9 Success Lessons To Learn From Mike Tyson

Want to hear some of Mike Tyson’s success lessons?

Mike Tyson is arguably one of the greatest fighters that ever lived;

He’s had a few problems in his life, like many people may well have, but he’s always been an outstanding boxer and his opinions and thoughts are very valuable to those who may be striving for success.

Mike Tyson’s Success Lessons

The below are 9 success lessons you can learn from Mike Tyson, interpreted from several of his famous quotes that he has always lived by in his journey to success both inside and outside of the ring.

1. It Starts With Your Mindset

You may not have the skill at the moment to succeed with your goals, but as long as you have the right mindset , eventually you will develop the level of skill needed to achieve that success.

Everything takes patience, and if you have the mindset and the attitude to stick with something and tell yourself it’ll work, then you’ll begin to become the master at that particular skill or craft.

If you don’t have the correct mindset, adopt the correct mindset. 90% Mental, 10% physical.

2. Be Willing to Work Hard

It’s very easy to give into the temptation of skipping something one day; training, extra hours of work, studying and such.

Tyson would not give in to any temptations that would stop him from putting in the extra work needed. Whilst you’re out partying and goofing off, someone else out there is working hard.

You may not think it’s necessary, you may think

skipping the extra little bit of effort a few days here and there is fine. But that small difference in effort may well determine whether you become the best, or not.

3. Don’t Just Dream, Commit to your Dream

It’s very easy to have a desire for something, or your own dream. All it takes is a little bit of imagination. Nearly everyone has some sort of end goal or dream, but half of them aren’t committed to working towards it.

They don’t want to put in the effort, the hard work that it takes, and most of all they don’t have the complete belief that it can be done.

Everyone has a plan, but only some will begin to put it to action, and only a minority of those people will stick with it after having to overcome any obstacles along the way.

4. Take Advantage of Every Opportunity

Far too many people miss their opportunities or completely waste them full stop. Not every opportunity comes around twice, some are offered up to you for a limited amount of time and then snapped back from your grasp.

You need to be willing to seize every opportunity that comes your way, and set out to create any for yourself that you just don’t get given the break you needed on.
This way, you won’t regret turning anything down after realizing that the beautiful opportunity you were given isn’t going to come around again.

5. Be in it for Greatness and Peace of Mind

Mike Tyson wasn’t just in it for the money. He was in it for pure greatness and peace of mind. To become successful after only setting out to become rich, is difficult enough, but it also means that you’re only going to reach a certain level of happiness .

They’ll always be something missing from your life.

Whereas, when it for the greatness, you thrive off what you’re doing and the results that you’re achieving.

Tyson loved being a great fighter and that’s what made him happy. The money that came rolling in because of it, only made him happier, but it was never the foundation of his career.

6. Don’t Worry About What Others Think

It doesn’t matter what other people may think or say about you. That’s their opinion, and the truth is that you know yourself more than anyone else. Are you happy with who you are?

If so then what’s the problem? Some people will like you, others may hate you.

That’s their choice. You can’t let that stop you from being the person you want to be and doing the things you want to do. Anybody who’s ever been great, always had people who hated them. Mike Tyson is one of those greats.

7. You Are the One in Control of the Outcome

The time you have is shorter than you think and like anything else, there’s a beginning, middle and end to your life.

You are the one in control of the middle section. It can be spent any way you want it to be, so just remember that you are always in control, until your life comes to an end. Make it a good one.

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8. Believe that You Are the Best

Hardly anyone who has become successful told themselves they weren’t the best beforehand, and only then after succeeding started to say that they were.

If you believe that you are the best as soon as you set out on your journey, this is ultimately the person you will become. You will becoming the best by thinking you are the best.

It has a positive effect on your mind, and you’re more likely to continue breaking through those walls holding you back from success . Because if you can’t do it, no one can.

9. Learn to the Love the Pain

On the long road to success, you’re going to endure pain. You have to endure pain in order to get to where you want to go. So, instead of complaining about this pain along the way, learn to love the pain and get a thrill from it.

You will benefit greatly from this in the long run and pain will become a habit that you get an ultimate thrill from.

That sounds hard to believe, but that’s what it becomes. The moment you start to see results from your pain, you will get a rush from it. You know it’s building you up, it’s making you stronger, and it’s going to count towards your greatness.