Dizzie Rascal Net Worth

Net Worth: $3.5 million
Age: 34
Full name: Dylan Kwabena Mills
Born: September 18, 1984
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Occupation: Rapper
Last Updated: 2018


Is rapping all you know about Dizzie Rascal? Won’t you be interested in finding out his net worth? Well, continue reading to find out more about this English rapper.

A search of 18th September in history will churn out so many interesting events which occurred on the same day several years apart.

So many of these events are indeed memorable and stand out but of interest to this article is the year 1984.


It was on this day in the year 1984 that Joe Kittinger successfully completed the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean on a gas balloon.

He achieved this feat all by himself and became the first man ever to do so.

It was also on this exact day that Dylan Kwabena Mills, a boy who will later be popularly known as a rap music personality, Dizzie Rascal, was given birth to.

Dizzie Rascal’s Biography

His parents had him in the capital city of the England, London. His parents are both Africans, his dad was from Nigeria and his mm is from Ghana.

He was mostly raised by his mother in Bow, East London, as his father died at a young age.

As a young fatherless child, Kwabena tended to get into a lot of trouble and was quite violent.

He was always involved in stealing from one pizza delivery man or the other, lifting cars, engaging in fights with his teacher and hat have you.

This disruptiveness saw him being expelled from four different schools but each time Priscilla, his mother, struggled to get him enrolled in another just about immediately.

Saint Paul’s Way Community School and Langdon Park School are two of the five East London schools little Kwabena attended.

It was in the latter that his notoriety earned him the name ‘Rascal’ from his teacher.

His passion for music began to build when his final school made him attend only the music class.

The teacher in charge of music at this school motivated him into using the computer made available at the school to create music.

He is also said to have gone to the Young Actors Theatre Islington (YATI).

When Tower Hamlets Summer University held a workshop on music in the summer holiday period, it had Mills as one of its participants and now, he is one of their patrons.

This growing interest in music led him to reading Kerrang! A magazine on heavy metal.

He also developed interest in the Kurt Cobain led American Rock Band called Nirvana.

He also attributes some of his style to crunk, Timbaland, grunge music and Black Sabbath.

Mills had a solid friend and a ‘big brother figure’ in Danny Shittu, a young boy from his father’s home country.

Shittu grew up to become a successful Footballer having played for the Queens Park Rangers for a while and is now a free agent.

His first tracks and mixtapes were done at Shittu’s house.

In 1998, Kwabena ventured into being a bass and drum DJ and also began rapping along with tracks as they played.

Pirate radio stations located in his locality also began to invite occasionally to put in an appearance.

He did all this under the aegis of Dizzie Rascal and voila, his stage name was born and it came to stay.

Dizzie has been regarded as several variations like Dizzee, Dizzy and the likes.

When 16 year old Dizzie released his first track using an iBook and microphone, it was an immediate hit among the youths.

A lot of persons in both the United Kingdom and United States referred to the song, I Luv You, as the single of the year.

From several quarters, his song was stamped as brilliant, fantastic and a perfect blend. Simeon Reynolds, the popular Music Critic and Journalist, also allegedly referred to I Luv You as his single of the year.

At age 18, Dizzie and some of his friends from high school formed a 13piece garage collective and called it the Roll Deep Crew.

His solo career got a boost that same year when XL, a record label, offered him a contract and he got signed on.

Dizzie Rascal’s Career

In his early days, Dizzie worked on a few songs and raps including We Ain’t Having It (unreleased) together with his mentor, an English rapper, record artist and producer called Wiley (born as Richard Kylea Cowie Jr.).

Dizzie also worked on making instrumentals such as Ho and Go. In 2002, the crew made a remix of The Street’s song Let’s Push Things Forward and a verse was done by Rascal.

His first award was as Best Newcomer MC from Sidewinder Award which he received in 2002.

This led to his becoming a Judge on a British TV musical talent competition, Must Be The Music.

In 2003, he joined the Basement Jaxx in making Lucky Star, a song on Kish Kash, the group’s third album. The song as well was successful as a top 30 hit song.

Dirtee Stank Recordings was founded by Dizzie Rascal in 2003, even before XL, and is geared towards giving a voice to Artist which other recording labels will naturally reject.

It has signed on several artists till date including Newham General and Merky ACE.

The London-based label focuses on grime, electronic and hip hop forms of music.

When Dizzie told the story of Jezebel, a young girl from London who earned that title following her adventurous party life with alcohol, drugs and sexual escapades, he was once again the ‘talk of the town’. Volume, a Williamsburg, Brooklyn concert in 2004 February was Dizzie’s first in the United States.

Another round of applause came in 2004 as he hit the UK Singles Chart as #1 together with Band Aid 20.

This 1984-founded charity group had come together to re-do the song Do They Know It’s Christmas and Dizzie brought in a few new lines to the song.

Interestingly in 2005, Rascal designed his shoe with the American multinational corporation, Nike, barely a year after he bagged an endorsement contract with Ecko Unlimited, an American urban fashion company.

