Erica Mena Net Worth

Net Worth: $1 million
Age: 30
Full name: Erica Mena
Born: 8 November, 1987
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Reality Show Personality
Last Updated: 2018


All you need to know about the controversial reality Television personality, Erica Mena. Are you a fan of Mena’s? Are you curious about Erica Mena’s net worth (2018)? The life and career of the multidimensional TV personality, Erica Mena have been carefully documented for your pleasure. Please read on!

Who Is Erica Mena?

Erica Mena is an American model and Reality television personality, popular for her relationship with rap artiste Bow Wow and her controversial lifestyle.

She is widely touted to be among the most controversial figures in American entertainment currently.

Mena is always on the headlines – from her memorable feuds with ex-boyfriends due to her sexual orientation.

Everything about Erica Mena attracts the spotlight. She began her journey into the U.S entertainment as a model.

She played vixens to several popular hip hop videos, gradually building her profile as an entertainer.

In 2009, she gained a contract to feature in reality TV show titled, Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami. Her role was to work as a Dash in Miami.

In 2010, just about a year after she was employed, Mena was fired for what was later described as ‘horrible attitude’.

But what do you know? I mean, she’s rolled with the popular celebrity family, the Kardashians.

Erica Mena’s net worth may not have improved from the deal, but her “Resume” certainly gained beauty and colour for the US entertainment industry.

Her breakthrough into the US entertainment came in 2011, when she starred in reality TV, Love & Hip Hop: New York.

She has since switched to Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Her bargain to feature on this reality TV made Erica Mena worth hit the $1 million mark, Thanks to her fame from The NY edition.

Apart from her popularity in TV, Mena is also popular on social media as she frequently trends more for the wrong reasons than the good ones.

She is popular on social media for her attack on her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Raul Conde. Controversies have made her a mainstay on the headlines.

Erica Mena’s Family

You would hardly see publications about Erica Mena family. The reality TV star has managed to keep her family from the media.

Not much is known of her family. However, we know she was born and raised in Bronx, New York, US.

Erica Mena’s Age

Erica Mena is 30 years old. She was born on November 8, 1987.

You might not believe it because she still looks sexy and damn attractive. Age has once more been shaded away when it comes to beauty.

Erica Mena’s Nationality

Mena is an American by birth.

Erica Mena’s Acting Career

Erica Mena has starred in several Television show. Her career highlight include;

In 2009 and 2010, she made her debut in reality TV show when she featured in Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami.

Also in 2011, Erica Mena landed her breakthrough TV shoe Love and Hip hop: New York. She featured on the LHHYY for four years.

In 2013, while she was still on LHHNY, she was also starring for The Show with Vinny. She featured as herself on the show.

Still in 2013, Erica landed another show titled, The Trisha Goddard Show. Her popularity continued to increase and so did her net worth.

In 2014, She worked on two other projects 106 & Park and CSI: Cyber. For her role in these movies, she covered the front pages of popular Magazines.

Between 2016 and 2017, she co-hosted the Television show Bad Girls Club: Social Disruption

In 2017, she worked in four different projects including, Wild ‘n Out, Master of None, Bad Girls Club: East Meets West, and Scared Famous.

In 2018, the reality TV star is on the project Love and Hip hop: Atlanta

Erica Mena’s Net Worth 2018

What is Erica Mena’s net worth? This is one hot question the reality star contends with on her various social media platforms, almost on a daily basis.

A follower even went as far to ask – “We hope Erica Mena’s net worth trumps her many troubles.” Well, we hope so too.

Erica Mena’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million as at 2018.

She is currently on projects to see her fortune improve.

How Erica Mena Makes Money


Hate her or love her, Erica Mena is a beautiful lady. She started off as model, featuring on several Music videos.

Her debut feature was in 2005. She featured in Bow Wow’s music video titled, YO.

As an up and coming model, her pay-check to feature in music videos was quite modest. She was paid between $1000 and $3000.

However, after becoming popular, the reality TV star charges a substantial amount to play a vixen in music videos.


Majority of Erica Mena’s net worth have been amassed through her starring roles on Television series.

