Bill Perkins Net Worth

Net Worth: $400 million
Age: 49
Full name: William O. Perkins III
Born: 1969
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Film Producer, Amateur Poker Player
Last Updated: 2018


As a film producer, hedgefund manager and poker player, Bill Perkins has set himself on top. But is it all there is to this great man, No there isn’t. Let us intimate us with matters Bill Perkin’s net worth, career and family.


Bill Perkins whose real name is William O. Perkins III is an American known mostly for his involvement in Hedge fund management and for the films that he had produced throughout his career as a film producer.

Bill Perkins was born in 1969 and is about forty-nine years of age right now. Perkins who is known for his involvements in poker games hails from Houston, Texas.

With his small beginnings, Bill Perkins founded a company known as Small Venture USA, L.P in 1997 and later joined another company known as Centaurus Energy in 2002.

He is presently at the helm of affairs of a Houston company that deals in energy hedge fund, Skylar Capital.

One of the unique qualities and virtues that makes Bill Perkins standout from the crowd is his indomitable spirit and his urge to go further in his career and business.

Most people who have met him and had dealings with him all testify to his humility.

Bill Perkins’ Early Childhood

Bill Perkins began his formative years in Jersey City, New Jersey where he has admitted to having a lot of friends in his younger days.

He loved to play games with his friends from scrabble to Ludo to chess and Monopoly.

But little did he know that he was developing himself for a future that awaited him in business.


Bill Perkins had his grade school education at St. Peter’s Preparatory School in 1986.

In the early parts of 2016, he contributed a whopping sum of about four thousand dollars towards the construction of the William O. Perkins III ’86 Athletic Center at his alma mater.

He received a Bachelor of Science Degree from the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Iowa where he also played Hawkeye’s football.

Bill Perkins’ Career    

Bill Perkins founded the Small ventures firm in the year 1997. Before he set up this company, Bill Perkins subjected himself to intensive study for years.

Perkins had always known that he wanted to build a company. It had always been a big dream of his.

But he also knew that for him to not only create a company but build a successful one, he had to be prepared in all areas of his life.

Bill Perkins has a high understanding of the way things work in the venture capital and energy markets.

This can be said to be a significant factor that one will need to make it in the field, and he had the whole of this knowledge which he applied and used to skyrocket himself higher than any of his peers in the same market.

Perkins has seen and had a lot of success due to the level of zeal he has put into his business to see it progress.

Bill Perkins’ Hedge Fund Career

Bill Perkins and Centaurus Energy

In the year 2002, Bill Perkins joined the management of Centaurus Energy.

By then, he had amassed about ten years of experience in the energy trading industry.

He joined Centaurus at the inception of the company, and Mr. John Arnold was the head of the company at that point.

Bill Perkins entered the company because of his love for venture capital and energy management.

Then, while he was still a young man, he wanted to see a new company come into existence and compete with the others while flourishing in the market.

When Mr. John Arnold brought his proposition to Bill Perkins, Bill took some time off charting a plan for the future company.

When he was through, he called a meeting for the both of them to see, and immediately Mr. Arnold heard Bill’s plans, he was elated and signed him into the company the next day.

While Bill Perkins was at Centaurus, he developed a specialty in the management of risks and its effects.

This cut across all the sectors of the energy spectrum has to do mostly with the natural gas and with such related markets as oil and power.

Bill Perkins had his primary focus on natural gas which he felt could be more lucrative for any company if the options and goals were well defined.

But that didn’t deter him from employing some workable and fundamental strategies in his maneuver of the crude oil, power, and other energy-related trades.

Before his employment at Centaurus as a beginner in the industry, Bill Perkins was employed as a trader and a risk manager for various firms such as AIG Energy Trading, Zahr Securities and El Paso Energy.

Bill Perkins and Skylar Capital Management

In 2012, John Arnold’s Centaurus closed shop when the Houston billionaire announced his decision to retire and pursue other projects.

When John Arnold’s Hedge fund began its process of unwinding positions and returning money to investors, Bill Perkins started energy-focused fund specializing in trading of natural gas.

