Eddie Huang Net Worth

Net Worth: $2.5 million
Age: 36
Full name: Eddie Huang
Born: 1st March, 1982
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Chef, Author
Last Updated: 2018


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Eddie Huang is an American chef, producer, author, restaurateur and attorney. He was born in Washington, D.C. to Jessica and Louis Huang, who were immigrants from Taiwan.

He was born on 1st March, 1982.

Huang grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, but then moved to Orlando, Florida, where his father managed a successful group of steak and seafood restaurants, including “Atlantic Bay Seafood and Grill” and “Cattleman’s Ranch Steakhouse”.

Eddie Huang is a man who might just turn out to be one of the most talented personalities of our generation.

Huang is presently in his mid-30s and he’s already tasted levels of success that most men can only dream of.

Eddie Huang shares ownership with BaoHaus, a Gua-Bao restaurant in the East Village of Manhattan, New York City.

He previously hosted Huang’s World for Viceland. Huang’s autobiography, Fresh off the Boat: A Memoir, was later adapted into a television series of just exactly the same name, it airs on ABC.

Fresh of The Boat is a TV adaptation of Eddie Huang’s autobiography novel with the same name.

He was first against the series and he was very mad on the Disney and ABC because they changed a lot of elements from the book to make it suit viewers across the globe.

However, he learned to live with that over time.

He found out that it is not a big deal if the producers decide to change his favorite band or if they even make some things too much stereotypical.

Those stereotypes bring people from other cultures closer to the Chinese culture.

Huang took interest in African-American culture, especially hip-hop, at a young age.

He also frequently got into fights, getting arrested twice on assault charges while growing up and found his passion in hip-hop.

He attended the University of Pittsburgh and Rollins College, he graduated with B.A. in English and Film from Rollins in 2004.

At Rollins, he was awarded the Barbara Lawrence Alfond English Award and the Zora Neale Hurston Award, and was Sports and Humor editor for the school paper, The Sandspur.

In 2008, Huang earned a J.D. from the Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University, a private University located in New York City.

At Cardozo, he worked at the Innocence Project, served as President of the Minority Law Students Association and as Vice President of the Asian Pacific American Law Students Association, and also won a New York City Bar Association Minority Fellowship in 2006.

He worked as an attorney in a corporate law firm Chadbourne & Parke in New York City.

He also worked as a summer Associate in 2006 and 2007, then was hired as an associate in the Corporate Department in 2008.

Just within a year, due to the financial crisis of 2007 to 2008, Eddie Huang was laid off and started ventured into stand-up comedy and marijuana dealings.

He tried almost everything he knew how to do.

In the year 2006 to 2009, He was a clothing designer, he ran a street wear company called “Hoodman Clothing” and the company was formally called “Bergdorf Hoodman”.

At Hoodman, he co-created clothing designs with the Art Director Ning Juang, a graphic designer whom he met in Taiwan.

Eddie Huang – The Chef

Eddie Huang was interested in food as he was growing watching his mother cook at home, he often pay attention to his mother any time she’s cooking, he then become an expert in that field.

Not only that, Eddie also learned cooking techniques from various chefs of different cultural backgrounds and cuisine styles that worked at his father’s restaurants in his early years.

He imbibed management skills and how to be a good expeditor: a restaurant employee who manages the communication of information and orders between the back and front of the restaurant, making sure that the food is prepared accurately, proficiently and quickly as possible, and presented to the customers in the utmost quality conditions.

His work as an expeditor was a skill he learned from his father.

In the year 2011 Huang was named to the Chow 13 which is a list of high-ranking people in food presented annually by Chow.com.

Eddie Huang’s Restaurants

He opened BaoHaus, a Taiwanese bun shop in December, 2009, in the East Side section of Lower Manhattan, New York City.

In July 2011, after a while, Eddie relocated his first shop to 238 East 14th Street in the East Village, the size of his new shop was bigger than the previous one, his menu expanded as well.

The chef hosted a show Cheap Bites on the Cooking Channel at the end of 2011 and also appeared on several episodes of Unique Eats before leaving the Cooking Channel for Viceland, where he hosts a recurring segment, also called “Fresh off the Boat”, which was later developed into an hour long show and was later renamed “Huang’s World”.


Another restaurant, Xiao Ye, performed terribly and closed down after poor reviews and controversy over its sales of Four Loko.

