Emmanuella Samuel Net Worth: Parents, Comedy and House

Net Worth: $70,000
Age: 8
Full name: Emmanuella Samuel
Born: 22 July, 2010
Country of Origin: Nigeria
Occupation: Actress, Comedian
Last Updated: 2018

Averting the influence and significant contribution of a noble Nigerian actress and comedian- Emmanuella Samuel- in the history and existence of the Nigerian entertainment industry looks like a mistake of an ignorant man. Well her net worth speaks volumes too.

This icon as many Nigerians well know has recorded a long list of short comedies, movies, and other short video clips.

Tremendously, she is one of the most famous actresses cum comedienne that strikes children and adults alike off their balance.

Life itself is, and at times it becomes practically unfair, but irrespective of that, born geniuses will always drive their way out.

Before her fame, she was featuring in Mark Angel’s comedy and making some other funny video while living with the Mark Angels as a cousin.

Until she had her first hit, it had indeed been significant work on both her part and that of Mark Angel.

Having tons of videos on YouTube and other video sharing avenues, the duo’s joint effort, and video collaborations kept the fame alive.

Emmanuella as fondly called has left footprints in the sands of time.

What more can a random child ask from a media and video if not for “My real face.”

The little girl made exploits with the excellent assistance of Mark Angel who groomed her in every ramification.

Being a swift learner, she fitted into the train and began to make waves.

In many homes, parents win their children heart and get what they want if they tease them with this prominent girl.

Today, Emmanuella is a household name in the Nigerian entertainment and movie industry.

It is as if Emmanuella Samuel’s net worth is inestimable because she is everywhere. However, everyone has a net worth.

Isn’t it?

What could be Emmanuella Samuel’s worth in cash?

Before discussing the star’s monetary worth, let’s look at her narrow path to the top ranks of the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Emmanuella Samuel’s Early Life and Education

In line with her biography, her acting career started during her primary school education, at that time the zeal she had in crafting comedy and entertain to maintain an audience grew alongside with her intelligence.

Today she is one of the funniest kid comediennes, in fact, she is the youngest comedian in Nigeria.

Several YouTube videos and clips have gotten her more than 1 million subscribers and still counting.

“When was Emmanuella Samuel born?” is a popular among Nigerians and other countries where she has toured including Australia, United States of America and Other.

Emmanuella Samuel was born on the 22nd of July, 2010.

This makes Emmanuella’s age to be 8 years.

She is from Imo State, however, lives in Port Harcourt with her uncle, Mark Angel who brought her to the limelight.

Though she lives with her uncle, Emmanuella’s parents are alive.

Right from the day she was born, Mark discovered the talents the little one possessed and groomed her to what she is today.

Emmanuella schools in one of the prestigious primary schools in Port Harcourt and is also a student of Mark Angel’s acting school, which she attends simultaneously.

Her comedy career has been speculated to start when she was in primary 1. In school, she is known to be a bright and easy going friendly kid.

Notwithstanding how challenging it is to combine school with her acting career and fame, she pushes on.

Luckily for her, her headmistress and parents understand her situation and encourage her.

Emmanuella Samuel’s Acting and Comedy Career

Emmanuella starting acting in comedy skits and movies when she was in primary school.

Everything happened like a  a dream.

According to her uncle, Mark Angel, “The whole thing started when Emmanuella took up a role that was not meant for her.

Initially, she was not to play the role, but when the kid who was to handle the role didn’t show up, Emmanuella got in, took the role and did the magic.

She is a fast learner. It doesn’t take her up to three scenes to get a scene right.

Sometimes, when a scene seems difficult, she goes to sleep and wakes up to do perfectly act the scene”.

Ever since her first act, she has featured in many comedy skits which are popular globally.

Emmanuella’s Comedy Strategy

Mark Angel and Emmanuella herself devised possible and effective strategies to keep her audience spellbound, make them laugh like their worries are lost as well portray a good image of herself.

Do you know that her dentition itself is comical and her facial expressions have kept the jokes rolling?

One won’t be wrong to say that the genius reads the mind of her viewers, anticipate what amuses them at each point and connote it with the best skill to fit in the task.

‘My real face’ as popularly known must be a lucky being.

Explicitly speaking, less emphasis will be made on other little comedians who are struggling their way up not because their efforts are limited, but the critical difference lies in the tactics and most importantly destiny.

