Derek Trucks Net Worth

Net Worth: $230 million
Age: 39
Full name: Derek Trucks
Born: June 8, 1979
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist
Last Updated: 2018


This article contains all you need to know about Derek Trucks’ net worth as well as his career including his band, early life, family, wife, bio, and many more.

Who is Derek Trucks?

Derek Trucks is an American Grammy award winning guitarist songwriter, and founder of ‘The Derek trucks Band.’

Derek made his foray into music in the early ‘90s and in the late ‘90s, he joined the joined the ‘The Allman Brothers Band’

He has been in other musical bands through his musical career and at some point he was in a band with his wife who specializes in Blues.

Trucks is known with a musical style that cut across several musical genres and is currently listed by Rolling stones to be amongst 100 Greatest Guitarist of all time.

Derek Trucks’ Age

Derek Trucks was born on June 8, 1979 in Jacksonville, Florida, U.S. As of the time of this publication, Derek trucks age is 39.

Derek Trucks’ Wife

He got married to his girlfriend named Susan Tedeschi in 2001 after a dating for a few a years.


His wife Susan Tedeschi is also a musician who sings blues and their union has been blessed with two children having conceived their son in 2002 and daughter in 2004.

Derek Trucks’ Father

Lots of questions have been asked about Derek Truck’s father with some fans questioning if the musician Livingston Taylor is Derek Truck’s father.

Livingston Taylor is Derek’s uncle who is the founder of a band that had a major influence in Derek’s musical career.

Derek Trucks’ Career

Derek had always loved music while growing up as music had always being a thing in their family.

His Uncle, Livingston Taylor is popular musician and had major impart in Derek’s musical career.

In the early ‘90s Derek formed a band of his own while growing up and he released several albums in the ‘90s.

Some of his mixtapes/albums include The Derek Trucks Band (1997), and Out of the Madness (1998).

In 1999, Derek joined a band called ‘Allman Brothers Band’ and he began making songs with the band as well as appearing on stage with the band.

He toured with the band and attended numerous concerts including Peakin ‘at Beacon, Live at Beacon Theatre, Hittin’ the Note and One Way Out.

While with the band, Derek Truck recorded three studio albums which include; Peakin’ at the Beacon (2000), Hittin’ the Note (2003), and One Way Out (2004).

While recording and performing with the Allman Brothers Band, Derek still maintained his band called the ‘The Derek Trucks Band’

In 2008, the musician decided to put up a studio in his home which produced Derek’s album titled ‘Already free’

Later the musician and his wife joined their bands to form the Tadeshi which trilled audience with lots of good music at events including the the Bonnaroo Music Festival in 2008.

The following year, Derek and his band went on a break and after they resumed, the band dissolved with each member embarking on a solo career.

In 2010, Derek and his wife Susan joined forces to officially establish the band Tedeschi Trucks group much the delight of fans who had long waited for the merger.

All these while, Derek remained a member of the Allman Brothers band, but at the fall of 2014, Derek and his guitarist Warren Haynes departed the Band to focus on Tedeschi Trucks group.

Derek has attributed his success to the influence of world renowned guitarist Duane Allman and Elmore James both of whom he has labelled his role models.

Other major influencers include John Lee Hoker and his uncle Livingston Taylor, Howlin Wolf, Albert King, Miles Davis, Sun Ra, John Coltrane, and Charlie Parker

Derek has featured two times on the list of 100 best guitarist of all time in the popular magazine Rolling Stones.

In 2003, he made the #81 and eight years later he made #16.

In 2007, the successful guitarist covered the pages of an article on Rolling Stone magazine titled ‘New Guitar Gods’

His uncle holds the guitarist to high regards, having praised Derek by saying; “Derek is so good that never repeats the same guitar stunt twice’

The height of Derek’s acknowledgement came in 2010 when his band, The Derek Trucks Band Won the Grammy Award after years of thrilling fans and critics alike with sumptuous sound.


The band Won the Grammy Award for the category of best contemporary blues and two years later, he won the his second grammy but this time with the Tedeschi Truck band.

Also in 2012, Derek Trucks alongside ten other members of the Allman Brothers Band received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Derek Trucks’ Band

The successful guitarist has pitched his tent with three different bands since the inception of his musical career. Derek Trucks Bands include:

Derek Trucks Band; the musician released nine studio albums with his band and the albums include – The Derek Trucks Band, Out of the Madness, Joyful Noise.

Soul Serenade, Live at Georgia Theatre, Songlines (Songlines Live), Already Free and Roadsongs.

Allman Brothers Band; Derek Trucks released three studio albums with the Allman Brothers and they include – Peakin’ at the Beacon, Hittin’ the Note, One Way Out.

Tedeschi Trucks Band; In the fall of the 2000s, Derek and his wife formed the Tedeshi Trucks band which has five studio albums including –

Revelator, Everybody’s Talkin, Made Up Mind, Let Me Get By, Live from the Fox Oakland.

Derek Trucks’ Net Worth (2018)

What is Derek Trucks’ net worth? The Iconic guitarist has made a fortune from music and we shall discuss Derek Trucks’ net worth in this section.

Derek Trucks’ net worth is estimated to be in the region of $230 million as of 2018 and majority of his earnings have been accumulated through music.

Apart from music, Derek Trucks’ net worth has also been accumulated by Ad campaigns as he has been seen both on TV Ads and Billboards Ads.



Having been mentioned twice on the list of Rolling Stone’s 100 best guitarist of all time, we can conclude that Derek Trucks is on his way to be inducted into the guitar hall of fame given his young age.




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