Arsenio Hall Net Worth



Net Worth: $5 million
Age: 62
Full name: Arsenio Hall
Born: February 12, 1956
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Actor, Comedian, Talk Show Host
Last Updated: 2018


Arsenio Hall is one of the funniest comedians that the comedy constituent of the American entertainment industry as known.

Arsenio Hall has trademark in the American entertainment industry as he has always displayed rib cracking in his comedy roles and has been known for that.

He is not just known for comedy, Hall is an actor and formerly the talk show host for his popular show “The Arsenio Hall Show”.

He is of Afro-American ethnicity, having Eddie Murphy and Shari Headley as colleagues.

He is beardless, dark brown eye colored, has a sensitive skin with black brown skin tone/complexion and a coily near-shaved hair.

Early Years

Born on February 12, 1956, in Cleveland, Ohio to a Baptist preacher, Fred (father) and Anne (mother), who’s marriage broke up at Arsenio’s age six.

A year afterwards, he picked interest in magic and started featuring in events such as birthdays, weddings and et cetera.


He was known for being a magician when he was a young lad.

Arsenio Hall’s Biography

The 62 year old comedian started with hosting The Half-Hour Comedy Hour, a short lived show in the ‘80s, and also appeared on various comedy and musical shows, which includes Solid Gold, Motown Revue and The New Love American Style.

He debuted in the movie, Amazon Women on the Moon in 1987.

Furthermore, he was featured in the box-office hit Coming to America (1988) and Harlem Nights (1989) with friend Eddie Murphy.

Talking about his body measurement, The American comedian has a height of 5 ft 11in and a proportional weight of 75kg which is 165 pounds in equivalence. Size 10 (US) shoes (Equivalent to 44 (EU) fits his long feet.

‘The Arsenio Hall Show’

In 1987, the hosting duties Hall took over from Joan Rivers on The Late Show could be said to be an endeavor in his profession that knew huge success.

Because of Hall’s charisma for the show, the actor and comedian was hit with audiences.

In view of this success, he was approached to host his own group of individuals formed to transact some specific comedy business to promote the common interest of his show- The Late-night talk show.

In 1987, The Arsenio Hall Show was born.

Hall’s deal was hosting and executive producing duties on the show, which was produced by Paramount and his own company, Arsenio Hall Productions.

Along the line in Arsenio’s show, his ratings began to slide and that led to the cancellation of his show as its final episode was aired in May 27, 1994.

Though the drop in Arsenio’s show ratings, Hall said later in an interview that the show was still yielding returns and that he chose to sign into a quit for the while in order to explore other creative arenas and take time for himself.

His show’s cancellation didn’t bring his career to a halt as he has appeared in Chappelle’s show, Tosh.0 and was one of the stars of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice since after his show was cancelled.

Starring for Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, he won Celebrity Apprentice and that attached to him, $250,000 that could be a donation to any charity he wishes.

The charity which Arsenio donated the money to support is HIV/AIDS.  This cause has been dearly close to his heart after his cousin died from the disease.

After his show’s cancellation, it was granted opportunity to handle the stage again from 2013 to 2014 and the original series of his show had him as a writer and executive producer.

Hall was a host of the TV series Star Search from 2003 to 2004.

From 1986 to 1987 he voiced the role of Winston on the animated series The Real Ghostbusters.

He bagged laurels of award such as American Comedy Award for Funniest Supporting Actor, an Image Award for the same role in 1990, a People’s Choice Award for Favourite Late Night Talk Show Host of the same year and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1990 at 6776 Hollywood Blvd.

What happened to Arsenio Hall?

With some occurrences that took place in Arsenio’s career life, a lot of his fans are after making findings on what actually happened as his exit made ears tingle for diversity in late night.

WPIX replaced Arsenio with Seinfeld for the following reasons

  • Arsenio was losing its time slots
  • The series didn’t give in to growing its audience enough, hence they lacked audience
  • The show needed a new showrunner and plans were in place to get one with a strong comedy background but the plan didn’t materialize because execs was saving the money to bring in a new production team.
  • There was struggle creatively as big-name artists were needed for a boost in the show
  • Syndicated shows were prone to successful expectations placed on them and in the absence of quick results and et cetera, the rhythm of the music is danced to…

Early Career

After attending John F. Kennedy High School for a brief moment, he continued his education at Warrensville Heights High School located at Warrensville Heights, Ohio and graduated from High school in 1973.

After his High school days, he went ahead in furtherance of his education by enrolling at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio where he majored in communications.

He went in for a transfer to Kent University in Kent, Ohio.

He started out in advertising, before he moved to Chicago in 1979, where he switched to stand-up comedy.

Arsenio was discovered by singer Nancy Wilson at a comedy club. He brought jobs opening the way of musicians such as Aretha Franklin, Tom Jones, Patti Labelle, Wayne Newton and Tina Turner.

Arsenio’s Relationship and Family

Neither Arsenio’s relationship records nor his marriage records are available on the internet as he hasn’t been airing facts about his personal life on the social media and et cetera.

The comedian has been very private about his personal life. One of the things known about him is that he has a son named Arsenio Hall Jnr.

The American actor, comedian and former talk show host Arsenio Hall, had a son in the year 1999, Arsenio Hall, Jr., with Cheryl Bonacci, his girlfriend as well as his personal manager back in those days.

Arsenio and Cheryl were together for years before they broke up.  After his son’s birth, he gave ample time off to raise his son before resuming The Arsenio Hall Show in 2013.

Aside his relationship with Cheryl Bonacci, there are no valid reports about his relationships although he had an affair with Pula Abdul for some years.

There has been rumors about Arsenio and he has spoken out on the matters severally debunking these rumors.

There were rumors and speculations about Arsenio’s sexuality, as questions came from various sources seeking to know whether he is gay or not.

To this, he has given a “No” severally.

Furthermore, the rumor that Arsenio was in detox went viral in the internet saying that the comedian was in detox at Betty Ford, a center for chemical dependency, receiving attention to his addictions to drugs and alcohols.

Again, he came out and debunked this rumor.

 Arsenio Hall’s Net Worth and Salary (2018)

He is a notable talk show host, actor and comedian who has a net worth of $5 million.

Throughout his years acting in both television and films, Arsenio Hall’s net worth stands at $5 million in 2018.


On a probable note, he is well known for being the 90’s talk show host of The Arsenal Hall Show, which has recently joined the TV airwaves.

Aside his acting career, Arsenio is also popular for his standup comedy and has toured the country consistently in the name of standup comedy.



A producer could title a movie “The Fall and Rise of Arsenio Hall”. This is visibly explicable in his career.

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