5 Ways You Are Wasting Your Time As A Young Person

Opportunities stare at so many people at different points, but there is this inability to look at that direction. Some youths in this generation are basically wasting away and waiting on white collar jobs, connect and praying the type of Olajumoke’s prayers. Truth is, if you don’t make efforts, you wouldn’t be part of a success story. Aside jobs, some youths are wasting away by doing things that are hazardous to them and the country.

1) Waiting On Jobs

Truth is this, not everyone is ever gonna work in an office environment. For some, they are likely to end up as entrepreneurs, employers, staffs and so on. So many youths keep waiting on white collar kind of jobs, waiting on someone to connect them and so on. You really don’t have to wait on anyone. Push yourself, start with the little capital you have,be diligent in what you do and watch how you excel.

2) Looking For Easy Routes

Many youths don’t even want to earn through the right process. They rather cut corners and look for easy routes. Youths go into fraud, prostitution, rituals and so on. They want a sugar mummy and daddy to make their lives better. What you work hard for, you cherish it and you are proud of it. Nothing good comes so easy.

3) No Thirst For Knowledge

Most youths now find it difficult reading. Even when an important message, text or book is sent across, it becomes a burden to read and digest. Some youths rather go have fun than attend quality seminars, events or listen to piece of information that could be useful. There are many skills acquisitions that are free or you have to pay little, you find out some youths still wouldn’t attend. Knowledge is never a waste. We don’t even research on job opportunities, scholarships that could be beneficial.

4) Lustful Desires

Now that there is recession, you find out some youths are still spending on things that don’t add up. They try to impress those that don’t matter. Spend weekly on liabilities instead of assets. Some youths just want to live like these celebrities. Empty their wallets just to stay relevant. Spend outrageously on gadgets, fashion items, trips that don’t add up.

5) Wrong Company

So many youths are in companies that are likely to dampen their future. They go into relationships that don’t add any value to them. Relationships where you don’t have a good foundation and you become are turned to a punching bag or ATM machine. Most youths are keeping wrong company with those that wouldn’t make them grow. You are likely to become like the person you stay with often.