She made good fortune in 2011 when she featured on Love and Hip hop: New York.

There is no clear estimate of salary per episode of the series.

Mena has since starred in more than 10 reality Television shows, amassing wealth from these shows.

Her recent show is the Atlanta version of her breakthrough show. In 2018, Mena bargained a lucrative deal to star in love and hip hop: Atlanta.

Her deal to appear on the show is estimated to worth $500,000. Erica Mena’s net worth almost doubled after the deal.


Her controversies have helped her attract the spotlight. Many brands have taken advantage of this fact.

She has endorsed for popular brands amassing wealth in the process.

Erica Mena’s Relationships

Mena has been involved in some notable relationships. She’s dated Bow Wow, Raul Conde, DJ Envy, you name it.

She is currently said to be in a relationship with a reality TV personality and singer, Cyn Santana.

Erica Mena and Bow Wow

Erica Mena and Bow Wow dated for some years. She reportedly gave her heart to Bow Wow but he trampled on it and treated her like a trash.

Bow Wow Wife; Erica Mena

Erica Mena was never actually married to Bow Wow. They were engaged at some point, but they never really got married.

Mena said she went through a lot of difficult moments during her relationship with Bow Wow. She sacrificed a lot to see them happy but Bow Wow cared less.

The two would ultimately move on after years and investments on their relationship, according to Mena.


She recently attacked Bow Wow during an Interview with Global Grind when she hinted the rapper was not endowed.

The rapper responded to the claim, saying Mena was yet to recover from their past and intended to tarnish his image. Let’s take a brief look into Bow Wow’s profile!

Bow Wow

Shad Gregory Moss popularly known by his stage name, Bow Wow was born in 1987. Bow Wow’s age is 31.

Bow Wow is a U.S rapper, actor and TV host. He broke into U.S music industry as a kid rapper, going by the stage name Lil Bow Wow.

As a kid, Bow Wow made headlines for his rap skills. He released hit albums such as Beware of Dog, and Doggy Bag, featuring legendary rapper, Snoop Dog on a track.

He later announced he was dropping the “Lil” in his name and should be addressed as “Bow Wow”.

Bow Wow would go on to drop the album Unleashed.

Bow Wow’s Net worth 2018

What is Bow Wow’s net worth? Has he lived up to the hype and expectations he generated as a kid? We shall allow you be the judge as we reveal his net worth.

Bow Wow makes money from different walks of life, which include;


Bow Wow is a rapper, He began doing rap music professionally as a kid in early ‘2000s. Most of Bow Wow net worth has been amassed from music.

He recently signed a record deal with Bad Boy entertainment.

Although, details of the deal are still sketchy, the deal is estimated to be running into over several millions of dollars.


Bow wow has featured in a lot of Movies, his most recent being Fast and Furious 5. He was reported to have banked about $500,000 for is appearance.


Bow Wow also plays host to several TV shows. He gets paid handsomely to host shows on TV.

Bow Wow’s net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million as at 2018.

Bow Wow lives in a mansion at Sugarloaf Country Club of Duluth, Georgia said to be worth about $950,000.

Erica Mena’s Baby Father

Erica Mena’s Baby father is Raul Conde. The two dated for a while and the relationship produced a child.

She recently made headline for attacking Raul Conde. Erica Mena baby father is the last male the controversial reality star dated.

She has since turned to dating females. She is currently in a relationship with Cyn Santana

Erica Mena’s Son

Her son is King. Her relationship with Raul Conde birthed King.

Erica Mena’s Instagram

The reality TV star is on Instagram. You can keep up with the celebrity life of Mena on Instagram.

You can be a part of Erica Mena Instagram followers.

Erica Mena’s Instagram current features over 3.6 million followers, 369 following and 861 posts as at August, 2018.

Follow her @Iamerica_mena

Erica Mena’s Twitter

Erica Mena Twitter handle is @Iamerica_mena



Expect Erica Mena’s net worth to improve remarkably by 2020, as her popularity continues to soar.

For latest news on celebrity net worth and updates, we will keep you updated.