Emily Beth Stern Net Worth

Net Worth: Unknown
Full Name: Emily Beth Stern
Date of Birth: May 7, 1983
Age: 35 years old
Place of Birth: Old Westbury, Long Island, New York
Country of Origin: United States
Home Town: N/A
Occupation: Actress
Last Updated: 2019


Emily Beth Stern 

This article contains all you need to know about the up and coming American actress, Emily Beth Stern who has been in the news over several issues in recent years.

Emily Beth is the daughter of the foremost American Television personality Howard Stern but she has worked so hard to step out of her father’s shadow to carve a name for herself in US entertainment.

Emily Beth Stern Net Worth

Are you curious about how she has managed to shrug off and stepped out her father’s shadow?

Then you should stick to the end of this article as we journey into the life and career of Emily Beth Stern

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  • Emily Beth Stern Age
  • Emily Beth Stern Height
  • Emily Beth Stern Wiki
  • Emily Beth Stern and Her Sisters
  • Emily Beth Stern Net Worth
  • Emily Beth Stern Boyfriend
  • Emily Beth Stern Instagram
  • Conclusion

Emily Beth Stern Age

How old is Emily Beth Stern? The ever beautiful Emily Beth is currently 35 years old as of 2018. She was born on May 7, 1983 in the city of Old Westbury, Long Island in New York, US.

Her nationality is American and she belongs to the white ethnic group.

Emily Beth Stern Height

How tall is Emily Beth Stern? Are you also curious about Emily’s height? Her height is currently frequently searched on the internet as fans are keen to know how she compares with sisters in height.

The up and coming actress stands at a height of 1.83 m (6 feet) which appears to be tall for a lady.

Emily Beth Stern Wiki

Emily was born into a family of affluent with her father being the famous American TV personality, Howard Stern and mother equally being famous as an actress.

Aside being exposed to the life of the elite, growing up was pretty normal for the actress who attended her high school in New York.

After completing her high school, she enrolled at New York University’s Tisch School of Arts where she graduated with a degree in theatre art with focus in acting.

Shortly after graduating from the school of Art she made a foray into her preferred career as an actress and she currently has some works to her name including “Remember Me” and “The Elevator Game.”

The actress is known to be very dedicated to her career and this has been pointed as the reason for her rising fame.

Speaking about religion, the actress is known to side faith with Orthodox Judaism and she is a keen follower of the religion unlike her father who is reportedly an atheist.

Aside being an actress, Emily is also known as a musician after releasing her debut album titled ‘Birthday’ in 2013 to a moderate critical acclaim.

The album featured some hit songs which including Given Love, Come On, Hear In The Heart, Zoo Za Zoo, Love The Child Who Cries, and Love Song To Demeter.

Emily Beth Stern and Her Sisters

The actress has often shared beautiful pictures between her and her sisters on her social media platforms to a wide public admiration.

Emily is the first child and has two sisters namely Deborah Stern whom she is three years older than and Ashley Stern whom she is ten years older than. They all live together and grew up as a family in New York.

Emily Beth Stern Net Worth

What is Emily Beth Stern net worth? Given the wealth of her parents and her career as an actress, it has become a constant thing for fans to inquire about Emily Beth Stern net worth.

However, we can sadly report that there is no documentation on Emily Beth Stern net worth as of 2019 for some unknown reasons.

Although we can reveal her father’s wealth, Howard Stern net worth is estimated to be over $500 million as of the time of this publication.

Emily Beth Stern Boyfriend

Who is Emily Beth Stern Boyfriend? The actress is often seen in public alone or in the company of her sisters and this has prompted the question who is Emily Beth Stern Boyfriend?

Emily is reportedly single as of this time and she has fingered her father as the main reason why she hardly gets along with guys.

She once revealed during an interview that her father took strict measures with her when it came to guys while growing up.

She said her father was austere about sexuality making her to avoid going out with guys in her teen and her early twenties and she grew up to lead a life devoid of men.

After the interview was released, the actress received numerous backlashes from fans prompting her to retract her comments.

She said the interviewer quoted her out of context and asked her fans to forgive her saying she would never undermine her parental guidance.

Emily Beth and Howard Stern

In the past people have often wondered if and/or how Emily Beth Stern relates with the famous American TV personality Howard Stern given the similarity in their names.

We know by now the relationship between Emily Beth and Howard Stern has become known to everyone but for those who don’t know, Emily Beth and Howard Stern share a father – daughter relationship.

She is the first daughter of the Famous American personality who has two other daughters with Emily’s mother named Alison until their divorce in 2001.

Emily’s parents were college lovers who began dating right from their time at Boston University. Couple wedded in 1978 when they were both 24 years old.

They lived together for twenty years and gave birth to three daughters before their divorce. They have gone on to take new spouses with Alison getting married in the same year of their divorce.


Emily has worked hard to step out of her father’s huge shadow in US entertainment industry.