Dan Griener Net Worth and Biography

Dan Griener Net Worth: Unknown
Full Name: Dan Griener
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Place of Birth:
Country of Origin: USA
Home Town:
Occupation: Accountant
Last Updated: 2019


Who Is Dan Griener?

Who is Dan Griener? The name Dan Griener is currently one of the searched names on the internet as people take to the net to inquire about the man in a bid to ascertain his relationship with Lori Griener.

The name Lori Griener is more popular to Americans having pushed boundaries to become an inventor and employer of labor, making her become a role model to many in the process.

It is popularly said that behind every successful man, there is a woman pulling the strings behind the scenes but in the case of the Grieners, the antithesis is the case.

Dan can simply be described as the backbone and the pedestal upon which Lori Griener launched into prominence and the man is by no means emasculated by this fact. Keep scrolling to learn more about the Grieners!

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Dan Greiner Age

Dan Griener Net Worth

How old is Dan Griener?  This has become the most searched query bout Dan Griener as people are keen to know the difference in age between Dan and Lori Griener.

Well, sadly we can’t report Dan Greiner age as there is no documentation about his age as of the time of this publication. The man is only being recently discussed publicly and there isn’t much information about him for now.

On the other hand, if we consider the apparent similarity in age between Dan and his wife Griener who is currently 48 years old, it would be safe to assume that Dan Greiner age is between 48 and 50.

Dan Griener Bio

The man Dan Griener was born and raised in the United States belonging to the white ethnic group.

Nothing much is known about his early days as we currently do not have information about his parent or siblings, being the kind who loves to keep his private life under the scanner of the public eye.

We also do not have information about his education but the man has been described as extremely gentlemanly to a fault.

Dan Griener and Lori Griener

DDan Griener and Lori Griener

The relationship which Dan Greiner and Lori Greiner share has become the envy and admiration of many who long to have anything close to a perfect relationship.

Dan Greiner and Lori Greiner are married and currently share a kind of relationship which is the complete opposite of the conventional man-woman relationship with Dan comfortably being the ‘beta’ entity in their marriage.

While Lori Griener is the more popular figure between the couple and the CEO of their company, Dan has been the drive behind the scene calling the shots on the background to ensure a hitch-free operation in their business.

Unlike many, Dan has no issues whatsoever being the recessive in their marriage with his wife occupying the spotlight.

Lori has indicated on several occasions how her husband has been much of an asset to their company stating that – My husband has always been by my side since the very onset.

Dan was there in the beginning when Lori had ideals with massive market values but was scared to pursue her dream. It was Dan who encouraged her to make the move and go after her dreams.

He is the drive behind Lori’s company that is now estimated at over $60 million as of early 2019.

Are you curious about how the couple met? The ball was set rolling at a bar called Kincaid in Lincoln Park area of Chicago where the two had coincidentally go in to while away tile.

They got talking and Lori once stated that from their first meeting, she knew Dan was the guy and their friendship soon turned relationship and later culminated in marriage.

We can’t report the exact date the couple tied the knot although we know that they were married before 1996 given a 2009 publication by ‘Chicago Business.’

Lori began her company by designing and selling her own costume jewelry in small retail quantities but nursed the ambition to go big and make mass production.

In 1996, she birthed the idea of inventing a plastic jewelry holder that could fit 100 pairs of jewelry pieces and after hinting her husband about her plans, she got the much-needed support and drive from Dan.

She then secured a loan to the tune of $300,000 which was partly invested in making the patent prototype.

Lori successfully marketed her patent to the department store, J. C Penny marking the beginning of the Griener Empire.

Dan Griener initially worked as a division controller at Bell and Howell Corporation but was forced to quit his position to pitch sides with his wife’s fast rising company.

He currently serves as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at his wife firm called ‘Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.’

The couple has since enjoyed working together both from home and at their company.

While Lori is the inventor and CEO of their company, Dan Griener, on the other hand, is a great manager who oversees packaging, parts, and the shipping.

Dan Griener Net Worth

What is Dan Griener net worth? Are you also curious about the financial fortune of Lori’s husband?

Dan Griener net worth is currently uncounted for as of the time of this publication given the fact the man is only recently coming to public notice.

The man had always been behind the scenes pulling the strings and supporting his wife, thus making it difficult for people to talk about the man let alone Dan Griener net worth.

Haven said that Dan Griener net worth is often given together with Lori Griener net worth which is estimated at $60 million as of the time of this publication.

Dan Griener Kids

Are you curious about Lori and Dan Griener kids? The couple currently has no kid although Lori once said she loves kids.

We can’t report if their current status of living without kids is a deliberate effort.


Dan Griener and Lori Griener share a relationship close to perfection and should be a model for other couples.



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