4 + 1 Reasons Why You Should NOT Date An Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurs are a very different set of individuals.

They have all you would want in your partner (Great dress sense, ambitious, smart, risk takers, wealth of potentials, they are paid for what they do) BUT they are NOT in any relationship. They are obsessed with something that has NOTHING to do with you.

Below are 4 + 1 reasons why dating an entrepreneur is crazy:

  1. They Are Always Thinking About Work

They are always eager to leave you and go back to their laptops and cell phones. They can’t even go to bed without checking their emails because they are convinced that one night the big break will be sitting in their inboxes waiting for them to open it.

If you aren’t ready for someone like this, you will say that they are cheating on you because they always have their phones

Of course, there are tons of cheaters masquerading as entrepreneurs, but in truth, real entrepreneurs are not even trying to get into a relationship because they don’t have time to chase you and their dreams.

They are essentially, married to their jobs. Yes, they control their own schedules, but they control them to work their fingers into the ground. They need this work!

They don’t like where they are and they are completely convinced that where they want to go with just a few good moves away from becoming a reality. Go to lunch with them, you will have to demand that they leave their phone in the car.

Which, to an entrepreneur, is liking asking them to leave their dreams in the car while they eat some food that has nothing to do with their dreams. Lol! They hate doing anything that is taking time away from their dreams.


  1. They Don’t Like Losing

They don’t like losing anywhere. They don’t like to lose an argument or in a game! They are always in competition and this doesn’t have to be in competition with you — depending on the level of maturity of your entrepreneur.

Yet, please be advised, they don’t like to lose. Every day that they don’t wake up millionaires, or whatever their goals are, they have lost, and they hate this fact.

Therefore, every day you talk to them, kiss them, they are essentially holding in hidden anger because their plan yesterday didn’t work, or it didn’t move fast enough.

Basically, they are always on edge, you just don’t see it because they have become epic leaders and they know how to mask what they are going through so they don’t push excess pressure on their families or teams.

You will never see this tension boiling beneath their skin unless you begin to doubt them and stop believing in them. This is just about the only thing that can actually crack their perception they have mastered showing others.

Why is this the only thing that can basically make us lose it?

Because you haven’t realized that they work very hard to hear you say, “Good job baby.”

Everything they have done lately has been for you to be proud of them. They see you dealing with them and putting up with their inconsistencies, so they have dedicated their lives to working hard so it can all be worth it for you.

Therefore, when you stop believing in them, their outer shell has been cracked.


  1. They Want to Do the Impossible

What they are trying to do is absolutely insane! They are not realistic and they most certainly do not have realistic goals! In fact, by everyone else definition, they are insane.

However, consider this, everyone who has ever changed the world or invented something new were all called insane. It is interesting to note that this world is never kind to geniuses until those geniuses have died.

When they die, they are appreciated and loved. They are not naive. They understand that when they die, the same will happen for them.


  1. They Have Not Eaten Today (At least, not good enough)

They have no time to think about things like, “Did I eat today?”

In all honesty, eating is the last thing on their mind. They are too busy eating the tasks on their to-do list. In fact, the most addicted of them, literally punish themselves and won’t eat until they finish a certain task they are trying to accomplish. They say to themselves;

“I don’t deserve to eat yet. I will eat when I have finally finished what I said I was going to do.”


  1. Entrepreneurs hate TV!

At least, the way you watch it. A book is a TV for them. Additionally, the more you watch TV is the more you stay in poverty, and they are trying to get out of poverty!

They love you very much; but to watch your television program with you is the worse form of torture you can possibly give to them.

They want to spend time with you, but you watch three programs back-to-back and all they can think of is how much work they could be getting accomplished while you are distracted watching TV.


In conclusion,

If you are crazy enough to date them, then you are phenomenal and deserve the whole world.