15 Teen Celebs Who Make More Money Than Their Parents

Youth, good looks, fame and fortune?! That’s just a day in the life for these teen stars, who are piling up stacks of cash big enough to make their parents look like Lindsay Lohan with an EBT card at a KFC; but not all teen stars blow their fortunes like Lohan or Macauley Culkin. Then again, most people under the age of nineteen aren’t dropping $10,000 a week partying with their DJ girlfriends in San Tropez or fending off death rumors circulating due to extremely weird public appearances. What ever happened to drinking a handle of cheap vodka behind the 7/11 like a normal teenager?

The 15 wealthy teen celebs on this list are light years away from sneaking booze from their parents’ liquor cabinets. In fact, they might even have their own personal soda fountain installed in a state-of-the-art modern kitchen with stainless steel sub-zero refrigerators. Side note: MTV’s Cribs, you are missed. Unlike the Dustin Diamonds or Tara Reids of the world, these famous teens have retained their good credit and street cred, plunking down black cards to buy multiple homes, expensive cars, and the priceless pride that comes with being able to say, “Yo Mom, you need to borrow ten bucks?” In fact, these parents could call up their celebrity spawn to ask for a couple extra million bucks. Whether it’s gaining a die-hard audience on YouTube or blossoming into a sensational Disney star, these 15 teen celebs certainly have the cash and the charisma to out-earn their peers and parents all the way to the bank. I’m sorry, what time was curfew, again?

15. Elle Fanning, Actress (18) Net Worth: $5 Million

This angel from Heaven is not just Dakota Fanning’s kid sister. Elle Fanning has made a name for herself playing willowy, wide-eyed ingénues in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters alongside the likes of Angelina Jolie in Maleficentand Matt Damon in We Bought A Zoo, earning up to a cool $1.5 million per film.

At just the legal voting age, she rakes in more dough than both her father, Steve, who works as an electronics salesman in the Valley, and her mother, Joy, a former tennis pro turned homemaker (the salary for homemakers hasn’t changed much in the last hundred years). The 18-year-old starlet still lives at home with her family in the house she grew up in. The family first moved to Los Angeles from Georgia, when older sister Dakota wished to pursue acting. Luckily for Elle and everyone else in the Fanning Bunch, acting is a family business.

14. Shawn Mendes, Singer/Songwriter (18) Net Worth: $3 Million

2.7 million followers, a debut album at No. 1, and 6-foot-2-inches of heartthrob hunkiness have earned this music superstar flocks of semi-stalkerish fans and major cash returns from album sales, merch (Shawn Mendes mug, anyone?) and endorsement deals à la Beats by Dre and LoveSac bean bags. This crooner from Canada melted the hearts of tween girls everywhere with acoustic campfire hits like “Life of the Party” and “Treat You Better,” the type of musical wonders that will make you want to jump out of a seventh story window unless your brain isn’t fully formed; but, good for him.

Record producers, meet John Mayer 2.0, with less tattoos. With a gig opening for Taylor Swift, this son of Portuguese immigrants is on a trajectory to pay for full sleeves. His parents, Karen, a real estate agent, and Manuel, a salesman, earn an honest living, but they definitely don’t have their own hashtag; and it certainly isn’t #shirtlessshawn. We hope.

13. Bella Thorne, Actress (19) Net Worth: $2 Million

Bella Thorne is no brainless beauty. Yes, she’s got great hair, killer legs and a Colgate smile; but, she’s also got ambition. As the chief earner in her family, Bella emerged as a breakout Disney star to be featured in major mainstream movies such as Blended, The Duff and Katy Perry: Part of Me, garnering national attention as an actress, singer and an author of a semi-autobiographical series of young adult novels. An ambassador for Neutrogena (we mentioned her hair, right?), Bella Thorne brings in high six-figure wages on the regular.

She’s also bisexual, which has absolutely nothing to do with her earning capacity. With her father deceased and her mother acting as the matriarch to Thorne collective, Bella brings home the bacon to the tune of paper millions. To give you some perspective (and make you feel extra bad about yourself), it would take the average person approximately forty-four years to reach Bella’s net worth. Start giving up now.

12. The Dolan Twins, Internet Stars (18) Net Worth: $1 Million

Remember when The Olsen Twins were the hottest thing since Uncle Jesse’s abs? The Dolan Twins are like that, but guys. Like their predecessors, The Dolan Twins are young, hot and super rich. They’ve even won two Teen Choice Awards; one for Choice Web Star: Male, which is a thing, and the other for Choice YouTuber, which is also a thing. There’s no doubt about their cult-like following. Just take a gander at their 2 million followers on YouTube.

With a World Tour titled 4OU underway, this dynamic duo is set to surpass their beloved New Jersey parents. Mom, Lisa, is the owner of a salon called Bloom, and Dad, Sean, was once a high school principal. Now that the pair have made the big move out to Hollywood, there’s a double dose of Dolan on the West Coast, which might be just enough to buy Mama an even bigger salon.

