Bubba Watson Net Worth

Net Worth: $5 million
Age: 39
Full name: Gerry Lester “Bubba” Watson Jr.
Born: November 5, 1978
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Professional Golfer
Last Updated: 2018


Having heard a lot about golf and having read every golf digest in town, it is obvious you are head over heels for golf.

Well, Bubba Watson is too, except his love for golf is a lot more active. I can see you smiling.

The name rings a bell huh? A giant bell. Surprisingly that’s all you know. Or do you think you know more?

Well if you happen to be in the first category then don’t just read, listen.

Bubba Watson is a force to reckon with when it comes to golf, and if you’ve ever heard of the ‘Bubba Golf’, then you’re on the right page.

World’s talented golfer Bubba Watson invented the new style of golf ‘Bubba Golf’ which is referred to as being half art and half violent explosive.

With Bubba Watson’s height standing enviably at the height of six feet three, it isn’t surprising that this golf king would invent a golf style as powerful as that. We wouldn’t expect less.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Already eager to unveil the remaining part that holds mouthwatering gist on Bubba Watson’s conquests, history, awards, family, net worth and the mystery behind his success?

Now let’s ride along and see what we’ll find. Are you game? Here we go.

Bubba Watson’s Early Life and Education

You must have been marveled by Bubba’s invention as a fan or probably an onlooker or a collector of facts, and now you are wondering how it all began.

Did Bubba visit Hogwarts to learn magic or he did he come from a bloodline of magicians to have invented a powerful golf style?

Is he just a mere human being or is he some sort of a hybrid? And wait, is his name really Bubba? Well, hop on this is going to be a great ride.

Bubba Watson whose birth certificate originally bears his name as Gerry Lester Watson Jr. named after his father started playing golf as a child.

It happened that his father thought his dear son, while he was a youngster looked like NFL football star player Bubba Smith and so nicknamed him ‘Bubba’.

Oh, yeah, little wonder his a star on his on sports lane huh? Well to say that name stood by him and carved paths for him as a youngster is an understatement.

Still wondering what his golf style would have sounded like assuming this nickname didn’t spring up, ‘Gerry Golf’? Nah, ‘Bubba Golf is a better deal.

This self-taught golfer born in 1978 and bred in Bagdad, Florida developed an interest for sports at very early age and just like power intoxicates and consumes, the passion for being involved in sports overwhelmed him.


This passion drove his father, Gerry into helping him realize his dreams. What did he do and how did he do it.

Remember when you were told that even baby steps matter when you are on the path to achieving something significant.

Well that fateful day, Gerry took his six-year-old son whose passion and desire to play made restless, to a golf course for the first time.

The baby steps he started out with on that fateful day were all that mattered as he consistently took them to become who he is today.

Bubba Watson spent his baby steps; a lot of years, as a matter of fact, practicing daily with whiffle balls in his backyard.

He’d instead hit balls with a club than play with trucks or a Lego-like other kids his age would do.

Bubba Watson as an amateur attended Milton High School and while he was at it played on their golf team impressively without any formal lessons on golf techniques. This same golf team had featured PGA Tour winners, Heath Slocum and Boo Weekley.

He transferred to Faulkner State Community College in 1999 during summer where he played 10 out of 12 Bulldogs’ events as a junior and helping them win the Schenkel E-Z-Go kick-started his wins in his golf career.

Defending his Schenkel wins and finishing the T-20 took up some of his senior year competition activities.

Transferring to the University of Georgia wasn’t a major disaster on the growth of his skills and career as he continued with increasing scoring average of 72.93.

Bubba Watson’s Career

Just like any youngster who has a drive and talent for a particular field will do all he can to pave the way for himself, Bubba Watson did the same with his golf career. 2001 saw the advent of a professional golfer on the Nationwide Tour.

He was unnoticed for the first few years of his career, but 2004 saw him ricocheting for the sky with his double second place finishes.

Playing in 2005 in 24 different events and making nine top 25 and five 10 appearances got him closer to his aim and made the world notice him. With a 3rd-place finish at the Chrysler Classic of Tucson, he moved up the PGA Tour ladder in 2006.

