Esteban Loaiza Net Worth 2018 Updated


What is Esteban Loaiza Net worth?

Esteban Loaizan is a baseball pitcher celebrity millionaire. His net worth increasing rate is amazing to everyone.

How Much Money Doe Esteban Loaiza Have?

Esteban Loaiza Net Worth 2018 estimation is 20 million dollars ($20m). The MLB star who have is decorated in his career countless time is rich indeed. Although, many claim this should be higher because of his popularity in the MLB. Moreover, the contracts picks are very lucrative.esteban loaiza net worth

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Biography of Esteban Loaiza

Below is a brief vital information on the biography of this MLB millionaire:

Esteban Date of Birth:

Firstly, Esteban Antonio Loaiza Veyna was born on 31st December, 1971. This top notch baseball pitcher has his place of birth in Tijuana Mexico and will be 47 years by the end of the year.

He is of the American Nationality.

What is Weight of Esteban Loaiza?
230 lbs (104.3 kg).
Esteban Loaiza Wife and Divorce Story:

In the year 2010, Esteban married a beautiful Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera. She filed for a divorce on October 1, 2012.   Because of  irreconcilable differences on behalf of both parties from private circumstances. This occurred during the lapse of their two-year marriage. Conclusively, The wife died on December 9, 2012 in a private plane crash before finishing the divorce case.

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How Much is Estaban Loaiza’s Salary in MLB

The table below is summary of the earnings/salary of Estaban during his career in MLB.

His teams are on the table and the his salaries over the years.

Team Season Salary
Pittsburgh Pirates 1995 $109,000
1996 $150,000
1997 $200,000
1998 $450,000
Texas Rangers 1999 $1.48 million
2000 $2.65 million
Toronto Blue Jays 2001 $4.25 million
2002 $6.0 million
Chicago White Sox 2003 $500,000
2004 $4.0 million
Washington Nationals 2005 $2.9 million
Oakland Athletics 2006 $6.0 million
2007 $7.5 million
LA Dodgers 2008 $7.5 million



Esteban Loaiza net worth will sure go down as he was arrested on February 9, 2018, in San Diego, California. You will ask why?  yes, 20 kilograms (44 lb) of cocaine n his possession, according to a San Diego Sheriff’s Office. Consequently, he is charged with felony on counts of possession narcotics and transportation or sale of narcotics.

In Summary,  the Esteban Loaiza net worth 2018 is $20 million.

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