Andy Bassich Net Worth

Net Worth: $250,000
Full Name: Andy Bassich
Date of Birth: 1959
Age: 59 years old
Place of Birth: Washington D.C
Country of Origin: USA
Home Town:
Education John F. Kennedy High School
Occupation: Hunter, Reality TV personality
Last Updated: 2019


Andy Bassich 

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Andy Bassich Age

Are you curious about Andy Bassich age? Well, we can report that details about Andy Bassich age is currently sketched as his exact date of birth remains unknown.

However, we know that Andy was born in 1959 at the capital state of the United States, Washington D.C.

Andy Bassich Bio

Andy Bassich Net WorthApart from the fact that he was born and raised in Washington D.C. alongside his siblings, only a handful of information is available about his childhood.

He attended the popular John F. Kennedy High School in Washington before going on to start a career as a furniture maker, specializing in the production of the cabinet in a bid to make ends meet.

Sooner than later, Andy moved to the wilderness of Alaska where he began to rare dogs and since then, the man has lived in the bank of the Yukon River with over 37 sled dogs.

Andy Bassich Life Below Zero

The man is best known for being a member of the cast of the reality TV show titled ‘Life Below Zero’ where his everyday struggle to survive in the wilderness of Alaska is documented and aired on TV.

The show enjoys massive viewership both within and outside the United States, featuring other cast members which include; Erik Salitan, Jessie Holmes, Chip, and Agnes Hailstone, Sue Aikens, and Glenn Villeneuve.

Life Below Zero has been aired for many seasons on the National Geographic TV station and has featured popular figures likes of Ciril Jazbec and Soledad O’Brien.

Bassich Survival School

Having lived in the wilderness of Alaska for several years, Andy Bassich has garnered a wealth of experience on how to survive in the dangerous wilderness.

The wilderness is devoid of the basic amenities of living like a protective shelter and assorted food that even with all the money in the world, one would still find it difficult to live in.

The wilderness holds only a measly number of permanent residence with most of it habitat being tourist and people on adventures.

There is out and out the darkness in the wilderness as there is no electricity and also devoid of telephone connectivity with the temperature been less than zero (0) on an average.

Given the inevitable difficulty that comes with living in the wilderness, Andy Bassich who has lived in the wilderness for several years usually organizes a survival camp for tourist.

He teaches tested and proven techniques to help tourist survive during their adventure in the wilderness, earning a decent amount of money in the process.

Andy Bassich Net Worth

What is Andy Bassich net worth? Are you curious about how the Andy makes his money despite living in the wilderness?

The man mainly specializes in hunting with the aid of his 37 sled dogs. He hunts and feeds on his killings also feeding his dogs from his killings.

He sells part of his killings to tourists in the wilderness for a decent amount which forms part of his income to add to Andy Bassich net worth.

Also, the man runs a survival and dog mushing School in Alaska and earning from these ventures contributes to Andy Bassich net worth.

Andy Bassich basically spends his day in the wilderness hunting and tending to his dogs and earns a whopping $100,000 per annum from the show organizers.

Andy Bassich net worth is estimated to be in the region of $250,000 as of the time of this publication and most of his wealth accrues from his appearance on TV and his survival school.

The man once took a break from the show to attend to his marital crisis but returned in 2016 to continue the show. Keep reading to learn about his marital crisis.

Andy Bassich and Kate Rorke

Andy Bassich and Kate Rorke

For several years, Andy and Kate Rorke lived together and featured alongside each other on the show tending to their dogs and hunting together.

Andy showed great dedication to work, drawing the praise and admiration of many viewers of the show but the question remains, was he as dedicated on the home front?

The answer appears to be a resounding no. It appeared that for several years, Kate had to put up with an abusive relationship with Andy Bassich who abused her both physically and verbally.

The two lived together through hard times under the bone-chilling weather condition of the Alaska wilderness but it appeared that Kate had to put up with more than the difficulty of living in the wilderness.

For several years, she confined her abusive experience in the hands of Andy to the dark while trying to salvage their relationship and providing support to Andy.

Andy Bassich and Kate Split

Andy Bassich and Kate Split

A time came in 2016 when Kate thought she had had enough of the abusive and went public with her ordeal in the hands of Bassich, seeking a divorce between them.

She filed for a divorce and the couple went their separate ways in 2016 with fans taking to social media to call out Andy Bassich for his many ills meted to Kate.

The divorce affected his show on ‘Life Below Zero’ as he was apparently missing for several episodes on the show.


Apart from his marital troubles and eventual divorce with his ex-wife, Andy Bassich can have had a successful life as an adventurer.