Amie Nicole Harwick Biography

Net Worth: Under Review
Full Name: Amie Nicole Harwick
Date of Birth:
Age: 36
Place of Birth:
Country of Origin: United States of America
Home Town:
Education California Polytechnic University, Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality
Occupation: Family and Sex counselor
Last Updated: 2019


Amie Nicole Biography

Who is Amie Nicole? What is Amie Nicole Harwick net worth? Is Amie Nicole truly getting married to Drew Carey? These and many more are often searched about Nicole on the internet.

If you watch American TV then you probably would have seen Drew Carey who is the host of popular television game show titled the ‘Price is Right,’ but the questions remains, who exactly is Amie Nicole?

This article was documented in the line of the table of content below – to provide answers for the pressing questions about Amie Nicole.

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Dr. Amie Nicole Harwick

Amie Nicole Harwick Net Worth

Dr. Amie Nicole Harwick is a popular American family therapist who is an expert in providing family counseling as well as providing solutions to relationship dispute.

She attended the California Polytechnic University where she graduated in the mid-2000s with a B.A honor in psychology.

She later enrolled in the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality to pursue a doctorate degree where she obtained a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality.

The sex therapist has enjoyed the praise of friends and family for her zeal to gain an advanced education and eventually becoming a professional sex therapist.

Nicole is very active on social media through which she provides relationship and family advice to her followers, promoting her brand in the process.

She is renowned for her many workable solutions and she has expertise in dealing with the menace of anxiety, depression, divorce, relationship issues and victims of domestic violence.

She is also consulted to provide counseling and solutions for issues like sex addiction, body image issues, and stress.

Amie Nicole is professionally a licensed Family and sex therapist and she is a card/license holder of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

Nicole also belongs to a few other therapies licensing bodies including the Kink Aware Professionals, which makes her a highly decorated Sex and family therapist.

She has worked as a professional sex therapist professionally for about five years and she is credited to have aided many out of trauma and redeeming their lost self-esteem.

She is also an author with a few publications under her belt. She made a headline in 2014 with the release of her controversial book titled “The New Sex Bible for Women.”

Amie Nicole Harwick Age

How old is Amie Nicole Harwick? The sex and family therapist’s age is one of the most frequently asked questions about her as fans often swarm the internet in a bid to learn her age.

Amie Nicole Harwick age is currently said to be 36 as of the time of this publication although we can’t report her exact date of birth which has remained undocumented since her rise to prominence.

Amie Nicole and Drew Carey

Amie Nicole and Drew Carey Relationship

Drew Carey needs little or no introduction to Americans having been the host of the popular television game show called the ‘The price is Right’ for several years running.

Their relationship was first published by the TMZ in July 2017 to the delight to fans who thought the pair extremely compatible to form a union.

But before their affair was officially announced, Amie hinted her fans about a possible relationship with Drew Carey when she uploaded a video of the two enjoying a game in Portland in June 2017.

People have questioned if a wedding ceremony is underway between Amie Nicole and Drew Carey since the pair went public with relationship in 2017.

Drew Carey met his fiancé Nicole at a house party in June 2017 and the pair began dating right away, going public with their affair in July 2017 before letter getting engaged seven months after.

News about their engagement went viral in the turn of 2018 with fans and well-wishers trooping to their social media pages to check the veracity of such news.

Drew’s representative took to social media to confirm they’re reported engagement when he confirmed that his boss was truly engaged to the renowned sex therapist to the delight of fans.

Drew’s PA further stated that the pair was currently taking things slowly and yet to decide when to get married. There is no detail about their wedding as of the time of this publication.

Amie Nicole Harwick Book

Apart from being a family and sex counselor, Amie Nicole is also known to be an author with a few publications to her name.

In 2014, she published the book titled ‘The Sex Bible for Women’ with the book causing lots of online controversies because of its title.

Amie Nicole Harwick Books

The book is a critical acclaim with thousands of copies sold in the U.S alone and it is readily available online at Amazon.

Amie Nicole Harwick Net Worth

What is Amie Nicole Harwick net worth? The sex therapist has been in the business of providing solace and comfort to the traumatized for several years.

Fans often take to take to the internet to search for how her career as a renowned sex therapist has affected Amie Nicole Harwick net worth.

However, fans who seek to know about Amie Nicole Harwick net worth are often met with disappointment due to the fact that her financial profile is undocumented and has never been published.

We can’t give an estimate of Amie’s net worth for now but we urge our esteemed readers to check back on this page as findings of Amie Nicole financial profile his currently ongoing.


Amie Nicole should be praised for bringing comfort into several homes with her top-notch relationship advice and sexual counseling.

Also, fans can’t wait to see her walk down the aisle with the ‘The Price is right host’ Drew Carey.