Big Narstie Net Worth

Net Worth: $2.1 million
Age: 32
Full name: Tyrone Lindo
Born: November 16, 1985
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Rapper, Actor, Comedian
Last Updated: 2018


For lovers of music especially rap, Big Narstie is a popular name. The rapper has a lot of tracks to his name. In this article, we intimate you with details about Big Narstie which include his net worth, family, career, awards etc. Read on.

Rapping as a form of music is usually associated with hip-hop (which has some form of rap infused in it) but it actually has its origin dated to back before hip-hop surfaced as the British-English have used the word ‘rap’ since the 16th century.


Grime is another genre of music with rapping as one of its core elements. This music form became recognized in UK through Artists like Wiley and Dizzee Rascal in the mid-2000s.

Its aggressive electronic sort of sound also gained recognizance in North America and Australia at around the same period of time. Of course, crews sprung up as well as solo Artists in these places, one of such being the NAA (N Double A) in London.

Big Narstie is one part of this grime crew who has created a niche for himself as both an online celebrity and his work as an MC, Comedian and Rapper.

Big Narstie’s Biography

Tyrone Lindo was given birth to on the 16th of November 1985 and raised in Lambeth, London.

Big Narstie which is his stage name was actually ‘born’ later on when he began to explore his love for music.

As a student of Stock Well Park High School, Tyrone was really popular for his great enthusiasm for music and comedy.

His decision to go full time into music was however influenced by the song ‘Pay As You Go’ which he heard at the time he was undergoing a bout of depression following the Army’s rejection due to his body weight and inability to shed some fat.

All Big Narstie listened to while growing up was Jungle, Reggae or slow jams. He was in way deep with this sort of music and it has influenced his music making till now.

In 2003, he began the NAA grime crew together with some friends which at the time dealt with more of hardcore and something for the youth as they particularly hanged out at a youth center of the Brixton Baptist Church.

Big Nastie still holds the Pastor of the church, Pastor Chris as one of the first respectful black men he ever met due to the platform he provided him and his crew.

He gave the NAA and about 50 other children, a place to voice out their pain and hurt, a place to heal from depression and also served as a father figure to them. Tyrone was raised solely by his mother and this was a real comfort to him.

Other members of the crew are Infamous, DJ Frampster, Typah, Dreama and MC Solo.

In 2005, NAA released an album in collaboration with Mastermind Troopers titled Monsta Album Volume 1.

Big Narstie is a multiple award winning Musician with 2 awards to his name. He won the Urban Music Awards for the Best Grime Act in 2012 and 2014.

Although he was nominated for the same award in the next year, 2014, he didn’t clinch it.

He was also nominated in 2014 for the Best Grime Act by MOBO Awards but didn’t win the award as well.

Big Narstie’s Career

Big Narstie did such an amazing work with NAA that a record label called Dice Records signed him three years later in 2006.

His talent as a grime artist came to the limelight here when he began collaborating with Coldplay.

As his songs were played on more radio stations, his fame grew the more as he began to accumulate a wider fan base.

When he released his solo track Brushman, it gained such a huge recognizance and praise that it earned the title of ‘song of the year’ from RWD Magazine.

Tyrone’s best cartoon as a child was Dexter’s Lab.

As expected, Big Narstie’s fame brought on contracts for features with artists like N-Dubz in his song N-Dubz vs NAA.

He also made a featured appearance in the song by Professor Green called Before I Die.

His collaborated track with N-Dubz was actually the most successful in all aspects from the Uncle B album.

He didn’t just stop at featuring in other musicians songs; he also made songs and featured other artists.

Tyrone featured Scorcher and Wretch 32 in some of his songs like the mix tapes he titled Drugs and Chicken, Mind of a Fat Guy and I’m Betta than You.

By the year 2013, Big Narstie was touring Europe on several music festivals.

He travelled to Croatia for The Outlook Festival and also visited Czech Republic for the Hip Hop Kemp Festival.

He also performed in The Wireless Festival and along with two other music Artists in A Day in Dam.

In 2014, the grime Artist toured the United Kingdom along with some other music acts in the Base Defence League Tour.

