15 90s Stars With Net Worths You Won’t Believe

From A-list actors to superstar athletes, millions are obsessed with the lifestyle of the rich and famous. And with social media being all the rage right now, it makes fans even more accessible to their favorite celebrity and their personal lives. It also gives stars an avenue to let fans and trolls know just how much they’re really banking. Remember when Kim Kardashian-West told her followers that she cashed an $80 million check from her video game and transferred $53 million into her and Kanye West’s joint account? This was right after Kanye claimed he was $53 million in debt as he tried to build his own brand.

Interestingly enough, it’s sometimes the people who are less flashy with their wealth who could be bringing in just as much money, if not more. This definitely holds true for some celebrities who have completely went off the radar, making us even forget about some of them. But that hasn’t stopped them from cashing in checks from their biggest projects that date back to the 90s. After all, fame back then was clearly very different than it is now. And just because a number of 90s stars might not be posting a wad of cash on Instagram while rocking a floor-length fur, doesn’t mean they don’t have millions stashed away. Considering this, we wanted to take a walk down memory lane and look at some of the 90s stars who have a net worth that would make us all do a double take.

15. Jerry Seinfeld: $820 Million

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Yep, you read that correctly. Funny guy Jerry Seinfeld is just a couple hundred thousand dollars shy of having a net worth of $1 billion. While the classic show Seinfeld aired from 1989 to 1998, word is the reruns that still air in syndication on multiple major networks plus sales from the episodes that are on DVD are two of the major factors that have helped him boost his net worth to such an impressive number. In fact, he’s the highest paid actor in Hollywood with stars like Tom Cruise falling a couple hundred million behind. Considering Seinfeld hasn’t even inked a deal with Netflix yet, should this happen, to say his net worth will sky rocket is an understatement.

14. Sharon Stone: $60 Million

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The actress has starred in a handful of films and movies but her big break came when she played opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1990 hit Total Recall. The nineties were definitely a good decade for Sharon Stone as she went on to play Catherine Tramell in 1992’s Basic Instinct, another breakout role for her. In fact, it earned her the Most Desirable Female and Best Female Performance Award along with a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress. She also starred alongside Richard Gere in Intersection in 1994, Sylvester Stallone in The Specialist, and Robert De Niro in the 1995 film Casino. It’s no secret she’s been working ever since in other notable roles, and paparazzi are still trying to catch up with her. That could be why she’s still worth a whopping $60 million.

13. Christina Ricci: $18 Million

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Christina Ricci is another favorite child star from the nineties. She starred in unforgettable films like Casper and Now and Then, and of course as Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family movie. Her name got her an Emmy nod after a mere guest role in ABC’s hit series Grey’s Anatomy. One of her latest roles was Maggie Ryan in the show Pan Am. It’s safe to say Ricci definitely knows her (net) worth and brought in $125,000 for each episode. While it only lasted one season, it looks like she made $1.75 million for the stint, one that certainly didn’t hurt her $18 million net worth in any way.

12. Macaulay Culkin: $15 Million

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 Rumors of drug abuse and health issues haven’t stopped Macaulay Culkin from bringing in the big bucks. His name is pretty much synonymous with the popular movies Home Alone and Home Alone 2. He also starred in My Girl (a film that ended so tragically for his character) as well as Uncle Buck. While he is not really in the spotlight, his good friend and actor Seth Green set the record straight and said Culkin (who also goes by Mac) likes enjoying his millions instead of being overly concerned about what is written about him in tabloids. Fans might remember Culkin was even engaged to actress Mila Kunis at one point. It’s not clear if he’ll step back in front of the camera, but for now, he’s worth $15 million.

11. Joe Pesci: $50 million

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While Culkin was the star of Home Aloneand the classic sequel, his co-star Joe Pesci is said to be worth more than three times that at $50 million. He also starred in classics like Raging Bull, Gone Fishin, Jimmy Hollywood, A Bronx Tale, and Good Fellas, which snagged him an Oscar. As for what he’s up to now, he might live in New Jersey’s Lavallette suburb, but his huge mansion is nothing to scoff at. He was seen with a group of mystery ladies leaving a popular Los Angeles restaurant recently. Considering that was a rare spotting of the Academy Award-winning star, it might be safe to say Pesci likes to lay low and enjoy his $50 million out of the public eye.

10. Mayim Bialik: $12 Million

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Fans fell in love with Mayim Bialik as the stylish and cool Blossom Russo on the hit series Blossom from 1990-1995. She went on to appear in family-friendly shows and movies like The Adventures of Hypermanfrom 1995-1996, The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest in 1996, and notable appearances on Recessfrom 1997-2000. She continued the trend throughout the 2000s and can still be seen on the small screen weeknights, as she has starred on The Big Bang Theory since 2010. She first received $20,000 per episode before it was tripled to $60,000 in 2013. It looks like Blossom is still teaching us a few lessons as she enjoys her net worth of $12 million.

9. Frankie Muniz: $40 Million

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Frankie Muniz might not be one of the child stars who’s flossing his wealth on Twitter and Instagram (in fact he only has about 300K followers between the two social media networks), but he seems to like being under the radar and certainly has more than enough to keep him sustained. He starred in hilarious films like Big Fat Liar but is most known for his six year run on Fox’s Malcolm in the Middle as Malcolm from 2000-2006 and the Agent Cody Banks franchise which grossed a total of $75 million. Fans might also recognize his voice as Chester McBadbat from Nickelodeon’s animated series Fairly Oddparents. He gave fans a scare when he suffered a number of mini strokes a couple of years ago. Now, he’s a professional race car driver and enjoying his $40 million while traveling, attending NFL games, and golfing with the special woman in his life.

