Chip Hailstone Net Worth

chip hailstone Net Worth: $100,000
Full Name: Chip Hailstone
Date of Birth: 1969
Age: 49
Place of Birth: Kalispell, Montana
Country of Origin: USA
Home Town: Kalispell
Occupation: Hunter, Fisherman, Reality TV star
Last Updated: 2019


Chip Hailstone 

Chip Hailstone Net Worth

Living in the wilderness that entails living in a constant fear of being devoured by wild animals while also hunting for the said animals for survival is a theme only seen in horror movies.

But we can confirm to you that such scenes are not only seen in the movies as there are people who have dedicated their lives to live adventurously in the harshest of conditions.

Are you familiar with the reality TV documentary titled Life Below Zero? The TV series shows a documentary of six different families who have dedicated their lives to live in the wilderness.

Chip Hailstone and his family are members of the cast for the reality TV documentary titled Life Below Zero and in this article, we shall discuss all you need to know about Chip hailstone.

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  • Chip Hailstone life below zero
  • Chip Hailstone net worth
  • Chip Hailstone legal problems
  • Chip Hailstone conviction
  • Chip Hailstone jail time

Chip Hailstone Biography and Family

The reality TV star was born Edward V Hailstone in 1969 in the City of Kalispell located in Montana. He was born into the family of father named Daniel Franklin Hailstone and mother, Mary Lois Hailstone.

The details about his parents or early life are difficult to get as there is currently no documentation about his childhood although we know he was raised in Kalispell where he mastered the art of fishing and hunting.

While growing up, young Chip Hailstone visited the cold city of Alaska in 1988 and little was he aware that his visit would become a permanent stay in a city reserved only for the enigmatic.

Chips soon settled in a small city called Noorvik which accommodates less than a thousand habitants in total due to it tendency to remin extremely under the weather for majority of the year.

Hailstone soon got used to living in the city that has been considered to be a wilderness in Alaska and before long, he met a woman called Agnes who is a native of Alaska from Inupiat.

The pair soon had a thing going between them and dated for a few years before taking the decision to get married. The date of their marriage is unknown to the public.

His wife Agnes is reportedly three years younger than him, born in 1972. Their union has birthed 5 children and they all appear as a family in the reality TV show on National Geographical Channel.

Chip Hailstone Kids

Chip Hailstone Biography and Family

Who are Chip Hailstone kids? If you are a follower of Life Below Zero, then you probably would have seen Chip Hailstone children.

Chips marriage with Agnes birthed five kids and they include Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Mary, Caroline and, Qutan who all participate in their father’s hunting business and feature on the reality TV series.

Chips has been lauded for not allowing his daughters be engrossed with hunting and fishing at the expense of their academics.

Iriqtaq completed her high school in Alaska in 2015 and advanced to college shortly after in pursuit of an undergraduate degree.

His daughters are athletic, participating in their school sporting programs with Mary going on to represent her school’s basketball team where she served as a captain.

Chips first daughter, Iriqtaq has a kid making her father, Chip Hailstone a grandfather.

Aside his five kids with Agnes, Chip also has two step sons named Douglas and Jon from Agnes’s previous relationship.

The both are adults who are married with kids. Douglas and Jon also participate in the hunting program with chips.

Chip Hailstone Life Below Zero

What is Chip Hailstone life below zero? Life below zero is reality TV show that is aired on Nat Geo Wild showing a selected people/families who strive for survival in the cold wilderness of Alaska.

Chip hailstone is among the cast of TV show that has been aired for several seasons. The show documents how families hunt for wild animals in Alaska.

Other cast members of the show include – Erik Salitan, Jessie Holmes, , Sue Aikens, and Glenn Villeneuve.

Chip Hailstone Net Worth

What is Chip Hailstone net worth? Living in the wilderness that is devoid of the basic amenities of living and a measly number of habitant would certainly make anyone imagine how the habitants make money.

This has been the major reason why fans and followers of the show take to the internet to enquire about Chip Hailstone net worth.

Well, we can reveal to our esteem readers that Chip Hailstone net worth is estimated to be $100,000 as of the time of this publication.

The bulk of Chip Hailstone net worth accumulates from his earning on appearing on the reality TV.

Chip Hailstone Legal Problems

Are you conversant with Chip Hailstone legal problems? In 2011 the reality TV star got on the black books of the authority after falsely accusing an officer of abusing his daughter.

He revealed in an interview that an officer and his first daughter got into some misunderstanding and the officer accosted and physically abused his daughter.

The matter wasn’t taking likely as Chip soon landed in court and after investigation chip is now facing a possible Jail term.

Chip Hailstone Conviction

What was Chip Hailstone convicted for? Chip hailstone conviction was in tandem with his alleged false accusation of an officer.

Chip was convicted for perjury and providing false information to the authority.

Chip Hailstone Jail Time

How long is Chip Hailstone jail time? Chip was convicted of a two count charge and would serve a 3 year jail term after failing his appeal healing.

Fans have slammed Chip Hailstone jail time stating that the duration was too lengthy for what they called a trivia case.

It is expected that he would commence his jail term in 2018 and while incarcerated, his family would continue with the show


Aside his legal problem, Chip Hailstone has had a successful career so far with no serious injury to him or his family members from wild animals so far.



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