Collins Tuohy Net Worth

Net Worth: Unknown
Full Name: Collins Tuohy
Date of Birth: December 29, 1986
Age: 32
Place of Birth: Memphis, Tennessee
Country of Origin: USA
Home Town: Memphis
Education University of Mississippi
Occupation: Businesswoman
Last Updated: 2018


Collins Tuohy

This article explains all you need to know about Collins Tuohy whose popularity has continued to soar in the United States in recent time.

As you read on, you would learn facts and details you probably never knew about Collins, Please take your time!

Who is Collins Tuohy?

Collins Tuohy BiographyCollins Tuohy is a fast-rising American personality and public speaker popularly known for being a foster sister of the American football offensive tackle, Michael Oher.

Collins is also known for being the marketing director of a firm known as ‘Whimsy Cookie Company’ which specializes in making cookies as well as baking cake.

Apart from co-owning the bakery shop, she is also a board member of the ‘Making it Happen Foundation’ which is a non-profit organization with an interest in saving people from anxiety.

In 2004, the Tuohys welcomed Michael Oher into their home after learning of the distress he had to go through on a daily basis despite possessing a fine potential to become a successful athlete.

Michael Oher’s meteoric rise to stardom from the ashes of the street was documented in a book titled ‘The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game.’

The best seller was written and released in 2006 by a true-life story author and a financial journalist named Michael Lewis.

The book has since been adapted into a film titled ‘The Blind Side’ by John Lee Hancock. It was released in 2009 and it became an instant hit grossing over $300 million in the box office.

Collins Tuohy Age

How old is Collins Touhy? The foster sister of the American footballer was born on December 29, 1986, in Memphis, Tennessee U.S. She is currently 32 years old as of the time of this publication.

Collins Tuohy Biography

Collins Tuohy was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee into a well to do family with all the facilities a kid would ever wish for readily available to her.

Her father is the popular American sports commentator simply known as Sean and her mother works as an interior designer. Aside from their different jobs, the family own over 85 fast food outlets across the U.S.

The Tuohys are the owner of the popular fast food franchises such as Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Long John Silver’s, and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The Tuohys are a popular family in the US and they also co-authored the book titled ‘In a Heartbeat: Sharing the Power of Cheerful Giving’ together, published on July 13, 2010, by Henry Holt and Co.

Before the family adopted Michael Oher, Collins grew up along only a sibling named Sean Tuohy Jr who is also into sports and once represented for his university’s basketball team, Loyola Greyhounds.

Collins is passionate about music though she never dreamed of pursuing a career in music. She enrolled for lessons for a piano class at the young age of 6 because of her love for music.

Collins Tuohy Net Worth

She attended the Briarcrest Christian School in Memphis where she completed her high school before gaining admission into the University of Mississippi to obtain a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

While studying for a degree, Collins was reportedly active in several groups which include her reign as the president of the Student Alumni Council.

She also doubled as the President of Student Spirit Committee as well as occupying the position of an officer for the Kappa Delta Sorority, and an Ole Miss Varsity Cheerleader.

Speaking about a young lady of substance and valor then you wouldn’t have been far from describing Collins Touhy who is known for her many virtues.

She was aged 18 when her parents Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy decided that they would bring in Michael Oher to live with them.

Michael Oher

It is almost impossible to talk about the Touhys without Michael Oher coming to mind.

The story of Oher’s rise to stardom has been widely published and even adapted into a screenplay but for the benefit of those who know nothing or little about Oher, we shall run a brief documentary about him.

The famous American footballer had a traumatic childhood after he was born into a family of a mother named Denise Oher who was addicted to alcohol and cracks.

His father, Michael Jerome Williams always had a run in with the authority and was always in and out of jail but luck ran out him when he reportedly lost his life while serving a jail time.

Michael Oher and Collins Tuohy

Young Michael Oher spent most of his early years devoid of parental guidance and was left to feed and live at the mercy of foster families.

Michael was determined to lead a life entirely different from his parent’s and was in senior school when he learned that his father was murdered in prison.

His lack of parental guidance affected his grades in school but he was allowed to participate in the school’s sporting activities because of his apparent skills at the game of American football.

In 2003, named Oher as a five-star recruit and as the fifth offensive lineman prospect in the United States.

The announcement caught the attention of the prominent and affluent family, the Tuohys and they decided to reach out to him which marked the beginning of great things to come for Oher.

Michael was afforded with every opportunity needed for him to excel in the sports and indeed he flourished in their home to become the popular and successful figure he has become today.

The Touhys legally adopted Oher in 2005 to become his legal guidance.

Collins Tuohy Boyfriend

Collins Tuohy Boyfriend

Who is Collins Tuohy boyfriend? Before her marriage, Collins was involved in a relationship that lasted for 11 years with Cannon Smith until their marriage in 2016 in a ceremony which lasted for two days.

Collins Tuohy boyfriend cum husband is also from an affluent family, being the son of the founder of FedEx, Frederick Smith as well as a sibling to Demolition producer and Black Label Media co-founder Molly Smith.

Collins Tuohy Instagram

Collins is very much an active figure on Instagram and you can follow her on the social networking platform.

Collins Tuohy Instagram account is @collinstuohysmith


Collins Tuohy has seamlessly found her way into the hearts of many people because of good selfless personality which she apparently learned from her parents.