8. Geena Davis: $38 Million

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Fans got to know Geena Davis in films like Thelma & Louise, The Accidental Tourist, Beetlejuice, The Fly, and A League of Their Own. Millions also fell in love with Davis in her 1999 role as the matriarch in Stuart Little. But it was Commander in Chief that got her a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Television Series – Drama. She really showed off her talent when she made it to the semi-finals round for the qualifying women’s Olympics archery team. She has also strutted a mean catwalk and mastered her behind-the-camera skills as a writer and producer. She is currently leading the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media Education, and is another star who is laying low and enjoying her $38 million.

7. Amanda Bynes: $4 Million

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Oh, Amanda Bynes. If you ask her, she’s worth about $300 million, just like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. But we can’t deny the downward spiral of her career over the past few years. She became a household name after starring in hit shows like All Thatand The Amanda Show in the nineties and What I Like About You in the early 2000s. While she once claimed her net worth was nine digits, it looks like a few zeros should be taken off, since she is said to be worth $4 million. Interestingly enough, this has gone down from the $8 million she was worth when she claimed the number was $300 million. Still, $4 million isn’t too bad considering her last movie was Easy Ain 2010.

6. Meg Ryan: $45 Million

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Meg Ryan, who is frequently remembered for her stylish blonde bob and blue eyes, brought a whole new meaning to AOL’s You’ve Got Mail greeting after she starred in the movie with the same name alongside Tom Hanks in 1998. That was just one of her romantic comedy appearances that brought her net worth to a nice $45 million. She also starred in Sleepless in Seattle (also with Tom Hanks) in 1993, When A Man Loves A Woman in 1994, and was even the voice of Anastasia in the hit Disney movie of the same name in 1997. While she is worth $45 million now, it looks like that number will increase as she has just signed on to star in a new series called Picture Paris.

5. Jaleel White: $4 Million

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It looks like Jaleel White is still cashing in those checks from starring as Steve Urkel on Family Mattersfrom 1989 to 1998. White went on to star in the Grown Ups series from 1999-2000. His iconic voice was used as Sonic in the video game Sonic Underground from 1999-2000, and he also made a cameo in Big Fat Liar (with Frankie Muniz) and Dreamgirls, which starred Jamie Foxx, Beyonce, and Jennifer Hudson. However, most fans probably still see Urkel when they look at Jaleel White. Considering that character helped up his net worth to the millions nearly 20 years after the final episode of Family Matters aired, it might be safe to say White doesn’t mind being associated with the nerdy yet iconic character.

4. Adam Sandler: $340 Million

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Unlike Amanda Bynes, Adam Sandler is really right up there with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen when it comes to his net worth of $340 million. In fact, he has been dubbed one of the most overpaid actors to grace Hollywood after he starred in comedies like Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, and The Wedding Singer. He reportedly brings in about $20 million for each movie role but got $41 million in 2015 after starring in Pixels. His new contract with Netflix also doesn’t hurt. While he is known for getting paid way too much (depending on who you ask), he is still one of the highest paid in Hollywood, beating out the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr., Jennifer Lawrence, Dwyane Johnson, and Jackie Chan.

3. Jonathan Taylor Thomas: $15 Million

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Jonathan Taylor Thomas (affectionately known as JTT) was probably the biggest heartthrob of the entire nineties. He started off strong when he got a role in the spin-off of The Brady Bunch called The Bradys in 1990. Young fans fell in love with his voice as he portrayed young Simba in the Disney classic The Lion King. Still, it was his role as Randy Taylor on Home Improvement from 1991-1999 that really made the teenyboppers swoon. That could be why his following roles in movies like Man of The House and I’ll Be Home For Christmas were such hits. What most people might not know is that JTT went on to get a degree from Columbia University. It looks like even $15 million isn’t enough to stop him from getting an education, something he has confirmed he doesn’t regret.

2. Jennifer Love Hewitt: $18 Million

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Just like Jonathan Taylor Thomas, teen magazine posters of Jennifer Love Hewitt were on the walls of countless teenagers’ back in the nineties. As of 2014, her net worth was $18 million after she starred in 100 episodes of the classic show Party of Five from 1995-1999. She also had a notable role as Julie James in the thriller I Know What You Did Last Summer. And remember when she played “Jennifer Love Fefferman” in that episode of Boy Meets World? If you’re wondering what she’s up to now, her latest credits include Ghost Whisperer from 2005-2010, Lifetime’s Client List from 2012-2013 and Criminal Minds from 2014-2015. She also made guest appearances in shows like Law & Order: SVU and Garfield. All of this and more has helped Hewitt’s net worth remain strong.

1. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: $300 Million

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Everyone knows the Olsen twins have been cashing checks since the days when they played Michelle Tanner on the classic series Full House. While the show debuted in 1987 (the twins weren’t even a year old yet), it peaked in the nineties, and so did much of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s television and movie careers. They starred in films like It Takes Two and Billboard Dad, and another popular show Two Of A Kind. But it’s their clothing brands like The Row that helps their empire, The Dualstar Entertainment Group, have a total worth of around $1 billion. Now, the twins are said to have a combined net worth of $300 million. But it doesn’t come without a little drama. A group of interns for their clothing line, The Row, filed a lawsuit against the twins after they allegedly failed to pay them.