Elena Moussa Net Worth

Elena Moussa Net Worth: Unknown
Full Name: Elena Moussa
Date of Birth: 4th of March 1982
Age: 36 years old
Place of Birth: N/A
Country of Origin: Russia
Home Town: N/A
Education Fashion Institute of Technology
Occupation: Model, Fashion Designer
Last Updated: 2019


Elena Moussa

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Elena Moussa Wiki

Elena Moussa Net Worth

Elena Moussa is a Russian by nationality best known for being the wife of the famous American author, blogger and television personality called Gregory John Gutfeld.

Aside from being the wife of the foremost broadcaster, Elena is known for her former career of a beautiful model who later became an entrepreneur after quitting modeling.

As a model, she was known to be extremely gifted and gorgeous and during those periods, she was known to have made the runway her pay ground.

The lady was simply made for modeling.

And shortly after her career as a talented model came to a halt, she immediately utilized her outrageously good sense of fashion to venture into a new career altogether.

But fashion is never a thing of the recent for gorgeous Russian who had long developed a penchant for fashion since she was a kid and do you know what Elena did to this effect?

Her drive for fashion saw Elena enrolled in the Parson School of Design which is reputed worldwide for being one of the best art and design institutes.

After graduating from the school design, the Russian proceeded to a more advanced school when she enrolled at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, US.

She has since established a fashion outfit in Moscow, Russia called the “Moussa Project,” which is a fashion room that deals with beautiful clothing and accessories.

Her fashion outlet is known to enjoy the patronage of top celebrities worldwide.

She is known to lead a life out of the reach of media, maintaining her privacy, unlike her famous husband who is always in the spotlight due to the nature of his job.

Although she is active on social media through which she reaches her followers and clients, dishing out fashion tips as well as attracting new clients in the process.

Elena Moussa Age

Elena Moussa was born on the 4th of March 1982 in her native home of Russia. She was reportedly raised by her parents alongside her siblings in a close-knit family.

The lady hasn’t spoken much about her parents or siblings and there is currently no documentation about her early life.

She moved to London where she met her husband in the early 2000s and since then, Elena has continued to rise in prominence due to her famous husband.

Elena Moussa and Greg Gutfeld

If you are used to American TV, then the man Greg Gutfeld needs little or introduction. But for the benefit of people who are only just learning about Greg, we shall run a brief introduction about Greg.

Greg Gutfeld is an American by nationality born on September 12, 1964, in California to parent Jacqueline Bernice and Alfred Jack Gutfeld.

He rose to prominence in the US and the world at large for his career as a Television personality, a blogger, an editor, and a renowned author.

For his career as a blogger, he is known for the blog called “The Daily Gut” and as an editor, Greg is worked with the popular print media, Maxim magazine located in the UK.

Elena Moussa and Greg Gutfeld

As an author, Greg is known to be the writer of a bestseller titled “How to Be Right: The Art of Being Persuasively Correct.”

For his career as a Television personality, Greg is known to work with Fox News Channel and he became known to the public since his foray with FOX.

The multidimensional Greg obtained a degree in the English Language from the University of California and shortly after, he got his first job as a writer with Prevention magazine.

His time with Prevention magazine paved way for him for bigger offers and him later with Huffington Post before ultimately getting a job at Maxim Magazine in the UK where he met his wife.

Have you learned how Greg got the attention of his wife? Being a writer came in handy at this. Since they both worked at the same place at the time.

Greg wrote an enticing article about Elena in a bid to get her attention – detailing her long black hair as well as her gorgeously looking brown eyes and indeed, the antics worked wonders.

The two started out as just friends and before long, they fell in love and entered a relationship before finally deciding to walk down the aisle in a private ceremony that had just close family and friends in attendance.

Before their marriage, Greg had had to contend an incessant rumor of being a gay as he was rarely seen in the company of ladies.

As of the time of this publication, nothing has been heard about his kids, we don’t know if the couple has kids yet but we can report that they lead a very peaceful life together devoid of scandal.

Elena Moussa Net Worth

What is Elena Moussa net worth? Having had a career as a model back in the days and currently operating a fashion outlet in Moscow, Russia, fans often enquire to know Elena Moussa net worth.

However, we sadly cannot report any detail about Elena Moussa net worth as there have never been any documentation to this effect.

Although we can report that Elena’s husband, Greg Gutfeld net worth is estimated to be in the region of $5 million as of 2019.


Elena Moussa net worth cannot be ascertained currently but be rest assured that the former model is worth somewhere around figures.



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