Diane Addonizio Net Worth

Diane Addonizio Net Worth: $1 million
Full Name: Diane Addonizio
Date of Birth: 1960
Age: 58
Place of Birth: Red Bank, New Jersey
Country of Origin: USA
Home Town:
Education University of South Carolina
Occupation: Non-practicing lawyer
Last Updated: 2019


Diane Addonizio

It would appear that becoming popular in recent years has become far less of a task than it was in the past. Until the ‘80s and the ‘90s, to become popular, one has to work assiduously to hit the height in their profession.

But since the turn of the ‘90s and the 2000s, sometimes, all you need to do to become a popular figure is to either be a relation or a friend of a celebrity without necessary making a stride in any profession.

This has been the norm in recent years since the boom on the internet as well as the advent of social media it has become very easy for people to know about the relation and friends of celebrities.

Diane Addonizio Net Worth

This is exactly the case of Diane Addonizio who though a highly educated American is best known for being the wife of the retired American football player, Howie Long than making strides in her profession as a lawyer.

Who is Diane Addonizio? What is Diane Addonizio net worth? To learn about these questions and several other questions, you may need to stick to the very end of this short article. Please take your time!

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Diane Addonizio Age

How old is Diane Addonizio? Diane’s exact age is currently not documented as of the time of this publication although we can confirm that she was born on in 1969 meaning she is currently 58 years old.

Diane Addonizio Height

How tall is Diane? It is not uncommon to see people search and ask questions about Diane Addonizio height.

For the interest of those who long to learn about her height, we can confirm that she stands at the height of 5 Feet 8 inches which can be called as tall for a woman.

Keep scrolling to learning more about Diane. Her biography, husband and Diane Addonizio net worth are discussed in detail in a subsequent section.

Diane Addonizio Biography

The wife of the retired football player, Diane Addonizio was born and raised in the city of Red Bank located in New Jersey, US.

She holds an American nationality as well as belonging to the white ethnic group.

We can neither reveal about her early life nor her family as she has never spoken about her parents and we also don’t know if she has a sibling.

All we can lay our hands on about her early life is the fact that Diane had always been fascinated with the Law profession and since her childhood, she had nursed the ambition of becoming a lawyer.

She reportedly attended the international school of Villanova University for her high school before proceeding to pursue a degree in Law from the University of South Carolina where she graduated with a B.A degree.

Upon her graduation from the university, she practiced law for some years before retiring from the profession. Diane is currently a non-practicing lawyer.

How did she become popular? Did Diane rise to prominence because of her exploits in her chosen profession? The answer is a simple no.

Diane became known to Americans after she tied the knot with the famous American National Football League Player, Howie Long.

Despite being dragged into the limelight because of her marriage to her famous husband, Diane has strived to maintain a private life. She is rarely seen in public unless necessary.

Howie Long wife Diane Addonizio

Howie Long wife Diane Addonizio

Are you curious about how the lovebirds met? Howie Long and Dianne Addonizio go way back to their days in high school.

This is a little wonder why the couple has led an almost perfect life so far devoid of controversies and waxing stronger together with the passing of each year.

It all began in Howie’s sophomore year when he transferred to a suburban high school where Dianne was attending at the time.

Howie loved and played the American football and coincidentally, Dianne loved the sports too. The couple met in school on one occasion when they had gone to watch a game and they became friends.

The two soon entered a relationship and in one of the winter breaks she invited Howie to meet her parents and from there on, it became obvious that the two were made for each other.

Diane and Howie walked down the aisle in 1982 and for more than three decades, they have lived as one happy family blessed with three sons.

She has always been a supportive wife to her husband and Howie reciprocates this virtue by being a caring husband making them become the envy and role model of many Americans.

Diane Addonizio Children

Diane Addonizio Children

Diane and Howie are blessed with three children who are all boys and have grown enough to have a family of their own.

Two of her sons Christopher Long and Kyle Long have unsurprisingly toe the footsteps of their father to become professional NFL player.

They have both won various prizes in the game for their exploits and they are quick to dedicate their success to their retired father who they call their greatest inspiration.

Diane Addonizio Net Worth

What is Diane Addonizio net worth? Talks about Diane Addonizio net worth shouldn’t hold much water having learned that she is a non-practicing lawyer.

However, Diane Addonizio net worth is nonetheless a constantly searched query on the internet so that we thought the need to include Diane Addonizio net worth on this article.

As of the time of this publication, the wife of the famous retired NFL player is estimated to be worth $1 million.

Her husband, Howie Long net worth is estimated to be about $16 million.


Diane rose to prominence for being the wife of the retired NFL player, Howie Long and she has been highly supportive of her family.