Anthony Cumia Net Worth

Net Worth: $8 million
Age: 57
Full name: Anthony Cumia
Born: April 26, 1961
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Radio Personality
Last Updated: 2018


Welcome to Anthony Cumia’s page. This page contains all you need to know about the media personality including; his bio, career, family, Anthony Cumia’s net worth and many more.

Anthony Cumia’s Bio

Anthony Cumia is an American media personality and radio broadcaster best known for being the co-host of the popular radio show Opie and Anthony along with Gregg “Opie” Hughes.

Anthonia Cumia was born on April 26, 1961 in Elwood, Town of Huntington, New York, United States where he was raised along with his siblings.

The controversial media personality attended the Elwood-John H. Glenn High School in NY but failed to graduate from high school for some reasons.

Cumia reportedly spent most of his childhood between New York and California where his father lived and worked.

After Cumia dropped out of high school, he began to sort for a manual labour in order to make ends meet and eventually, he settled for a mechanical job.

His job required that he installed heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems at homes and he was on the job for a few years before starting his radio show in 1995.

Cumia loves talking and always wanted to create a radio talk show inspired by the famous New York City media personalities Howard Stern and Don Imus.

Anthony began his show in 1995 and the show was stopped on two different occasions because of some controversial statements made by the hosts.

Anthony Cumia and his friend, Gregg “Opie” Hughes ran the show until 2001, when the comedian, Jim Norton joined the duo, making the show more colourful as well as attracting more audience.

However in 2014, Cumia was fired from the show by SiriusXM Radio due to a series of tweets that were considered to be racial and hate filled.

Due to the sack, the medial personality began a podcast which he named after himself, The Anthony Cumia Show which he hosted solely until September 2017.

In 2017, the show was renamed to The Artie and Anthony Show after he was joined by popular American comedian and actor Artie Lange.

In May 2018, Lange departed the show and he was replaced by Dave Landau and the show had since been renamed back to The Anthony Cumia Show.

Anthony Cumia’s Family

Anthony was born into a small family of five consisting of his parents and two other siblings. Not much is known about his parents as he prefers to keep his family private.

Although we know he has two siblings named Joe and Dawn.

Anthony Cumia’s Wife

If you are looking for one who has had it all with women, you probably should look no further because Anthony Cumia fits the description perfectly.

The medial personality has been involved with lots of women in a controversial manner; from marrying his brother’s ex-girlfriend to going on a date with a minor. The man is truly a case.


In 1987, Anthony Cumia met his future wife, Jennifer Cumia (for the first time) who was dating his brother Joe at the time.

After breaking up with Joe, Cumia entered a relationship with Jennifer in 1989 which culminated into marriage seven months later.

Their union endured several rocky challenges and it lasted for twelve years before the couple headed for the court in 2002 to finalize their divorce.

Cumia has since mentioned on several occasions that marrying Jennifer was the biggest mistake of his life.

After his divorce, the media personality has been involved with several other widely publicised affairs with women including his relationship with Jill Nicolini whom he dated in 2008.

Also, Cumia dated a popular model Melissa Stetten in 2012 and his most publicised affair was with a seventeen year old girl whom he took on a date to his high school reunion.

In 2015, Cumia was arrested by the Nassau County police after an argument with his girlfriend, Danielle Brand in his house reportedly turned violent.

He was released two days later without bail and was later arraigned in court. He was charged to complete six months of outpatient alcohol rehab and participate in a program designed for batterers.

Anthony Cumia’s Career

Anthony Cumia met with radio host Gregg “Opie” Hughes for the first time when the latter held a competition titled ‘O. J. Simpson song parody’ on his radio show.

Anthony and his brother, Joe entered the competition with the song titled “Gonna Electric Shock OJ” and the song became a hit.

Hughes loved the song and he played it severally on his show and by September 1994, the brothers were invited to the studio for a live performance of the song.

After the performance, Cumia gradually became a regular feature on the show, producing and contributing comedy specials for the station’s morning show.

In 1995, Cumia and Hughes decided to create their own show which they did and sent to several radio stations.

Before long, Cumia and Hughes were offered a radio show deal by WAAF in Boston, Massachusetts and the two established their show called Opie and Anthony in March 1995.