Dizzie made a song for the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) in 2008 following the story of his friend who committed suicide.

He also supported the Red Hot Chilli Peppers in their 2011 summer show.

On January 1 2011, Dizzie collaborated with several artists in making DirteeTV.com, a mixtape of 25 singles which was made available for download free of charge.

He has also collaborated with very popular Musicians like DJ Fresh, Calvin Harris, Dillon Francis and Harris and even Snoop Dogg.

In 2012, he made a performance in the London Olympics’ opening ceremony.

The University of East London awarded Dizzee Rascal a honorary Doctorate Degree of the Arts in 2013.

Dizzie has released six albums till date and has many songs to his name.

Dizzie Rascal’s Albums

Boy in da Corner was Dizzie Rascal’s debut solo album. When it was released in 2003 August, it earned the 40th position on the UK Top 40 and rose to 23.

Fix Up, Look Sharp was a single on the album and it made the list of UK Top 20 single and the biggest hit off the album which won the 2003 best album Mercury Prize.

Planet Sound, now defunct, named it their number album of 2003 while Rolling Stone listed it as one of the best 50 of the year 2003.

Jus’a Rascal, another single from the album also made the top 30 list and was featured in the 2006 movie, Kidulthood.

In September 2004, he released his second album titled Showtime. The EA Canada-developed sports video game, FIFA Street used the title track in its soundtrack.

Dizzie captured some details of his growing up years like crime, pirate radio, street culture and single motherhood, in Dream, his second track on the album.

Maths + English, a phrase attributing to the financial aspect of being a Musician and Producer and the SongWriting aspect respectively, was the title of Dizzie’s third album (in 2007).

It dropped on June 4 and earned him a second nomination for a Mercury Prize.

The album was repackaged for the American audience with two songs added and one (Pussyole) removed. Definitive Jux dropped this album officially in 2008 on April 29.

Four songs from his fourth album, Tongue n’ Cheek, which was released in 2009, made the #1 hit list.

The album was revamped with some new singles and released again in 2010. Dirtee Disco, a track from the new album got the UK Singles Chart’s number 1 spot.

The Fifth, is his fifth album released in the year 2013. Robbie Williams was featured in Goin’Crazy, the top single.

On July 21 2017, Raskit¸ his sixth and most recent album was dropped.

Dizzie Rascal Raskit

This is Dizzie’s sixth album recorded from 2015 and released in 2017 under the Universal Island Records label.

It is a 57:19 minutes long album with 16 tracks (4 hit singles) on it.

The album which is a ‘fine blend’ of grime and British hip hop genre of music gained wide acceptance amongst critics.

Raskit made the 2017 UK Albums chart at a peak position of 10 and the Scottish Albums Chart at peak position of 44.

Dizzie Rascal’s Songs

Dizzie Rascal has recorded over 50 songs with some released in his six albums, others released as singles and others not even released.

His songs are usually an intertwining of grime, British hip hop and rap.

As a songwriter, Rapper, Musician and Producer, most of his songs have risen up charts and earned him several award nominations and some wins.

Dizzie Rascal’s New Song

His newest song was supposed to be an album but well, Dizzie said he had to settle for an extended play as he didn’t want this summer (2018) to pass by.

The extended play doesn’t have a release day yet but is expected to feature other good Artists like Afronaut Zu, C Cane and P Money.

On September 5 2018, Spotify released one of the EP’s new single called Money Right.

The song shows a joint effort from Dizzie and Skepta.

Skepta is a grime Artist bred in London but of Nigerian descent as his real name, Joseph Junior Adenuga shows. Hopefully, the full EP will be released soon.

Dizzie Rascal’s Awards

In 2002, he won the award for the Best Newcomer MC from the Sidewinder Award.

His next award was the highly esteemed Mercury Prize in September 2003 attracted by his debut album, Boy in da Corner, which won the best album.

The music magazine, NME, also gave him the Award for Innovation in the NME Awards 2004.

Dizzie won the Best Narrative Video from the 2007 Antville Music Video Awards for his Sirens video.

In 2009, he won the Best Male also from Urban Music Video Awards. In 2010, the Brit Awards named him as the British Male Solo Artist.


That same year, he won the BET Awards for Best International Act. He has also been nominated for 11 other awards over the years.

Dizzie Rascal’s Age

In a few days, Dizzie will be 34 years old.

Dizzie Rascal’s Height

The grime Artist stands tall at 1.78 meters.

Dizzie Rascal YouTube

Dizzie joined YouTube on 19th June 2013.

In his self named channel, he puts up some of his videos for the pleasure of his fans and subscribers.

He has over 2,400 subscribers with over 800,000 views on his channel.

Dizzie Rascal Net Worth (2018)

The multiple award winning grime Artist and Producer Dizzie Rascal has an estimated net worth of $3.5 million (about £2.68 million).



This rapper has been rewarded for his exploits so far but at 34, we however do not expect so much from him.