Despite his wins, he got no tournament title until the year 2010 when he won the Travellers’ Championship.

A victory he dedicated to his father who was depreciating in health with cancer.

Although he was glad his father got to watch him play at the Ryder Cup for his prestigious country, he was sad Watson left them the same year when he had his best wins according to him.

The year 2011 saw him winning two more championships; the Farmers Insurance Open and the Zurich Classic of New Orleans.

2012 brought him a remarkable win, a shot from the woods at the Masters Tournament that sent him to the top tier of the golf world.

After this win, he let the world know that his golf career was the farthest he had ever had a dream come true.

2014 even held more promising grounds for the Christian golfer when he won his second Masters title.

It had taken him just three years to accomplish the feat which had only Tiger Woods and two others achieve it in the same period of time it took him to.

2018 sent him to a bunker instead of the top leaderboard at the Augusta National as he planned and therefore causing him to lose out on the chance of contending for the $11 million purse.

Bubba Watson’s Awards and Achievements

Bubba Watson’s records of wins are very impressive for someone who stared swatting balls without formal lessons on how to sing clubs and aim for the ball.

His recognized wins started with the Travelers Championship in 2010 with a winning score of 266.

The Farmers Insurance Open win in 2011 where he won with a score of 272 was next.

Then came the Zurich Classic of New Orleans in 2011, his first Masters Tournament in 2012, the WGC-HSBC Championship in 2014 and his second Masters Tournament in 2014.

His last win was his third Travelers Championship win. He was awarded mouth-watering sums for each of his victories.

What better award could he ask for anyway?

Bubba Watson’s Lifestyle and Controversy

Bubba Watson, a committed Christian, is married to Angela popularly known as Angie Watson a Canadian.

Unable to have a child of his own, he adopted two of his children; a boy they named Caleb in the year 2012, in March precisely and a girl later in 2014.

Although the adoption process was hindered at first due to his father’s death and some other family issues he had to take care of.

Watson is a member of a boy band named the ‘Golf boys’ with his friends Richie Fowler, Ben Crane and Hunter Mahan.

Bubba Watson’s house, previously owned by Tiger Woods is a mansion which he purchased from this star golfer is situated in Isleworth community of Windermere in Florida

Prior to the Chevrolet dealership which he bought after he moved to Pensacola, Bubba Watson’s car; the General Lee he purchased from a television series brought up a renewed subject of controversy which led him to say he would paint the American flag over the roof of his car in place of the Confederate flag displayed on it.

Bubba Watson’s Family

Bubba Watson lives with his wife Angie Watson and his kids Caleb Watson and his sister Dakota Watson in Pensacola.

His father, Gerry Watson Sr. died of throat cancer on October 15, 2010. Bubba Watson’s mother is named Molly Marie Watson, and he also happens to have a sister, Melinda Watson Conner.

Bubba Watson’s Wife

Angela Watson a former basketball player who is 6’4” and played for the Bulldogs basketball team at the University of Georgia. She was formerly known as ‘Angie Ball’ and popularly known as ‘Angie’.


Angie Watson was taken by this rare left-handed golf pro in their days at the University.

Bubba Watson adores his wife and thinks that they are a match made in heaven as not everyone marries a wife who is exactly an inch taller than him.

Bubba Watson’s Net Worth 2018

Bubba Watson from his years of building his career up until this moment has a net worth of $30 million in 2018.

Bubba who earned $1 million in his rookie year had since earned roughly $24 million from his tournament winnings thus far.

Off the golf course, he makes $3-$5 million every year from endorsements, and he is hoping to earn more from endorsements in the nearest future.



Bubba Watson, a multiple major champion, is fulfilled as regards his achievements so far.

Next to Tiger Woods, he is another golf force to contend with, and he has held his grounds for so long and has succeeded in always making his family and many fans around the world proud of him.

Coming through the golf history and breaking barriers and the boring usual with his left hand wielded the club, we expect more wins.

Having him top the charts in the golf history wouldn’t be a problem or a surprise when it comes.




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