11. Simone Biles, Olympic Gymnast (19) Net Worth: $2.5 Million

Move over, Michael Phelps. There’s a new girl in town. At just nineteen years of age and a staggering four foot eight inches, Simone Biles has set the record for most gold medals won in women’s gymnastics at a single Olympic Games at last year’s 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. The three-time world champion from Columbus, Ohio, is best known for her double layout half out, which every guy secretly hopes is also a cool bedroom move.

Having won a combined nineteen Olympic and World Championship medals (one for each year she’s been on the planet), Simone is the most decorated gymnast in history, earning her a coveted spot on the infamous Wheaties box. After growing up in and out of foster care as a result of her parents’ drug and alcohol addiction, Simone is now pulling in millions of dollars in endorsement deals, prize money and media appearances, proving that despite all odds, anything is possible.

10. Kiernan Shipka, Actress (17) Net Worth: $3 Million

Before she can legally buy a lotto ticket or get a face tattoo, Mad Men princess Kiernan Shipka is earning more than ten times the average American annual income; but, don’t give up on life completely. Try to remind yourself that this girl has been working non-stop since she was just six years old. Acting isn’t always fun and games; sometimes you have to pretend that Jon Hamm is your alcoholic father with a revolving door of mistresses for eight years.

In her late teenage years, Shipka has developed a knack for choosing commercial roles with sizable cash returns. The young starlet seems to have a good head on her shoulders, in due part to the gene pool that put it there. Parents Erin Ann Shipka, a homemaker, and John Young Shipka, a real estate developer, moved out West from Chicago to support their daughter’s acting career. Looks like the gamble paid off!

9. Nash Grier, Internet Personality (19) Net Worth: $3 Million

You might recognize him from his Twitter handle @nashgrier, or his Instagram name @nashgrier, or his YouTube channel titled Nash Grier. Wherever you’ve seen his digital image, the brown-haired, blue-eyed entertainer has garnered an impressive 4.8 million Twitter followers, 9.1 million Instagram followers, and 4.8 million YouTube subscribers. That’s a lot of eyeballs. In social media terms, eyeballs translate to cash, skrilla, cheddar, lettuce, Benjamins, you get it. From his meteoric rise on the now-defunct media app Vine, where he had an astonishing 12.7 million viewers, Nash Grier has become an indisputable media sensation.

Lately, he starred alongside his friend, fellow social media star Cameron Dallas, in the feature film The Outfield. With his boyish charm and silly antics, this under-20 star has given his pops a new job title: My Rich And Talented Son’s Manager. Does that make him a Dadager? Meanwhile, Nash’s mom, Elizabeth, is enjoying her time off as a newly minted divorcée. Cue the dancing cabana boys!

8. Sabrina Carpenter, Actress/Singer (17) Net Worth: $3 Million

Sabrina Carpenter may have a wannabe actress Mom on her hit Disney show Girl Meets World; but in real life, the bubbly actress/singer has had a more traditional upbringing, despite her celebrity status. Mom, Beth Carpenter, and Dad, David Carpenter, have raised their daughter to be a responsible, young Disney star in the state of California, which is an admirable feat. Originally from Pennsylvania (think: Pilgrims), Sabrina won third place on a singing competition for young vocalists sponsored by Miley Cyrus’ official website, back in the day.

Since then, she has steadily proven her acting abilities on the Disney channel and impressive singing skills at record label Hollywood Records. Citing Christina Aguilera and Adele as influences, Sabrina kicked off her “Evolution” tour in October 2016. She’ll be hitting those high octaves throughout Spring 2017 in the UK and Ireland where she’s sure to fit in with that über pale skin.

7. Amanda Steele, YouTube Star (15) Net Worth: $1.5 Million

If looks could kill, this chick would be considered a lethal weapon. Vlogger-model-actress Amanda Steele doesn’t need any more hyphens to be considered one of the top contenders in the YouTube ring. A former cheerleader, Amanda Steele, or Mandy, as she’s known by her 3 million YouTube fans, has perfected the fine art of contouring. Her spunky tutorials have turned her into an online beauty queen, stacking up ad dollars as the viewer count on her vlog climbs. She even landed an exclusive gig designing her own sunglass line with Quay Australia – not that you’d want to cover her face.

While it’s hard to pin down exactly what the parents of this YouTube superstar do for a living, Mandy’s Mom has enough time to dance around her bedroom, while Dad can afford a pretty decent house in not-so-cheap Southern California. One thing’s for sure: Mr. & Mrs. Steele aren’t bringing home any Blue Steel kinda dough.