A reasonable observer can attest to this; she dangles with the changing need of the world.

If she had remained stagnant, sincerely, the progress would have been far less than what she has now.

Emmanuella Samuel’s Stage Performance

Emmanuella’s first stage performance was in Julius Agwu’s show.

She debuted on the show cracking the ribs of the audience and got the crowd roaring with unending laughter.


After that, she has made many stage appearances including Funnybone’s show where she left everyone gasping for breath with laughter.

She showed their world that although her type of comedy is skits, she can also do better on stage.

How Much Does Emmanuella Make From Her Comedy Videos?

Regarding making money from her comedy videos, it depends on the number of views on YouTube.

Millions of views bring in good money for the star.

Approximately, a single video can generate more than a million naira for the comedy star a month.

How Much Does Emmanuella Charge For A Show?

As an uncle and manager, Mark Angel coordinates the activities involved in bringing Emmanuella on a show.

She doesn’t have a bargaining price. Whatever Uncle Mark accepts is what it is.

Emmanuella’s Awards and Recognitions

Her acting and comedy career have really brought her fame and fortune.

Starting from 2015, when she was only 5 years old, the comedienne began winning awards for comedy and being a media person both in Nigeria and outside the country.

Among her awards and recognitions include the Nigerian Entertainment Award (NEA), City People Award, Niger Delta Special Talent Award, Princess of Comedy (Australia) and Prominent Kid Comedienne (Australia) and She was hosted by CNN in November 2016.

Earlier this year, the favorite comedienne landed a role to feature in a Walt Disney film in Hollywood.

The eight-year-old star posted this on her Instagram page. Emmanuella’s Instagram handle is @officialemanuella. She wrote, “Thanks @disneystudios.

God bless everyone whose support has added to bring us here. I never dreamed of being here so soon.

Truly, I miss Success. I love you all.”

It is noteworthy to state that she is the first African to have one million subscribers on her YouTube comedy Channel.

Emmanuella’s Endorsements

Currently, Emmanuella endorses many brands which picked interests in her after seeing her act in her comedy skits.

Emmanuella in a comedy skit
Emmanuella in a comedy skit

She features in these brand’s promotional videos where she captures viewers’ interests with her usual funny charisma.

Emmanuella’s Family

The young star’s immediate family is not talked about much as the only family member known is her Uncle Mark Angel who brought her to the limelight. The other family she has is the entertainment family which shows her so much love everywhere she enters.

Emmanuella’s Parents

Most times, we talk about a public figure, their exploits, assets, and targets, forgetting in a hurry to overview information about their parents.

Possibly without her parents, her existence won’t be possible.

Because of the closeness between Mark Angel and the comedy star, many mistake him to be Emmanuella’s father. Emmanuella left her parents to stay with Uncle Mark at a very tender age, barely after she started walking.

You may be wondering just like many other people about the Emmanuella’s family background.

If Mark Angel is not Emmanuella’s real dad, who then is? Who is Emmanuella’s mother?

Why hasn’t anyone seen a photo of Emmanuella’s family? Are Emmanuella’s parents dead?

The fact remains that Emmanuella’s parents are very humble.

Their daughter might be famous, yes, but they don’t plan to capitalize on that to gain popularity.

According to Mark Angel, he has begged for them to feature in at least one interview, but they prefer supporting their child from the background.

Does Emmanuella Have A Car?

Sure! The richest kid in Nigeria has a car.

However, the 8-year-old kid who apparently is too young to drive as she is taken everywhere she wants to go by her driver.

Does Emmanuella Have A House?

No! She doesn’t. Emmanuella lives with her uncle Mark Angel in their mansion somewhere in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

How Does Emmanuella Make Her Money?

Emmanuella’s wealth is currently flowing in from different ventures which she is participating in.

She gets income from her YouTube channel, her stage performances, her acting career in Nollywood and Hollywood and her various brand endorsements.

What’s Emmanuella Samuel’s Net Worth?

Currently, the Nigerian born comedienne and actor is worth approximately $70,000 (25 million Nigerian Naira) in 2018.



Many would think $70,000 is entirely too much for an eight-year-old to have as her net worth, but as a star and as a leading comedienne in Nigeria, it’s not strange.

With the signing of the movie deal with Walt Disney of Hollywood and with all channels of income still earning her cool cash, the youngster’s net worth is expected to increase with her age.







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