Cleo Cole Elliott New Worth

Cleo Cole Elliott Net Worth: $1.5 million
Full Name: Cleo Cole Elliott
Date of Birth: September 17, 1984
Age: 34
Place of Birth: Malibu, California
Country of Origin: USA
Home Town:
Education Music school
Occupation: Singer
Last Updated: 2019


Cleo Cole Elliott

Who is Cleo Cole Elliott? What is Cleo Cole Elliott net worth? What is Cleo Cole Elliott age? Is Cleo Cole Elliott on Instagram? Who are Cleo Cole Elliott and Katharine Ross?

The above questions make up the FAQ about the American singer and model who reportedly developed a penchant for music since her childhood given her parents involvement in entertainment.

Cleo Cole Elliott Net Worth

Cleo has been around as a musician for a while but the question everyone is asking remains how her career as a singer has transformed Cleo Cole Elliott net worth.

Has Cleo achieved success in music just like her parent has attained success in acting? You have got to stick around and read all through this article to learn all you need to know about Cleo. Please take your time!

Cleo Cole Elliott Age

How old is Cleo Cole Elliott? The American singer was born at the city of Malibu, located in California, U.S on September 17, 1984.

She is currently 34 years old as of the time of this publication and she belongs to the white ethnic group with American nationality.

Cleo Cole Elliott Biography

Cleo Cole Elliott is popular in the United States for being born into affluence thanks to his Hollywood actor father, Sam Elliott who is also a writer and film producer.

His mother, Katharine Ross is also famous in U.S for her career as a stage and film actress even though she is in the twilight of her career.

Having born into a wealthy family, one would imagine that Cleo would attend one of the high end schools with expensive tuition like Harvard University but her parents had a different plan for her.

Cleo never attended your conventional school with normal curricular that encompasses a variety of subject. Instead, she attended an art school with interest solely in music with focus on Italian Opera.

This is thanks to the fact that her parents became successful and famous through acting so they believed in the likelihood of becoming a success in life through entertainment, throwing their weight in support of Cleo’s aspirations.

After completing her studies in music school, she later enrolled at Joanne Barron/D.W. Brown Acting Studio where she took acting lessons to make her an out and out entertainer.

Cleo wanted to toe the career path of her parents to become an entertainer though she wanted a different path making her major in music.

She developed an interest in single right from a tender age and began to learn the art of several musical instruments after her grandmother encouraged her to take music seriously.

Cleo Cole Elliott and Katharine Ross

There are many things noteworthy of Cleo. Aside her musical skills, her mother has reported her tendency to be temperamental and become violent at the slightest provocation.

Her violent tendencies was first noticed when she was a child and the musician reportedly failed to drop such habit while growing up as she has been seen to exhibit such violent tendencies as an adult.

The height of her temperament occurred in 2011 when Cleo reportedly threatened to kill her mother after the two got embroiled in a misunderstanding.

For the fear of losing her life, her aging actress mother who is 71 had to dash to the court to get a restraining order from her daughter, Cleo Cole Elliott.

Prior to the incidence, the musician had attacked her mother on several occasions having reportedly failed to get along with her while growing up.

In one scenario when Cleo was twelve years old, she reportedly attacked her mother with a pair of scissors and when the mother tried to call the cop, she cut the phone line to prevent her calls.

However, it would be harsh to dwell too long on Cleo’s violent tendencies as there many good qualities about the musician.

Cleo Cole Elliott Music (Career)

Cleo has struggled to make a successful career out of music making people wonder if she actually made the right choice about her chosen career.

Many have said that Cleo would have toe the career path of her parents, arguing that the musician might have attained a greater height as an actress than she is as a musician.

On completing her education and training under Charity Chapman in classical music, Cleo worked on a musical project to release her debut album titled “No More Lies.”

The album received a poor review and ratings from fans and critics alike and since then she has struggled to rise to prominence in the U.S entertainment industry despite enjoying the support of her parents.

Cleo is a registered member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) and also has a career in modelling.

The musician has worked hard to become a celebrity in the U.S entertainment sphere but sadly, Cleo is only famed for being the daughter of the U.S celebrities Katharine Ross and Sam Elliott.

Cleo Cole Elliott Net Worth

Are you curious about Cleo Cole Elliott net worth? In recent years, people have taken to the internet to enquire about Cleo Cole Elliott net worth.

However, we can report that the financial fortune of the musician is difficult to get as there are only speculations about her wealth with no meaningful backing.

According to some online publications, Cleo Cole Elliot net worth is estimated to be in the region of $1.5 million as of the time of this publication.

Her father, Sam Elliott net worth is estimated at $10 million while her mother, Katharine Ross net worth is estimated to be $5 million.


Cleo Cole Elliott has failed to make a successful career in the American entertainment industry like her parents did despite a huge investment on her music and acting schools.

Although it is too early to make an outright conclusion about her career as the singer is currently 34 years old and still has an ample time to make an overturn in her career.