Carlton Leach Net Worth

Net Worth: $11 million
Age: 59
Full name: Carlton Leach
Born: March 12, 1959
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Occupation: Actor, Author
Last Updated: 2018


This article contains all you need to know about Carlton Leach including his criminal record, family, movies, documentary and very importantly Carlton Leach’s net worth.

Who is Carlton Leach?

Carlton Leach is a British born repentant criminal cum author and occasional film actor who is also known as foot-soldier.

Leach has been involved with a lot of criminal activities since he was a boy. Together with his friends, they robbed unsuspecting victims of their valuables.

Apart from involving in theft, Carlton and his gang members engaged in a number of deadly wars with rival gang members.

During one of the wars, Carlton lost a close friend in a gun duel, making him retire from being a gang star and he has since embarked on projects to discourage the young from criminality.

Carlton Leach’s Age

Carlton Leach was born on March 12, 1959 in Canning Town, Essex, England. As of the time of this publication, Carlton Leach’s age is 59.

Who is Carlton Leach’s Wife?

People have often asked questions about Carlton Leach’s wife. They wonder which woman would have the guts to put up with the gangster given his past life.

The Briton is a self-acclaimed repentant gangster but people often talk about his tendency to have a relapse and revisit his past life making it dangerous for any lady to live with him.


Despite all scares about living with a gangster with the tendency to snap and cause harm to anyone, a particular woman named Hannah Leach got married to the former gangster.

Who is Carlton Leach wife, Hannah Leach? Hannah is a British born former pole dancer and stripper who is no stranger to the night life and gangsters.

Carlton met his wife at a club in the late 2000’s where she worked has a stripper and the pair entered a relationship that lasted for a couple years.

Carlton and Hanna then decided to get married in 2011 in a widely published about wedding.

As of 2018, not much is known about the pair, as we can’t ascertain if the pair is still married.

Carlton Leach’s Daughter

Who is Carlton Leach daughter? People often ask about the former gangster’s daughter.

Carlton says little about his children making it difficult to know about his family.

We don’t for know for sure how many children Leach has, but he has been rumoured to have six children from different women.

Carlton Leach’s Documentary

Carton Leach made his foray into the life of men of the underworld in the late ‘80s when he landed a job as a bouncer at a Club in East London.

There, he met his friend and later gang member, Tony Tucker who was dealer in hard drugs at night clubs.

His friendship with the drug peddler, Tony landed him into illegal activities.

Carlton and his fellow bouncers provided protections to drug peddlers at night clubs.

Before long, the man began to sale peddle narcotics and other hard substances.

Leach once recalled that his wages rose abruptly from £50 a night to £300.

The illicit activities increased Carlton Leach’s net worth significantly and for him, there was no stopping, he had gotten a means of massive income.

Carlton and Tucker became close friends and they were both drawn even deeper to the world of drug peddling, along with other friends.

In December 1995, Carlton’s friends and partners in crime Tony Tucker, Pat Tate, and Craig Rolfe were gunned death while in transit in their luxury Range Rover SUV.

They were shot at a farm track in Rettendon and the event of their death has since been famously known as ‘Rettendon triple murders.’

The death of his friends made Carlton turn a new leaf as the once fearsome and fearless gangster became terrified after the death of his friends haunted him for some time.

The fear of becoming the next to die served as a wakeup call and he soon realized that he had his parents and his family to carter for.

The former gangster stayed paranoid for five years after the death of his friends as he found it difficult to trust anyone.

After ten years as a gangster, the Briton decided it was time to open the next chapter in his life and as a result, he left behind football violence, his bouncer’s job, and drug dealing.

He then departed Canning Town where he was born and raised for Southend in a bid to start a new life.

In 2003, he authored his best seller, a memoir about his criminal past titled, ‘Muscle’ and in 2007, a movie titled ‘Rise of the Foot soldier’ was done based on Carlton’s book.

In 2015, he walked with Ricci Harnett to produce another movie about his life.


The movie was called ‘Reign of the General’ and the movie saw Leach enter a copyright legal tussle with the makers of ‘Rise of the Foot soldier

Carlton lost the copyright battle and relinquished the film to his rivals who had since produced the part 3 of ‘Rise of the Foot soldier’ in 2017.

After the production, Carlton Leach took to twitter to announce that film has become fictional and no longer a story about his criminal life.

Carlton Leach who is now a father of six children has bemoaned the influence of movies on children.

He recently stated that his kids see films about gangsters and they fall in love with the life of these gangsters.

Carlton recently stated that he regrets being a gangster, stating that “There is a lot of pain in being involved in drugs and violence and there is a price to pay. I want young people to be influenced by my life story in a good way,”

Carlton Leach’s Criminal Records

It is no secret that Carlton is a former criminal with an ugly past, however, there is no record detailing his criminal activities.

Apart from his involvement in drug peddling and the death of his friends, not much is known about Carlton Leach’s criminal records.

Carlton Leach’s Movies

The Briton is an occasional film actor with three film credits to his name as of 2018. Carlton Leach’s movies include

  • Killer Bitch (2010)
  • Rise of the Foot soldier Part II (2015)
  • I’ll See What I Can Do (2019),

Carlton Leach’s Net Worth (2018)

What is Carlton Leach’s net worth? The Briton has made quite a fortune from both his criminal career and his books as well as his movies.

Carlton Leach’s net worth estimated to be $11 million as of 2018.



Carlton is currently on a mission to help the young stay off the gangs. We hope to see this fulfilled as it will sure make the world a better and safer place.




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