40 Glocc Net Worth 2018; Instagram Account, Songs and Movies

Net Worth: $1 Million
Age: 43
Full name: Lawrence White
Born: December 16, 1974
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Rapper, Actor
Last Updated: 2018


Who is 40 Glocc? What is the net worth of 40 Glocc in 2018? How does 40 Glocc makes his money? How old is 40 Glocc? What is the official Instagram account of 40 Glocc? How many movies has he acted? How many songs has he featured in?

Fans all over the world love to keep up with the life and activities of their favourite celebrities.

Sequentially, his fans follow their favourite celebrities on various social media platforms just to keep an update with the activities of these celebrities.

This article explains in detail all you need to know about the American rapper 40 Glocc.

Answers to all your questions about the rapper are provided in this post.

What is 40 Glocc’s Official Instagram account?

Are you a fan of 40 Glocc? Do you which to follow the life and activities of 40 Glocc? Do you have an Instagram handle?

You can follow the American rapper.

His official Instagram handle is @40glocczoo

You can also follow the rapper on twitter @40glocczoo

Who is 40 Glocc?

40 Glocc is an African American rapper who has been in the rap game since 1997.

Just like most rappers, 40 Glocc’s career as a rapper has been marked with loads of controversies and lawsuits.

How old is 40 Glocc?

The rapper was born, Lawrence White on December 16, 1974 in Galveston, Texas.

Not much about the rapper’s family is known. But he reportedly moved a lot as a child. The rapper lived with his grandparents as a child.

He reportedly never knew his mother until he was eight years old.

His grandparents groomed the rapper as a kid in the city of Beaumont. He grew in a large family, together with 14 other children.

40 Glocc
40 Glocc

Young Glocc didn’t know much about his father, he was never really around said 40 Glocc. He only knew his mother by the picture.

40 Glocc also has a younger sister who was raised separately from him. He knew her by the pictures too. His grandfather showed him the pictures.

His grandmother told him as a child that his mom lived in California and that she was coming for him soon.

The mother kept her words. She came for her son when he was 8 to the delight of Glocc and they lived as a family.

When did 40 Glocc start rapping?

Music has always been a hobby and passion for 40 Glocc. As a boy, Glocc looked up to the popular guys in the entertainment industry.

He always imagined to be like the celebrities he looked up to someday.

As a young boy, 40 Glocc began to rap with the local boys in his hood.

They gained modest popularity in their city and the possibility of becoming a big brand dawned on them. They formed a rap group called “Zoo Crew”.

In 1997, the group took their ambition even further, recording their first album titled ‘Migrate, Adapt or Die’.

The album was produced by Tony G and Julio G. The year 1997 rolled the carpet of the rapper 40 Glocc you know.

What is 40 Glocc Net Worth in 2018?

How much is 40 Glocc really worth? Both fans and detractors are always eager to known the financial status of Glocc.

His recent feuds with popular American celebrities have prompted the questions; Is 40 Glocc richer than ‘The Game?’

In addition, Is 40 Glocc richer than ‘Plies?’ Is 40 Glocc richer than Jamie Foxx? These questions are answered shortly.

According to popular online publications, in 2018 the African American rapper 40 Glocc currently has a net worth of $1 million.

It is shocking to fans and followers of the rapper that he is not worth 4 or 40 in millions, as found in his name 40 Glocc.

Giving his net worth, we can safely conclude that 40 Glocc is not as as rich as the above named celebrities he once had feuds with.

However, this begs the questions – does Glocc picks his fights? Does he feud with popular celebrities to make him even popular?

We would allow you make your personal reservations on these questions.

How does 40 Glocc makes his money?

40 Glocc makes his money from record sales, concerts, and starring in movies. The rapper has a few Hollywood movies to his name.

The 43 year old rapper is a hustler who is ready to do everything legally possible for the dou.

40 Glocc Music Career

40 Glocci is living the dream he once imagined as a kid. The rapper once had a dream to tell his struggles to anyone who cares through rap music.

He was convinced he had the talent to do this.

He lived in a place called the zoo, and together with his friends they formed a rap group called the ‘zoo crew’ in 1997.

According to the rapper, his success is not an overnight story. It took hard-work and dedication fuelled by his talent to get to where he currently is.

The rapper is determined to keep pushing until he wins the Grammy award.

