Christopher Cody Cyrus Net Worth

Christopher Cody Cyrus Net Worth: Unknown
Full Name: Christopher Cody Cyrus
Date of Birth: April 8, 1992
Age: 26
Place of Birth: South Carolina
Country of Origin: USA
Home Town: Myrtle Beach
Education University of Texas Law School
Last Updated: 2019


Christopher Cody Cyrus

Are you familiar with the American pop singer Miley Cyrus? If you do, you probably would know that her family is one of the most influential families in the entire U.S entertainment industry.

The popular American singer has a father who is a popular singer and songwriter as well as siblings who have careers that cut across both the music industry and film industry.

The success of the family and their luxury lifestyle all together make it difficult to believe that the pop singer is even remotely related to a young man named Christopher Cody Cyrus.

Who is Christopher Cody Cyrus? How is Christopher Cody Cyrus related to Miley Cyrus? We shall be discussing these and many more in this article, please take your time!

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Christopher Cody Cyrus Biography

The world is already too harsh for people to survive and it is the dream of every child to enjoy a parental support while striving to make a meaning and living out of life.

But such is not the case of our personality for this article named Christopher Cody Cyrus who unlike his half siblings suffered an extreme neglect from his biological father.

Cody once reported that he hardly gets even a birthday message from his father Billy let alone gift or parental support.

Christopher Cody Cyrus Net WorthChristopher Cody Cyrus is the son of the popular American singer and songwriter named Billy Cyrus who is also the father of the American pop R&B singer named Miley Cyrus.

He is a step brother of Miley Cyrus but unlike the singer’s other siblings who are also making raves in US entertainment, he has remained under the scanner of the public eyes, leading a quiet life.

How is Christopher Cody related to Miley Cyrus? Cody was born to father, Billy Cyrus who happens to be Miley’s father too and his mother is Kristin Luckey.

Billy and Kristen met in 1991 and began a relationship that got Kristin pregnant and two months before she was to deliver, they broke up having never being married.

At the time, Billy was legally married to his first wife named Cindy Smith whom he divorced shortly before the birth of Christopher Cody.

During that period, Billy had concluded plans to marry an American actress and producer named Leticia Jean who was already pregnant for him at the time.

Leticia Jean later gave birth to Miley Cyrus shortly after making the pop singer become a step sister to Christopher Cody Cyrus who had been born earlier from Billy’s other relationship with Kristin.

Cody has never lived with the Cyrus family making him relatively unknown and was raised by his mother alone.

He attended the Myrtle Beach Intermediate School located in South Carolina and later he proceeded to Forrestbrook Middle High School before proceeding to the University of Texas Law School.

Christopher Cody has often stated on several occasions that he holds no ill feelings towards his father or his half siblings, saying that though he is in good terms with the Cyrus, he has no relationship with them.

Christopher Cody Cyrus Age

How old is Christopher Cody Cyrus? Are you curious about the Cody’s age? Well, as indicated on the table above, the young man is 26 years old as of the time of this publication.

Christopher Cody Cyrus was born on April 8, 1992 in the city of Myrtle Beach located at South Carolina, U.S.

Christopher Cody Cyrus Net Worth

Are you curious about Christopher Cody Cyrus Net Worth? Given the fact that the Cyrus are among the richest celebrity families in US entertainment, fans are quick to enquire about Cody’s wealth.

Well, like we indicated on the table above, Christopher Cody Cyrus net worth is unknown as of the time of this publication as it has never been documented for the public to see.

But be rest assured that Christopher Cody Cyrus net worth would be a far cry from that of his singer and songwriter father, Billy Cyrus who is estimated to worth over $20 million.

Also, his fortune is expected to be extremely small when compared to that of his half sister. Miley Cyrus net worth is estimated to be in the region of $100 million as of the time of this publication.

Christopher once stated that he worked at a store where he was paid a measly $7.5 per hour.

Billy Ray Cyrus and Christopher Cody

The state of relationship between Billy Ray Cyrus and Christopher Cody has often been a topic of public discuss as fans have taken to social media to clap at Billy for his reported ill treatment of Cody.

After Cody revealed that his father once failed to send him a happy birthday wish the same year he had gifted Cody’s half sister Miley Cyrus a studio as a birthday gift when the singer turned 16.

Fans swarm Billy’s social media pages with so many harsh words with many expressing their shock that Billy has a son who is unknown despite the popularity of his other children.

On the other, Christopher Cody has repeatedly stated that he holds no grudges towards his father.

Christopher Cody Cyrus Mom

Who is Christopher Cody Cyrus mom? Cody’s mom is Kristin Luckey and she is often praised for making a strong man out of Cody despite the neglect he suffered from his father.

Apart from the fact that Kristin worked as a waitress while she was dating Billy Cyrus, not much is known about her as she prefers to maintain a private and a quiet life like her son.


Christopher Cody Cyrus had lead a quiet life so far with a life very far from the public eyes unlike his half siblings and father who are entertainers.



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