Asides music, Big Narstie has featured in the sitcom, Dubplate Drama, along with some other musicians.

He has played roles as an Actor in several movies including London State of Mind. Works which are expected to feature this Rapper cum Actor are Krish and Lee and also Rise of Foot Soldier 2.

His biggest acting stunt however is his self-named online series video titled Uncle Pain (based on another series called Agony Aunt) which interesting became one of UK’s most popular online series.

YouTube provided a huge platform for him to share these videos and he seized it wholly. In May 2018, he appeared on the reality show, Britain’s Got Talent.

Much to the excitement of Big Narstie’s fans, his show The Big Narstie Show made its debut on BBC’s Channel 4 on the 29th of June 2018.

Mo Gilligan, a stand-up Comedian, is the co-presenter on this show and for the first episode, their celebrity guest was Ed Sheeran, the Shape of You crooner.

The seeming success of this debut episode earned Narstie a chance to make a whole series. The show airs 11pm on Fridays.

You might think you know all there’s to know about Big Narstie now but no, there’s more.

Big Narstie owns an app, it’s a game app which shows him as the main character and features a storyline where he tries to prevent the law from capturing him.

Big Narstie’s Songs

Big Narstie has made about 10 mix tapes from 2005 to 2016 including I’m Better Than You (2005), Hey It’s That Fat Guy (2007), The Big Man Returns (2009), Pain Overload (2012), What’s the Story? Brixton Glory 2 (2014) and Base Society (2016).

His singles are Brushman (2006), Gas leak (2011), Gas pipe (2015), Hello Hi (2015), When the Bassline Drops (2015) and BDL Anthem (2016). The 4 Extended Plays by the Artist are Pain Therapy (2010), Pain (2012), Don’t Fuck Up the Base (2013) and Hello High (2013).

In July 2018, Big Narstie released his debut album which he titled BDL Bipolar. BDL stands for Base Defence League (a name by which his fans are adoringly known by) and some critics have claimed that the song sounds like it may have been ‘cooking’ for about 12 years. Recollect that Tyrone signed his first recording contract 12 years earlier, in 2006. There are 9 tracks on the album which features several Artists like Nathan Brown, Miles Pudding, Chu, Hellabandzee, The Town Crier, Moelogo, Dizmack and Izzie Gibbs.

Big Narstie’s Laugh

Tyrone has a hearty laughter. No scratch that, he has a taser-like laughter. The truth is his laughs sound differently to different persons but the one constant thing is that he laughs.

His fans love his varying laughter and have given them different names as they please.


Narstie’s laughter is medicine to the depressed and food to the soul as they are sure to make you laugh and possibly crack your ribs. Talk about a natural Comedian!

Big Narstie’s House

Big Narstie was raised by his mother in the United Kingdom, in Lambeth London but there is no news on if they have a house there.

Big Narstie apparently enjoyed the hood so much that he made a return visit some months back.

The people loved him so much on the street and they had quite a good time cutting their hair, gisting and catching up on old times.

Well, may be getting a house might be on Tyrone’s to do list.

He and his mum sure do deserve a house after all the not-so-good times they must have gone through in the past.

Big Narstie & Ed Sheeran

Big Narstie has maintained a good relationship with several other musicians but key of all is Ed Sheeran.

Ed Sheeran is not just a fellow musician but is Narstie’s friend and godfather to his daughter. It should be no surprise then that Ed was the first celebrity guest on The Big Narstie Show.

Big Narstie Instagram

Of course, a big music shot like Big Narstie is expected to have accounts on most if not all social media platforms. He has posted about 2800 contents and has over 333,000 followers on this platform.

On Twitter, he goes by the handle @bignarstie and has over 19.5 million followers even though he follows just 14 persons. Narstie joined Twitter in October 2009.

Big Narstie’s Net Worth (2018)

Some sources revealed the net worth of this English Rapper, Musician, Actor and online personality Big Narstie to be about 2.1 million in 2018.

This net worth will rise as his show is bound to roll the dollars for him.



This rapper if not for anything will be in the hearts of many because of his hearty laughter.

We hope to see more of Big Narstie as the years come by.