Dex’s Page! This page contains all you need to know about the American rapper including his age, career, personal life, and Famous Dex net worth.

Who is Famous Dex?

Famous Dex Net Worth

Are you a fan of American music? Do you love rap music? If you really do then you would probably have come across the name Famous Dex.

Famous is an American hip hop rapper and songwriter who began doing music about four years ago after the death of his mother and he is best known for the singles –‘Pick It Up’ and ‘Japan.’

The songs featured on several music rating sites as well as on the popular Billboard Hot 100 launching the rapper to prominence in the process.

In just a matter of four years, the rapper has a handful of mixtapes as well as a studio album to his name as of the time of this publication.

Famous Dex is more popular among the young hip-hop fans and he is currently signed to the Rich kid record label – Rich Forever Music through which he currently releases his music projects.

Since appending his signature with the label, Famous Dex net worth has risen remarkably as we shall soon reveal in a subsequent section. Keep scrolling!

What is Famous Dex Age?

The American rapper was born on September 6, 1993, at the popular city of Chicago located at Illinois, United States.

Famous Dex Family and Early Life

Famous Dex ranks among musicians who surprisingly (given their style of music) prefer to be tight-lip about their family, revealing just as much or nothing about their private life.

All we can report about Dex’s upbringing is that he was born and raised in the Southside city of Chicago. We don’t know if he has a sibling or grew up the alone child.

We also know he attended a missionary school located at Kyde Park before advancing to Hernandez Middle School where he reportedly had an uneventful school year.

On completion of middle school, the rapper then attended Paul Roberson High School where he began to pick interest in rap music.

And by 2012, Dex was already engrossed in rap music that he decided he would take music as a career and two years later, after the loss his mother, Famous Dex began to take music seriously.

Famous Dex Career

Famous Dex Career

The rapper has been in the music industry for barely four years as of the time of this publication and he is already known for street focused wordplays as well as a handful of controversies.

Famous Dex is highly talented as he is not only a vocalist but an astute songwriter as he recently revealed during an interview that he writes most of his songs.

His journey to stardom was not one to be captioned as a bed filled with roses. Like several other rappers, Dex went through a difficult moment before attaining the stardom he currently enjoys.

At his early days in music, the rapper turned out at events and concerts as a hype man and dancer for a rapper-friend all in a bid to achieve recognition.

He also appeared on the videos of the said friend before he decided to make the bold move on his career in 2014 and indeed the move has paid off as Famous Dex net worth took an upward turn since then.

He began by releasing the single titled “Bottle After Bottle” in 2014 and the following year, he dropped his debut mixtape titled Never Seen It Coming.’

The mixtape featured the popular singles – ‘For the Low,’ ‘Jealously’ and ‘Your Fault’ all of which enjoyed massive streaming and downloads online helping the rapper to build a fan base.

The most successful single contained in his debut mixtape is ‘Duh Dummy’ which was the lead single and received loads of airplay in the United States.

Next in his career was the release of the mixtape titled ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’ in 2015 which also received good ratings attract more fans to his risen fan base as well as fetching the artist a moderate income.

The mixtape contained songs like ‘Swagg,’ ‘Hoes Mad,’ ‘and ‘Who told you I was the man’ which all went viral, enjoying loads of streaming on YouTube upon the mixtape release.

In 2016, the rapper released three critically acclaimed mixtapes – ‘Drippy,’ ‘Heartbreak Kid’ and ‘Ohh Mann Godd Damn 2’ to buttress is the point as an act to watch out for in the America music industry.

Songs from the mixtapes such as ‘My Gang,’ ‘Whatever,’ ‘Hit’ em With It,’ and ‘I’m Crazy’, became very popular in the U.S streets and Dez’s music profile continued to soar.

Still, in 2016, Famous Dex released the mixtape, ‘Dexter the Robot’ which was a remix of a previous work and it contained songs like ‘Took Time,’ ‘Switch it Up’ and ‘Living My Life.’

The mixtape is currently regarded as one of his most successful musical projects after gaining millions of views within the first of week of release on the music app, ‘Spinrilla’

The year 2016 Happens to be his most productive year so far as he later released the EP titled ‘Different’ containing songs like ‘All the Time,’ ‘Switchin’ Off’ and ‘Finish Him.’

In 2017, he released two mixtapes titled ‘The Rich Forever Way’ and ‘Rich Forever 3’ which he did in collaboration with Rich the Kid’s label.

Famous Dex Album

Since his foray into music, the rapper has released loads of mixtapes all fo which were successful both commercially and the charts.

However, the rapper currently has one studio album to his name with the released on April 6, 2018.

Famous Dex Songs

Having released lots of mixtapes and a studio album till date, the best of Famous Dex songs include;

  • Pick It Up
  • Japan
  • New- Wave
  • You Flexing
  • Windmill
  • Xans

Famous Dex Net Worth

What is Famous Dex net worth? Are curious about how his musical success has transformed Famous Dex net worth?

Famous Dex net worth is estimated to be $2 million as of 2019.

Famous Dex Cars

The rapper is known to be a fan of fast moving high-end cars and he has quite fleet nestling his garage.

Famous Dex cars include Lamborghini, Mercedes, and Mustang


The rapper has done well for himself as reflected by Famous Dex net worth although having been on the scene for barely 4 years, he needs to stand the test of time to prove he is more than a shooting star.