Sam Sifton, the reviewer for the New York Times awarded the restaurant zero (out of four) stars, and wrote that “if Mr. Huang spent even a third of the time cooking that he uses in writing funny blog posts and wry Twitter updates, posting hip-hop videos and chatting with his online friends, competitors and customers, Xiao Ye might be one of the more interesting restaurants to open in New York City recently.

Eddie Huang’s Blog

He created a blog called “Fresh off the Boat” and later published a memoir with Random House by the same name.

Fresh off the Boat: A Memoir was released in early 2013, receiving favourable reviews from Publishers Weekly and The New York Times.

Eddie Huang’s Books

The man Eddie has already written two books, the first one is called “Fresh Off The Boat” and it is about his family and his life.

It is about how his family go from China to Taiwan and from Taiwan to the United States. And how they created their place in America?

However, he wanted to see if he could be Chinese again so he then went back to China and cooked for his own people.

Eddie Huang really wanted to know if his formulas were good for as the original ones, but the most important thing he learned was that it doesn’t matter if his formulas were as good as originals because he doesn’t owe them anything.

He was born in the United States and he is the part of that new culture as he is a part of his homeland.

That is why he is allowed to change stuffs and leave his own mark in the world of food making.

This is at the same time the main subject of his second book titled “Double Cup Love”.

Both books were critically acclaimed and the first one even got a TV adaptation.

  • Fresh Off The Boat – 2013
  • Double Cup Love; on the Trail of Family, Food, and Broken Hearts – 2016

Eddie Huang’s Family Life

Eddie Huang was born in Washington, D.C. to the family of Taiwanese immigrant parents, Mr. Louis Huang (father),  Mrs. Jessica Huang (mother)  a family of three (3) boys; Eddie Huang, Emery Huang and Evan Huang.


He spent majority of his childhood in Orlando, Florida, where his father operated a seafood and steak restaurant chain.

Eddie Huang’s Relationship

Talking about his relationship status, is he a gay? The answer is “NO”.

Huang was reportedly said to be engaged at one point with his girlfriend Dena, the lady he went to china with, was Irish origin, but because of some issues, the couple broke off and had to call of the engagement.

They were engaged for approximately eighteen months.

Biography and Fast Facts About Eddie:

Full Name    –        Edwyn Charles Huang

Birth Date    –        March 1st, 1982 (age 36 years)

Birth Place   –        Washington, D. C., USA

Hometown   –        Silver Spring, Maryland

Nationality   –        American

Origin          –        Taiwanese

Parents        –        Louis Huang and Jessica Huang

Education    –        University of Pittsburgh, Rollins College, Yeshiva University

Awards        –        Barbara Lawrence Alfond English Award, Zora Neale Hurston

Married        –        Not Yet

Wife            –        Not Yet

Height         –        NA

Weight        –        NA

Hair Colour  –        Black

Eye Colour   –        Brown

Height         –        5 feet 10 inches

Net worth    –        $2.5 million

Profession    –        Chef, Restaurateur, Author, Food Personality, Attorney, Producer,           Fashion Designer, Businessman

Books –        Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir, Double Cup Love: On the Trail                                 of Family, Food, and Broken Hearts in China

Famous for  –        BaoHaus (Manhattan restaurant)

Eddie: Social Media Platform Channels

As a man of various skills and someone that have desire to succeed, Huang has inspired thousands of people around the globe and they now follow him in various social networks, which includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Because of his followers, Huang has managed to build an enormous social profile on the internet with a wide reach.

He is available on Twitter at @MrEddieHuang and had 108 thousand followers currently.

He had joined the site back in the February of 2009 and has tweeted around 22.6 thousand times until now.

Similarly, Huang’s Facebook page has accumulated 55.3 thousand likes and 56.2 thousand followers.

His Instagram account has gathered 340 thousand followers already.

Moreover, he already has about 15,700 (Fifteen thousand, seven Hundred) subscribers in his Youtube Channel. He is always social to colleagues and friends.

Eddie’s Net Worth (2018)

This amazing young man has already established himself as one of the most popular and recognized celebrities today around the world and shown potential to be among the greatest.

Huang has had an incredible career so far and it’s safe to assume that he will continue growing at the same swift pace.

His proficiency have not only helped him gain fame and recognition but also with a huge sum of money in his bank balance.

Presently, Eddie Huang’s total net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 million in 2018.

Eddie Huang’s Ethnicity

Eddie Huang is a Chinese and a citizen of the United States of America.



Eddie Huang the chef keeps fanning his flame of fame through his books and restaurants.

We are sure to see more of Eddie Huang’s materials, posts and delicacies.

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