The media personality had since reported that he initially assumed that getting a radio show means an automatic massive increase in Anthony Cumia net worth.

Saying that, his take home pay from WAAF was more or less the amount he earned as a manual labourer.

Cumia and Hughes were fired by WAAF in 1998 for an unguided April Fool’s Day prank on their show, when they had listeners believed that Boston Mayor was killed in a car accident.

He has since called their days on WAAF as the most cringe-inducing moments of his career.

In 1998, the duo began the show ‘Opie and Anthony’ in New York City and by 2002, the show was cancelled over a controversial comment from the host.

The duo had made a comment that reportedly encouraged public sex and the comment had a homeless man said he wished to rape Condoleezza Rice and Laura Bush.

In 2004, the show returned again on XM Satellite Radio, a subscription-based satellite radio service.

In 2014, Cumia was relieved of his duty from SiriusXM after reportedly posting series of racially sensitive tweets and he refused to apologise for his tweets after being fired.

While working with SiriusXM, Cumia built a small studio in his home which he initially used as a hobby to reach to his fans.

But after he was fired, he developed the studio where he currently works independently from.

Anthony Cumia’s Shows

The radio personality has been involved with a number of shows throughout his career. He since worked both as an independent host and a co-host alongside other radio personalities.

He has worked with fellow radio hosts Gregg “Opie” Hughes, Artie Lange and Dave Landau at different occasions.

Anthony Cumia shows include;

Opie and Anthony; aired on WAAF in Boston, Massachusetts (1995 – 1998)

Opie and Anthony; aired on WNEW in New York City (1998 – 2002)

Opie and Anthony; aired on SiriusXM (2004 – 2014)

The Anthony Cumia Show; a podcast from his home studio (2014 – 2017)

The Artie and Anthony Show; from his his home studio (2017 – 2018)

Anthony Cumia’s YouTube

The celebrity media personality runs a YouTube channel through which he reaches his teeming audience.

The YouTube channel has lots of subscribers and you can keep an update with the media personality through Anthony Cumia YouTube.

Anthony Cumia’s Announcement

A few years ago, Anthony Cumia announced that he would be going on a rehab much to the surprise of his fans.

He however stated that his decision was voluntarily given his high consumption of alcohol and not a mandatory program from the court.

Anthony Cumia’s announcement was made some months after he was alleged to have assaulted his girlfriend in his home.

Anthony Cumia’s House

Anthony Cumia’s house is located at a brawl neighbourhood of New York City, United States.

The home which is located at 29 Horseshoe LN Roslyn Heights, NY is a luxury mansion designed with modern home facilities.

Anthony Cumia house is a five bedroom edifice with lots of amenities including, a large garage, a fire place, a patio, swimming pool and many more.

Anthony Cumia’s Cars

The media personality is an unapologetic fan of luxury sport cars and the man has got quite a fleet nesting in his garage.

Anthony Cumia cars include;

  • Ford Mustang
  • Mercedes
  • Ferrari

Anthony Cumia’s Net Worth (2018)

What is Anthony Cumia net worth? This section details the financial profile of the media personality.

Anthony Cumia’s net worth is estimated to be in the region of $8 million as of 2018, making him rank amongst the richest radio hosts in the United States.

Anthony Cumia’s net worth is accumulated through his salary from his daily radio show with a career that has spanned over twenty years.

When he began his radio show back in the mid ‘90s, the show was not as lucrative as he had imagined meaning Anthony Cumia’s net worth was nothing more than it was when he worked as a labourer.

But Cumia stayed put with radio, driven by his passion for talk shows and today, the man is living his dream with luxury properties and high-end cars to his name.

Also, Anthony Cumia’s net worth accumulates from hosting events. He is occasionally invited to be an MC at events and he charges quite an amount to host an event.




The life and career of the media personality have been filled with the good, the bad and the ugly.

Fans of the media mogul would be hoping he stays off trouble and entertain his audience with meaningful and hilarious discussions as he still has lots of years ahead in his career.

Also we expect Anthony Cumia’s net worth to increase with time given the fact that he still has ample time in his career.




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