Doug Hitchner Net Worth

Doug Hitchner Net Worth: Unknown
Full Name: Doug Hitchner
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Spouse: Halie Jackson
Country of Origin: USA
Children: Two
Education John Hopkins University
Occupation: Unknown
Last Updated: 2019


Doug Hitchner

The name Hallie Jackson might sound familiar to most Americans having cemented her name as one of the best broadcasters as well as being a white house correspondent for NBC.

But the question many are asking remain is Hallie Jackson married? Who is Haliie Jackson’s husband? What is Haillie’s relationship status?

In a bid to provide answers to the ever increasing questions about Hallie’s husband and to unravel the man, Doug Hitcher, thewealthcircle team has put together this highly informative piece.

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  • Doug Hitchner Divorce
  • Conclusion

Doug Hitchner Age

There is currently no information on Doug Hitchner’s date of birth as well as his place of birth. We also cannot reveal much about his early days.

Doug has never revealed about his parents and we also don’t know if he has a sibling, although we know he is an American by nationality and belongs to the white ethnic group.

Doug Hitcher Bio


Doug Hitcher rose to prominence in the United States after walking down the aisle with the foremost white house correspondent Hallie Jackson who works with NBC.

Apart from his involvement with Hailey, nothing much is known about the man as he has managed to keep his life under the scanner of the public eyes.

However, we can report that the man attended the John Hopkins University where Doug Hitchner Net Worthhe reportedly met the love of his life, Hallie. The two soon began dating and after graduating, they continued with their relationship.

Their relationship blossomed as time went on and eventually culminated in marriage. It is currently unknown what Dough does for a living.

While studying for a degree, the man was reportedly very active in sports and played baseball. He represented his college team and was an outstanding blocker and receiver.

Doug Hitchner Hallie Jackson

Doug Hitchner wife Hallie Marie Jackson was born on April 29, 1984, in the city of Yardley in Pennsylvania, the United States.

Just like her husband, Hallie is also tight-lipped about her family matters meaning we can’t reveal any information about her parents nor her siblings.

Hallie Jackson stands at a height of 5ft. 6 inches (1.71m) which are shorter than her husband’s height of over 6 feet.

Hallie reportedly attended Pennsbury High School in Pennsylvania before proceeding to obtain a degree in Journalism from the John Hopkins University.

Hallie is currently the chief White House Correspondent for the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) where she has worked for about four years and has impressed a lot of people with her broadcasting skills.

Before turning out for NBC, Hallie had worked with a number of broadcasting outfits with locations at Salisbury, Hartford, Dover, Baltimore, and New Haven.

The seasoned broadcaster first had a go at journalism with WBOC-TV Network where she has begun in their station located at Salisbury, Maryland before she was moved to their Dover, Delaware branch.

The next chapter in her career as a journalist came in 2014 when the NBC employed her as a reporter and a journalist and she went on to become a household name after covering the presidential campaign of Ted Cruz.

Her performance during the presidential campaign became the talk of the town and soon after campaigns where over and the election has gone, she gained a well-deserved promotion at the station.

She stopped being a reporter and was promoted to assume the role for their daytime coverage platform, MSNBC Live where she continued to impress with her innate broadcasting skills.

In the turn of 2017, Hallie Jackson became the station’s white house correspondent to further cement her reputation as one of the best broadcasters in the United States.

She is well known across the U.S for her dealings with US press Secretary Sean Spicer.

The beautiful broadcaster has several hobbies including traveling to new places and experiencing new cultures, also she loves taking photographs. Hallie Jackson and Camera are almost inseparable.

In 2015, she was named as one of the top 50 sexiest broadcasters in American television.

To think that Hallie would have pursued a career in journalism without being noticed usually gives her fans a shock as she initially favored print journalism and never fancied the idea of appearing on the screen.

She reconsidered her decision about her career path after a brief experience in broadcasting as an intern prompting a rethink and an adjustment in her stance and decided that television was her calling.

Doug Hitchner Divorce

In the past we have learned about people ask questions about Doug Hitchner divorce. We can reveal to our esteem readers that the couple has never had any reason to head for the courts.

Their marriage has blossomed since their first meeting with each day reportedly better than the previous day.

Their wedding was held at Perkasie, Pennsylvania in Bucks County in 2011 and their union has been blessed with two beautiful girls.

We urge our readers to disregard any news about Doug Hitchner Divorce as there is no reason for such talks as of the time of this publication.

Doug Hitchner Net Worth

What is Doug Hitchner Net worth? This is also one of the most searched queries about Hallie Jackson’s husband.

Sadly, we can’t report about Doug Hitchner Net worth, have the stated that the man has remained lip-tight about his life, not revealing any meaningful information about him.

Too, Hallie Jackson net worth has not been documented although it is estimated that her net worth is somewhere around seven figures.

Also, she has been estimated to pocket an annual salary in excess of over $300,000.


Information about Doug Hitchner is still extremely hard to get. We hope the man soon become flexible enough to release information and details about him.