• money market vs Certificate of Deposits

    money market vs Certificate of Deposits: Which is better?

    This article on money market vs Certificate of Deposits, will enlighten you on all you need to know. We will talk about definitions, comparisons, reviews and alot more relevant information. Information you will get here will enrich your knowledge bank enough to decide what’s best for you. Money market(MM) and certificates of deposit(CD) are types of federally […] More

  • check-endorsement
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    Check endorsement gone wrong; Do this while endorsing a check.

    Despite the fact that checks are not frequently in use as they were a decade ago, having proper knowledge of check endorsement is very important. Once a check is written, there is an important need for the endorsement. This is because, without endorsing the check, you can’t cash or deposit it. Truly, check endorsements differ, […] More

  • acorns investing app

    Acorns investing app: How to cash out Easily in 2020

    Acorns investing app is basically a micro-savings app. It works by rounding up your purchases to an even number and investing the difference for you. As you get your checking account and credit card card linked, Acorns reads your card spending habits and rounds all your transaction up to the nearest whole number. It then […] More