40 Glocc
40 Glocc the rapper

After departing is boyhood music group, the zoo crew, 40 Glocc decided to pursue a solo career in music.

40 Glocc Signings/Deals

The rapper signed to Empire musicwerks in 2003 and he released his first solo album ‘The Jakal’ under the label.

The album featured other artiste including – Bad Azz , Ras Kass, Kurupt, Mac Minister etc.

The Jakal was produced by popular producers like Battlecat and Dr. Dre amongst many others.

After releasing only one album under Empire musicwerks distributed by BMG, 40 Glocc decided to part ways with Empire musicwerks.

Immediately, after his departure from Empire music, 40 Glocc joined ‘Infamours Records’. The record was signed under 50 cent’s G-Unit records.

Another artiste under the Infamous Records is 40 Glocc’s lifetime friend, mob Deep who had the same manager with Glocc.

Signed to G-Unit’s Infamous records, 40 Glocc had the opportunity to work and tour with several A-list stars like Dr. Dre, he also worked with The Alchemist and Havoc.

Despite enjoying the privilege to work with A-list stars under G-unit, Glocc was so attached to the name ‘zoo’ that he wasn’t letting it go.

40 Glocc formed a Group, Zoo babies under his record zooLife Ent. He released and promoted a few rap songs under the ZooLife Ent.

After some time, 40 embarked on tours with several other G-Unit artistes.

The beat of G-Units hit song titled ‘Rider Part two’ was adopted from 40 Glocc’s rap song titled ‘Where the Hammers At’.

40 Glocc signed a rapper to his Zoolife Ent. He signed Ras Kass in 2010. He released an album under his Zoolife Entertainment in 2010.

The album was titled “COPS”. The album featured rappers including rappers Felony, Tip Toe, Tony Yayo.

40 Glocc’s Movies

Like most American music stars, 40 Glocc has also featured in some Hollywood movies.

40 Glocc started acting as early as in the ‘90s.

The rapper debuted in Hollywood film in 1999 where he played the role of Dog Fight Host in the film ‘Thicker than Water’.

The movie enjoyed moderate success and the rapper was praised for his role in the film.

His debut was followed by a film titled ‘Tha Eastsidaz’ in 2000. 40 Glocc was not required to fit in into another character on this one. He played the role as himself.

Glocc’s next appearance on the big screens was two years later in 2002, where he starred as Entourage Leader in the film ‘Book of Love’.

The rapper took hiatus from acting for 7 years in order to focus on his music career.

40 Glocc reappeared on the screens in 2009 in a film titled, ‘Miss March’. He played the role of a Posse Member.

The rapper, again, took a long break from acting. Glocc’s recent projects in Hollywood include a film titled ‘Playboys’.

The film was directed by Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore.

Glocc starred in a short film titled ‘The Second Half’. A film by the American Film Institute (AFI)

The rapper has since confessed that being part of the American Film Institute (AFI) was an awesome experience.

40 Glocc Controversies

The rapper has had his share of troubles. From feuds with fellow rappers to court cases. Here we highlight 40 Glocc’s career troubles

In 2008, 40 Glocc was involved in media troubles with the then 18yrs old rapper, Tyga. 40 Glocc and his friends where accused of snatching Tyga’s chains.

He uploaded Chains similar to Tyga’s lost chains on his social media page shortly after Tyga lost his Chains.


Tyga soon came out to clear the air, saying he was robbed at gun point but it had nothing to do with 40 Glocc.

In 2012, 40 Glocc had a fight with The Game. He was reportedly beaten by the former G-Unit star.

40 Glocc the actor
40 Glocc the actor

The Game wasn’t having any of 40’s numerous social media rants. He engaged in fistcuffs with 40, battering him in the fight.

40 threatened lawsuite to which the game replied.

The game said he was ready for any subpoena challenging 40 Glocci to head for the courts.

The Game later granted an interview about his fight with 40 Glocc. He mocked the rapper saying – the beating helped 40’s life.

Essentially, The game said “One day 40 Glocc was bullying rappers,” the Game was talking about his past feuds with other rappers including; Lil Wayne, Plies and Jamie Foxx.

The game further said, after beating 40, he now does more of inspirational tweets.

40 glocc’s has also being involved in some other feuds



40 glocc remains one great rapper. However, we expect to see more of his songs and less of his controversies.

For latest news on celebrity net worth and happenings, we’re sure to keep you updated.














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