The new Houston energy hedge fund which was launched on the 1st of October 2012 was said to have raised about $102.4 million from limited partner interest in an equity offering.

That was according to a regulatory filing made on the 12th of October, twelve days after the company was launched.

At the time of the filing, Skylar Capital Energy Fund LP had five investors. Bill Perkins had planned to raise about $300 million to $600 million for the fund.

At the point when Perkins launched Skylar Capital, prominent banks and hedge funds were fleeing the natural gas market due to the sharp decline in prices, but Perkins still thought that there was a lot of money to be made there.

During an interview, when he was asked why he still thought there was still hope for investors in the gas market, Perkins replied by saying that he had learned from Arnold not to allow his emotions to cloud his trading, to continually question his views and to make use of research and available data.

Bill Perkins’ Poker

Bill Perkins is a lover of the poker game. He is one of the most liked and the most talked about fun-loving fan of the game.

He has spent so much of his fortune learning about the game and everything that would make him a better player and a winner.

Over the years, the hedge fund trader has turned high stakes as a poker player.

On the poker community online, he goes by the moniker Gastrader. He is known to buy large buy-in tournaments, high stake cash games, and solid prop bets. His life as a poker game player is envy to other players in the online community.

Perkins can usually be found playing with the best in the game with the highest NLHE stakes.

He tests himself with the best to make himself a better player. With his net worth reaching into the higher echelon of nine-figure millions, Perkins can afford to mix it up with high stakes pros and learn the hard way.

Perkins usually streams some of his poker playing sessions live on his twitch channel where he has a lot of fans and followers who follow the progress in his playing ability.

To date, he has about $2.6 million in live tournament cashes although the money he has paid in entry fee will undoubtedly dwarf that amount.

Bill Perkins’ Bettings

Bill Perkins is also someone who loves to take a lot of prop bets. One of such that has become so popular is one he made with Dan Bilzerian.

Perkins bet Bilzerian a whooping sum of $1.2 million that he couldn’t ride on a bike all the way from L.A to Las Vegas in 48 hours.

The bet was a risky one that could cost both men about $600,000 for the bike journey.

Once the bet was sealed, Bilzerian took to Twitter to confess that he had not ridden a bike in about twenty years of his life. His confession made sense because, given his level of wealth, he should be most accustomed to driving luxurious cars.


Before the ride took place, there seemed to be a disagreement between the two men on the length of the trip.

Bilzerian went on Twitter to say he thought it should be around 278 miles to complete it.

Perkins, however, corrected him by stating that the journey was showed to be about 320 miles on Google Map.

Bilzerian finally completed the ride in 33 hours without any controversy. One point of contention actually arose when Bilzerian was seen cycling a large white van, with some observers claiming that it provided some kind of support for him during the last four to five hours of the race.

Bill Perkins’ Movies

Bill Perkins also has a career as a movie producer. He produced such movies as Afterlife and Unthinkable in 2010 and Cat Run in 2011.

Bill Perkins’ Personal Life

Perkins was married to Stephanie Park, but they are currently divorced. They had two daughters while they were married.

After he divorced Stephanie, he started dating a model and dancer, Lara Sebastian

Since his relationship with Lara began about a year ago, the relationship between her and his ex-wife have been cordial with the three of them having fun times with themselves.

Bill Perkins’ Yacht

Perkins owns a Yacht from where he live-streams some of his poker games on his Twitch channel.

Bill Perkins’ Books

Perkins recently announced that he is currently writing a book. He had said that the book will be about maximizing life.

As of date, there is no release date set for the book. Perkins said he is hopeful that he will be able to share chapters of the book with the poker community in 2019.

Bill Perkins’ Net Worth (2018)

Bill Perkins’ net worth is estimated at about $400 Million in 2018 for all his earnings in hedge fund business and winnings from his poker games.



Bill Perkins has lasted in the business world while being a man who is down-to-earth and fun loving. More winnings are predicted to be in his future. More victories, admittedly, means more income.