Andrea Espada Net Worth

Net Worth: $350,000
Full Name: Andrea Espada
Date of Birth: August 17, 1986
Age: 32
Place of Birth:
Country of Origin: Columbia
Home Town:
Education Autonomous University of West Colombia
Occupation: TV host, Actress, and Social Media Model
Last Updated: 2019


Andrea Espada

Are you curious about the name Andrea Espada? Here is all you need to know about the famous TV host.

Andrea Espada net worth, personal life, career, son and several other details are documented on this post.

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Andrea Epada Bio

Andrea Espada net worth

The entertainment industry is known to be heavily male-dominated, allowing only women who are extremely talented make a cut in the industry.

Andrea Espada has proven to be a woman of substance after working so hard to emerge a celebrity in the U.S entertainment scene despite her background and the competition in the industry.

The Columbian born TV host rose to prominence in the United States through her appearance as the host of the popular TV show titled ‘UFC Now.’

She has also hosted a few other shows including the Colombian game show titled ‘Estrella TV Presenta: Esto es Guerra.’

Apart from being the host the popular TV show, Andre is reputed for being a multi-dimensional lady with interest that cuts across modeling as well as social media influencer.

She has managed to build a huge social media presence with a massive following on several platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. The TV host also excels as a comedian and a career woman.

Andrea Espada Age

Are you curious about how old is Andre Espada? The popular TV host was born on August 17, 1986, in Colombia. We can’t report much about her early days.

We also don’t know much about her family since she is not one to reveal much about her family and we also cannot state if she has siblings.

But we know for sure that the UFC Now TV host attended the Autonomous University of West Colombia where she obtained a degree in Marketing and International Business.

Andrea Espada Husband

Is Andrea Espada married? This has become a frequently asked question about Andrea as fans usually seek to know whether she is married to the young man she is usually seen with.

Andrea Espada Husband

Well, we can report to you that Andrea Espada is currently not married as of the time of this publication and the young man she is usually spotted with is simply known as Cameron.

Cameron is also very active on social media and goes with the nickname, ‘4KPapi’ on Instagram.

The two met online through YouTube when Andrea was searching for a Zumba Class and Cameron slide-in into her DM subtly requesting for her contact.

She obliged Cameron with her cell number and before long, the pair began dating and have been living together ever since with Andrea’s son even though they are not legally married.

Andrea Espada Son

Andrea Espada SonAndrea is known to have a son who goes by the name, Ferran Espada, born in 2010. Not much is known about her son and we can’t ascertain who his biological

father is.

Espada is known to keep a tight-lip about her family matter making it difficult to get information about her son, apart from the few pictures of him she has shared online.

There are rumors making the rounds that her boyfriend is the father of her son although the TV host has refused to lend her voice to such rumors.

Andrea Espada Career

Shortly after graduating from the University, Espada began her career as an actress with a feature on the horror movie titled Jack the Reaper in 2009.

Her role in the thriller was the character of Andrea Rincon which played opposite the actors Tony Todd and Joel Bryant to a massive critical acclaim.

In 2013, she was contracted to act in a TV series titled ‘Noches con Platanito’ which she aired till 2018 and her role in the series has drawn a positive review from fans and critics alike.

Also in 2013, Andrea hosted the TV game show titled Estrella TV Presenta: Esto es Guerra while appearing on the TV series.

In 2014, she was contracted to play a role in the film titled ‘City of the Dead Manin’ after which she landed the role as the anchor of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Her role as the host of UFC Now projected Andrea to stardom due to her natural ability and how she goes about the job.

Apart from her career as a TV host and actress, Andrea is also a social medial icon what massive presence and following particularly on Instagram and YouTube.

She makes comic videos and uploads the clips onto Instagram to entertain her followers while she utilizes YouTube to upload her workout videos and comic clips as well.

Her videos often go viral, attracting more fans to her page and she current boast of over 6 million followers on Instagram and more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube.

The TV host has featured her son Ferran and her boyfriend, Cameron on a few video clips which include; Mom Vs Son Challenge; Mom Vs Son Eating Challenge, Andrea Espada Vs King Ferran and so on.

Andrea Espada Net Worth

What is Andrea Espada net worth? The Columbian TV host has done so well for herself over the years making people seek her successful career has transformed Andrea Espada net worth.

Andrea Espada net worth is currently estimated to be in the region of $350,000 as of the time of this publication and the TV host has amassed her fortunes through different means.

She started out as an actress, featuring in a handful of TV series and films amassing part of her wealth in the process.

Also, Andrea Espada net worth accumulates from her activities on YouTube though AD campaign.


Andrea Espada has proven that with support from loved ones, one can reach any height they aspire to attain.