Annie Bakes Dennis Rodman

Net Worth: Under Review
Full Name: Annie Bakes
Date of Birth: February 26, 1965
Age: 53 years old
Place of Birth: Allentown, Pennsylvania
Country of Origin: USA
Home Town:
Occupation: Ex-model, author
Last Updated: 2019


Annie Bakes Dennis Rodman

If you are a fervent follower of NBA and watched the American most loved sports in the 90s, then you probably would have come across the name Dennis Rodman.

Dennis is a U.S former professional NBA player, wrestler, actor, and TV personality who cut a cult hero status during his days in the sports for being the best rebounding forward in the history of NBA.

Annie Bakes Dennis Rodman Net Worth

He won the NBA championship title five times to cement his reputation as one of the best in the sport’s history and apart from his exploits in the game, the man is known for his marital issues.

The man was estimated to earn over $25 million during his 14-year reign in NBA as well as amassing more earnings from endorsement deals.

However, just like his several failed relationships, the retired NBA player could not manage his finances and be recently declared bankrupt after failing to pay child support to the tune of $800,000.

He currently makes a living by landing entertainment jobs but his numerous run-ins with the law have continued to take a huge part of his earnings.

He is known to have been involved with three failed marriages and several other relationships. In this article, we shall be discussing Dennis Rodman’s first wife, known as Annie Bakes.

Annie Bakes Age (Mini Biography)

Annie Bakes was actually born as Anicka bakes on February 26, 1965, in the city of Allentown located in Pennsylvania, USA.

The ex-wife of the retired NBA player once stated that she prefers to be called Annie.

While growing up, her family was constantly on the move always changing cities due to the nature of the job of her parents. The constant move made her found it difficult to make friends.

Also, her inability to nail down friendships while growing up was reportedly due to her rapid growth rate. Annie grew faster than her peer and her maturity made her a laughing stock among her peer.

Her rapid growth played a vital role in her life as we shall soon discover in a subsequent section, please take your time.

Annie Bakes Model

Annie Bakes Model

Was Annie Bakes ever a model? Annie Bakes was once the toast of print media as she took the modeling world by storm as far back as the 80s.

At the age of 16, the beautiful and mature looking Annie Bakes was approached by some modeling agents while shopping in a mall and was presented with an offer of a modeling gig.

Her parents initially found it difficult to believe because they thought Annie was too young to land such offers although they never stood in her way and were extremely supportive.

At 16, her height coupled with her boldness and charm differentiated her and made outstanding in the modeling world, making become a highly sort after figuring in print media.

Bakes continued to land more modeling gigs, gaining more popularity in the process as well as cementing her reputation as one of the fast-rising models in the United States.

By the time she turned 18, Annie has transformed into a more mature model given the jobs she has been exposed to and she began to do wears like swimwear and lingerie while modeling.

Her burgeoning modeling career, unfortunately, came to a halt in 1986 after she was involved in a ghastly accident left some indelible scars on her body.

It would forever remain a mystery to ascertain the height Annie Bakes would have attained as a model were it for the career thwarting incident.

Dennis Rodman and Annie Bakes

Dennis Rodman and Annie Bakes

Following the incident, the gorgeously looking Annie sought for ways to make money and later began frequenting clubs in the city of Los Angeles.

The then 21-year-old Annie was always hosting clubs and someday she met her man Dennis Rodman at a nightclub a year after her incident and the fell in love and began to date.

After dating Dennis for some period, she moved in to live with her man who was a rising basketball player for the Detroit Pistons as at then.

In 1988, the pair had their baby girl named Alexis Rodman who turned out to be Annie Bakes only child till date.

Annie Bakes and Dennis Rodman’s relationship was nothing to write home about as it was plagued with many controversies infidelities on the part of Rodman.

The two kept separating and making up with Annie always coming back to her ex-husband with the thought that Rodman could be tamed and remain faithful to her.

In spite of the many cases of infidelity, Annie bakes decided to walk down the aisle with her man at a chapel in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada in 1991.

However, the marriage hit the rock and ended faster than it began in 1992 with Annie labeling her ex-husband a serial and an unrepentant cheat as well as pointing out at Rodman’s abusive tendencies.

After the divorce, she revealed that her ex-husband had forced her to carry out four abortions while they were dating, making it difficult for her conceive again.

Bakes also stated that she had to treat sexually transmitted infections on several occasions because of Rodman’s multiple sexual partners.

Annie Bakes Net Worth

What is Annie Bakes net worth? Are you curious about the financial profile of Annie Bakes? This has become one of the most searched queries about the ex-wife of Dennis Rodman.

It is not uncommon to see fans ask questions about Annie Bakes net worth as they long to know how she is faring after her divorce from her ex-husband, though a long time ago.

Since her divorce, Annie has kept her dealings private, making it extremely difficult to know about her current status.

We can confirm to you that there is no documentation about Annie Bakes net worth as of the time of this publication.


It remains a mystery to determine how far Annie Bakes would have attained as a model if not for the career stopping incident.