6. Grace VanderWaal, 2016 Winner America’s Got Talent (13) Net Worth: $1 Million

This perky ball of cuteness from Kansas wowed audiences as the 2016 winner of America’s Got Talent, scoring a record deal with Columbia Records at the ripe old age of thirteen. When some girls are getting bat mitzvahed, Grace began strumming her signature ukulele before millions of loyal American viewers, who texted her right to the top. Famous for her heartfelt covers of classic ballads, VanderWaal recently performed alongside Cyndi Lauper at a Christmas charity event, duetting “True Colors.”

Like a Mini Me version of Jewel, VanderWaal sings and writes her own music, a practice which started for her at the tender age of three, when she began recording music using a wireless microphone at her parents’ home. Grace probably discovered the microphone with the help of her pops, who currently works as VP of Marketing for LG Electronics, a position still below the earning power of his daughter.

5. Silentó, Rapper (19) Net Worth: $600 Thousand

Silentó, née Ricky Lamar Hawk, understands the rap game as much as any OG. He knows that you have to diversify your portfolio as a rap star. That’s why Mr. Hawk not only raps; he writes; he produces; and, he acts. After his debut single “Watch Me Now (Whip/Nae Nae)” reached over 2.5 million views in its first week of being released, Capitol Records knew it was onto something good. The same month he was signed, Silentó performed at the BET Awards with the cast of the popular television show Black-ish, earning wider notoriety.

Like fellow teen celeb Elle Fanning, Silentó hails from Conyers, Georgia, where there must be something in the water, because these earners are bringing home some Grade A bacon. Today, Silentó still lives in Georgia with his Aunt, a pharmaceutical rep. Silentó was raised by his aunt, mother and grandmother in Georgia, where he shot the video for “Watch Me,” which now has over 100 million views.

4. Nolan Gould, Actor (18) Net Worth: $17 Million

Well, Sofia Vergara isn’t the only one killing it on Modern Family. Nolan Gould (aka Luke Dunphy) on the hit ABC sitcom has been winning over America and every other English-speaking country for seven years, which is more than a third of his entire life. Bringing in $70,000 per episode, Nolan enjoys his free time playing instruments like the double bass, the didgeridoo, the mandolin and the banjo, which he received as a gift from Ellen Degeneres on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. To follow up his first gift, Ellen surprised him with a sitar, which he still plays.

The son of Angela, a housewife, and Edwin, a former military man, Nolan Gould is not only the primary breadwinner in the family; he’s also a member of Mensa, which means he has a really high IQ – 150 to be exact. We mentioned all the instruments he plays, right? Ladies, start your bidding!

3. Becky G, Singer (19) Net Worth: $1 Million

Rebecca Marie Gomez changed her stage name to Becky G when she began posting videos of herself singing online at the young age of fourteen. A singer, songwriter, actress and model, Gomez has collaborated with high-profile artists like and Cody Simpson. Her 2014 hit “Shower” reached the Billboard Hot 100 chart, going on to become multi-platinum. The bouncy brunette songstress, also a member of the Latin community, spoke out against Donald Trump’s comments regarding illegal immigrants, proving she’s also got some political prowess.

Raised in a poor neighborhood in Inglewood, California, Becky G began working part-time jobs at the age of nine to help support her struggling family. At just ten years old, her parents lost their house due to financial strain. Now, as she serenades fans across the globe, bringing in a hefty salary, she doesn’t have to fight so hard to cheer up her family.

2. Maisie Williams, Actress (19) Net Worth: $3 Million

Nobody rocks a bob quite like Maisie Williams. Maisie made her television debut at the tender age of fourteen on Game of Thrones while most of us were still trying to figure out how to sign up for a free month of HBO without ever having to actually pay for it. Since then, each episode has earned her a starting salary of $50,000 an episode, totaling $850,000 per year. That’s a lot of Snickers bars.

The youngest of four children, Maisie’s mom, Hilary, worked as a university course administrator earning a salary of approximately $20,000 per year, not quite within the GoT range. Her father, who divorced her mom when Maisie was very young, doesn’t seem to be in the picture. No bother. Maisie Williams has no intentions of relying on any man as she has been very outspoken against the traditional conventions of matrimony. How Arya Stark of her!

1. Chloe Grace Moretz, Actress (19) Net Worth: $12 Million

If you have opened a magazine in the last five years, then you’ve caught a glimpse of Chloe Grace Moretz’s cherubic face. The adorable fashion symbol and LGBT activist is killing it on all continents, gracing the pages of Vogue, Elle and Vanity Fair, all at the tender age of nineteen. With an upcoming role as Ariel in Disney’s live-action version of The Little Mermaid and several films in the queue, Chloe is counting those clams all the way to the bank.

Reaching a net worth of $12 million, Chloe Grace Moretz earns more than her mother, a former nurse, and her father, a plastic surgeon, combined, even with all those liposuctions in Georgia. Lately, her friendship with fellow former child star Kristen Stewart has sparked some controversy as the Twilight temptress has been known for her hard-partying ways. Who cares when you’ve finally found your own Personal Shopper?! Chanel, anyone?