Audrey Murdick Net Worth

Net Worth: Under Review
Full Name: Audrey Murdick
Date of Birth: August 29, 1980
Age: 38 years old
Place of Birth: California
Country of Origin: USA
Home Town:  Norco, California
Occupation: Certified Nutritionist, Body Builder, and Personal fitness instructor
Last Updated: 2019


Audrey Murdick

Audrey Murdick is an American who gained prominence in the United States as the wife of the popular American comedian named Jeff Dunham.

Aside from being the wife of the comedian, Audrey is also known for her career works which include being a certified nutritionist, a bodybuilder, and personal trainer.

She is often talked about in good light in the US for being an inspiration to many young and old women who are battling obesity and wish to trim down their excess body fat.

Audrey Murdick was said to be previously out of shape but she took it upon herself to trim down and get into shape hitting the gym to achieve the athletic figure which has become the envy of many.

She lost a huge chunk of her body mass to become a role model to ladies looking to lose some weight. This article was written in a line of the table content below to explain all you need to know about Audrey.

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Audrey Murdick Bio

Audrey Murdick Bio

Audrey Murdick became popular in the United States following her marriage to her comic husband, Jeff.

She was born into a small family that consisted of father, Steve Murdick, and mother, Sally Murdick.

Audrey was born and raised in California from the white ethnicity and her nationality is American.

One can hardly talk about Audrey without discussing her journey to weight loss which has become inspirational to many as well as pitching her as a role model.

While growing up, Audrey gained lots of fat from eating junk foods and her natural genetic makeup didn’t help matters too.

And as she approached her late teenage years she became conscious of her excessive weight gain and sought for ways to shed some body mass.

She began her journey to losing her excessive weight be consciously selecting the kind of foods she ate and she made healthy eating a habit.

Audrey also incorporated several other weight-losing techniques like Yoga and spin lessons in her early 20s.

She was said to record her highest weight at 21 though she never revealed the exact figure.

At the onset of her weight loss program, Audrey reportedly noticed no change but was determined to achieve her aim and continued with the program, incorporating even more techniques.

She spent more time at the gym, doing all sorts of weight-losing focused exercises under the auspices of a personal trainer and in no time, result started showing.

Having lost an appreciable chunk of weight, Audrey began to build her body and enrolling fitness competitions where she won a handful of competitions.

Having achieved her dream body size and winning a few bodybuilding competitions, she was approached by many to help them lose weight prompting Audrey to become a personal trainer.

In addition to being a personal trainer, she took lessons on nutrition to become a certified nutritionist, employing her knowledge to maintain her physique as well as helping others.

Audrey is still in the business of mentoring and coaching her followers on how to adopts and maintain a healthy living.

She also reaches her fans and followers through her website where she dishes healthy and delicious recipes for fat loss, life and sanity, body talk and good eating.

She has stated on several occasions that she delights in seeing people achieve weight loss and get into shape as she did.

Audrey Murdick can pass as multitalented; apart from her career as a fitness enthusiast and nutritional expert, she is also an actress having featured in a handful of movies.

Audrey has featured in films such as The Thieves Guild, Minding the Monsters, and Achmed Saves America which all attained an appreciable level of success.

Audrey Murdick Age

How old is Audrey Murdick? The fitness trainer was born on the 29th day of August 1980 in Norco, California, U.S.

She is currently 38 years old as of the time of this publication.

Audrey Murdick Net Worth

What is Audrey Murdick net worth? Are you curious about how much the fitness enthusiast and certified nutritionist is worth?

Over the years, her fans and followers have taken to the internet to inquire how a career as a personal trainer transforms into Audrey Murdick net worth.

Well, we can report that Audrey Murdick net worth is currently not documented as of the time of this publication but most media give her net worth combined with her husband’s.

Her comic husband Jeff is said to be worth a whopping $60 million.

Audrey Murdick Wedding

Audrey Murdick Net Worth

Who is Audrey Murdick’s husband? The nutrition expert is married to a ventriloquist and comedian named Jeff Dunham and their union is blessed with a beautiful set of twins.

The couple manages to squeeze out time to spend time together and with their kids despite their ever busy schedule and since their marriage, they have lived happily together with no rumor about a possible divorce.

Before his marriage to Audrey, Jeff was previously married to Paige Brown but the two divorced much later citing an irreconcilable difference for their separation.

Jeff Dunham and Audrey Murdick currently live together happily with twins and their Los Angeles mansion.

Audrey Murdick Twins

Audrey Murdick Twins


Who are Audrey Murdick twins? After their marriage in 2012, Jeff Dunham and wife, Audrey Murdick welcomed a set of twins three years later in October 2015.

Audrey Murdick Twins are named Jack Steven Dunham and James Jeffrey Dunham and they were reportedly born two hours apart.


Audrey Murdick is considered a role model in the U.S for inspiring millions of Americans who employ her weight loss technique in a bid to lose weight.

Also, fans would be hoping to see more of Audrey on the screen having only featured sparingly on movies.